Keeping yourself occupied whilst practicing social distancing

I don’t think I need to explain what Corona is and how its effecting everyone on different levels. Whether you are working from home or on the ‘front-line’, day to day life has certainly changed for the foreseeable and it can be a lil scary. Many of us, myself included, are experiencing anxiety when it comes to thinking of food, keeping healthy and what to expect of the near future.

Social distancing is a common phrase being bounced around and rightly so. Just keeping your distance when out and about can help contain and stop the spread of the virus. But despite social distancing, there are still some things that can be done to keep you occupied, get out if necessary and breathing fresh air.

Before I get started on the things to do whilst practicing social distancing, please do follow NHS guidelines. Stay at home where possible, leaving your home for essentials only. Do keep your 2m distance when around others outside your household and keep washing you hands, using soap and alcohol hand gel when possible.

So, let’s curb the boredom, here’s somethings to be doing whilst being safe and considerate for yours and others health.


Take a walk

It’s never been more important for mental health and well being to get out and about where possible. Of course we are advised to only venture outside for exercise once a day, and this should always be adhered to. But whilst we can for just 30mins a day, do it. Stay close to home, but taking a stroll just around the block in fresh, clean air can help hugely with mind fog and boredom.


It’s often we say we don’t get the chance to sit down and read, so take this unique opportunity to snuggle down and enjoy some great books. With so many great reads to be found in your local supermarket, or get them delivered straight to your door, lose yourself and forget the madness by immersing in a great book.

If wanting to save some pennies or keep inside, why not raid your current bookshelf to re-visit some of your favs!

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Watch a new movie

Yes, I know, the cinemas have been closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the new movies, just this time from the comfort of your own home! Providers like Sky and Amazon are offering customers the opportunity to rent and stream brand new cinema movies like the Invisible man in their own home. Grab the popcorn, there’s a couple of evenings sorted!

Listen to some Podcasts

For those that can’t be asked to read – yeah I get those days too, why not immerse yourself into some fantastic podcasts. If you haven’t been a podcast lover before, this virus might just transform you. Hearing stories, opinions and even hilarious content can easily irradiate that lonely feeling we can get with less interaction from others. PLUS, with some banging podcasts to choose from, there are literally hours of entertainment just a free click away. Listen in bed, on the sofa or whilst cleaning – the possibilities are endless with podcasts!

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Spring Clean

We are all clean conscious, knowing full well our hands and our homes need to remain clean to stop the spread. Aside from the usual cleaning, why not use this time to really spring clean your entire home. Cleaning the carpets, windows, skirting boards are just some of the ways you could deep clean your home – something we don’t always get a chance to do.


And I mean de-clutter. Pull the loft apart, de-junk the garage, shed, the under-stairs cupboard. Use these coming weeks to tackle you usual dumping grounds to shift through the things you no longer want, like or use and give it a new home. You may want to create a car-boot sale pile for when this whole madness ends.

DIY Jobs

Since you’re staying in, why not work on the comfort and functionality of your home. Get those odd jobs and DIY projects done, and even make a start on those that you’ve been nervous to embark on. You don’t have to spend loads either. Painting your kitchen cupboards, creating a new colour scheme and moving furniture are all great ways to overhaul you whole space.

Organise your wardrobe

So many of us keep filing up our wardrobes until there’s no room left. Why not organise it once and for all. Donate or even sell those bits that you haven’t worn in a while, as well as recycling those items that can neither be donated or sold. You even have the time to try on everything so get creating outfits that work and bin those items that just don’t cut your style anymore.

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Create a filing system

Now is the time to get that terrible paperwork filed and into a organised filing system. You need no filing cabinet, just some files labelled for different areas of life and get organising. Personally, we have a ‘home’ file and a ‘car’ file for all that paperwork that arrives associated. Keeping on top of this file means I know where all important documents can be found should the need arise.

This is also the perfect time to go paperless too. Get in contact with your providers to see if you can switch to email documentation rather than paper. Further more, you can ‘file’ in your inbox to to get easy access to important information and emails.


