My September goals

To say the last couple of months have been hard, would be an understatement. Loss, stress, excitement, new beginnings. It seems like we’ve had it all in the last 3 months.

I had wanted to keep it on the down low, at least until the legal paper work had been finalized, but we managed to sell our apartment, and reserve our first house back in June. Yes, we sold in a pandemic, and managed to find a property that gave us everything we wanted as a married couple and growing family.

We happily exchanged just last week on a beautiful new build property with Linden. We will immanently be moving into my parents property until its completion in December.

Aside from the move, we’ve also bagged a gorgeous little puppy for our new home! He is a cockapoo and we are both overjoyed and so excited to add a little fluff ball to our family. Of course, we will be in my parents home for nearing 10 weeks, so he will be there with us, and our family dog, Chester.

So that’s for the update, now to crack on with my goals. Because if I have learnt anything from the last 3 months, and lock down, having something to focus on is so important. I have started to take on manifestation, as a way to visualize and even materilise some of those things I’ve always wanted, into reality.

It seems to have worked to some degree, so putting together this month target post is a way for me to manifest those targets and hopefully help them become a reality.

Get back to the blog

An impromptu hiatus from the blog was so well received, but it’s time that I stop the slouching and get back to it. My rhythm has returned and I finally have some energy to write and create. My creativity had taken a hit during the slow summer, but I find something rather refreshing and energizing about September. I have lots of posts penned, of course many including the new home, and how I have been coping with the lack of travel.

For September, I hope to post 5 new blog posts and re-shuffle the design.

Read, read, read!

My end of year target is 25 books and I have hit a stumbling block at the 18th read. I have had some pretty terrible reads lately, one of which took me several weeks to finally decide I could take no more. My stack of to be read is pretty healthy and I’m hoping my refresh will expand into my reading and I will hit target pronto!

For September I hope to read just 2 new books.

Keep at Letterbox

Hopefully you have heard of my brain child – Letterbox Magazine. Over the last 3 months I have really focused on my new love, a digital home interior magazine. And it seems to have worked. It’s instagram page hit over 10,000 followers and the subscriber list is ever growing. Even more promising is the impact it has on home owners, with plenty of inspo and advice for creating a real home. It receives so many positive reviews and comments and I couldn’t be prouder of the progress I have achieved through it these last couple of months.

But as it grows, so does my workload. I am really hoping that in September, with my blog back in schedule, that I can just keep both a float. I have really struggled with this is the past, but I have faith in myself that I can do it.

Exchange & Move

September will be the month that we move from our first ever property! Whilst I didn’t think I would be so eager to head back home to mum and dad, my brain can’t seem to handle juggling a new build property, picking options, working from home, chasing solicitors, organizing bills and choosing new furniture all at once. So ticking off the flat, moving out and being able to just focus on the new home is high on my agenda.

Moving home is no easy, quick task. But this seems to have gone on long enough. Now we have firmly secured our house, I am excited whilst sad for the completion day to arrive. As mentioned I just think I will be happy to have that one aspect ticked off the list.

Become Puppy Parents

And last but no means least is the biggest goal of all – successfully being a puppy parent. Its funny, because other than ourselves, we have nothing to be responsible for. So having a bouncy, barking four legged fluff ball to feed, walk and nurture is something we are both so excited, yet nervous for. My little to buy list is ever growing and I am so impressed with the beautiful range of pet products that I had no desire to purchase before!

If you don’t currently keep goals for your month, I would highly recommend giving them a little trial. It surely gives you something to focus on, especially for those times when you feel lost and unable to focus.

What’s your September goals?