You may have had a long term hiatus of your blog, or creating content in general, but now is a great time to get back involved. Creating content and giving a voice to your opinions, feelings and experiences can hugely help with mental health and pass the hours.

If you’ve always considered blogging and never taken the plunge, do it today. Setting up a blog is mainly free – unless you want your own domain. This could be the time you finally do what you’ve been putting off for what, forever.

I have this nifty blog post all about setting up a blog as a newbie.


It’s important to keep active and healthy during this time too, so practicing yoga from your own home can help hugely with anxiety and stress, as well as being active. If you don’t have a mat, stick to a carpeted room to ease the pressure on your knees.

There are lots of online videos you can follow, or look to purchase a yoga book to take you through different poses and routines to ease sleep, boost productivity, lose weight and so much more.


Lots of people have been disrespecting the good old Banana Cake but I urge you to bake it. Many of us have no time for baking ourselves, but with shops being a horrible experience, baking your favorite sweet treat is actually a time killer with a yummy end result. What will you be baking?

Colour & Paint

Getting creative and unleashing your artistic side by colouring or even painting can help ease anxiety and stress whilst staying safe at home. With lots of online kits and colouring books specifically for adults, this is a easy home activity that can be done whatever the weather, whatever your mood.

Why not look at paint by number kits that come with brushes and paint too!

Binge that lengthy Series

I for one always find the time to enjoy classic Netflix series, but some don’t and this one’s for you. You know, the series’ like Stranger Things, Sex Education, Mindhunter, American Horror Story, The Crown – well the list is endless. The point is, you can now watch all those lengthy arse TV shows that you haven’t before because there were oh so many series, you just didn’t have time to watch them all, along with all the other shows on telly at the same time.

There are so many kick arse shows that we all need to watch, from the must see documentary’s to the feel good laugh your socks off comedy’s everyone seems to quote. If you need any inspiration for what to watch during this time, I have the perfect blog post.

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Don’t deny it, we all love a good game. Whether you fancy Animal Crossing, Sims, GTA, FIFA or even Lego Harry Potter – I really need to finish that – gaming helps the soul. The real trend in life is that we just don’t get the time, and ‘real adulting’ apparently doesn’t entail creating a dream house on Sims every weekend. But if one thing is to come from this virus, its the fact Gaming for all of us, whatever age or gender, is popular and never been more essential.

Game. Pick up you Nintendo DS or even invest in the latest console and enjoy. I personally recommend Sims hugely and I can’t deny that I have enjoyed letting my Sim families get out and about more than me.

Cross Stitch

This hadn’t really been on my radar previously, but since I have seen some fellow influencers sharing their cross stich progress on the ‘gram, its obviously a great time killers, and a gorgeous hobby to start during this time. With many stores online offering starter kits from as little as £15, now is a great time to try something you may never have before, and create something cute for your home too.

Pamper yourself – At Home Manis

Since the salon is out of bounds, now is the time to invest in your own nail kit for the home. So many of us head to the salon for those gel manis, but with little choice but to do it ourselves, jump right in. It will take some practice but since you’re not seeing anyone, now is the perfect time to practice.

Think of the money you will save now and when this is all over!


Everyone loves a puzzle don’t they? The feeling that you’ve truly completed something that sometimes seems virtually impossible – especially when there’s a hundred pieces all of the same colour. Amazon have a hugeeee range of great puzzles, varying in size and piece number, and still offering good delivery times even during this time.

Don’t feel pressured

It’s really easy to feel pressured with all this time to do things that you have ‘no excuse not to’, if you know what I mean. This period can create some undue stress and pressure for many of us who may feel we literally have no excuse to better ourselves during this free time we all seem to have. But don’t. Do all the things you want to, and if that does involve learning a new skill or getting round to those odd jobs, then great. This is certainly a weird and whacky time and you are not alone in feeling deflated and often de-motivated. Despite having lots of time, it’s totally normal not have energy to get up and do something.

Take every day as it comes, and be easy on yourself. We are in a pandemic, not a contest.

What have you been getting up to whilst staying at home? Something that should be added to my post? As always, I love hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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