Revealed : Our New Home Colour Palette – PLUS how you can create yours!

One of the biggest things I am determined to nail in our new home is that all important colour palette. It took 4 years to inject some colour into our previous property and I am fixated on the idea of getting ours right, first time around! I just couldn’t cope with living in a white box again.

I believe establishing an entire home colour palette helps focus the search for new pieces and styling – key when furnishing and decorating a new home. Since we had lots of furniture pieces to keep and incorporate into our new home, we already had something to work around.

After lots of searching, in home stores and on pinterest, we have managed to create a home colour palette for paint and furniture, to work with and drive focus for styling and purchasing. So without further ado, here’s our home colour palette, and how we managed to pick and create it, so you can do the same!

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A New Home Colour Palette

I am so in love with our colour palette it is unreal. After lots of ‘soul searching’ I really did wonder whether we would be able to find a new colour palette that felt like us, complimented our personal style and was ultimately new.

When thinking of an entire home colour palette, its important to define your rooms as different spaces, but also bear in mind the palette as a whole also. Having a complete palette that compliments throughout will help make your entire home flow and feel as one.

Essentially, if we were to bundle every colour from our palette, into one room, it would work together well. This is a sign that we have created a unified colour palette.

How to do it digitally

I used canva to create our colour palette. Search paint websites for different shades and upload these into a template. Overlapping them and playing around with different colours digitally can give you a real representation of your palette and how well the colours work together on the screen, but eventually in a space.

Our ‘Red Thread’

Despite the rule really being you should have one ‘red thread’ colour, we have two. Yep, two. And ours is Graphite and Off-white ( Hollyhock ).

With every space in the new home, I was leaning towards black furniture and white styling pieces. And whilst at first I thought that should just be the palette of the home, I really loved having colour in our last property, and I didn’t want to feel like I was living in a black and white film!

Our home ultimately has both Graphite and Off-white ( Hollyhock ) present in every space, unifying the entire home and making it feel flowing throughout. These star colours bind the palette together and offer a base colour for every space in our home. These colours will be used in the furniture and woodwork.

For example, in the Kitchen the Graphite is our kitchen units and surfaces. The Hollyhock will be paint work and walls. Slaked Lime Dark will be our feature wall backing onto the dining space.

My advice to create yours

There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating a home colour palette. But there are some key points to remember when starting afresh and defining yours.

Here are my top tips for you to kick-start and create the perfect home colour palette for you.

1 : Don’t Rush – start early

Rushing a colour palette will always end in disaster. Take your time, order lots of samples and search pinterest for inspiration. Start early too. If you want to be painting and decorating in the new year, start thinking colours now. This will give you plenty of time to swap and change, without fret of taking too long.

2 : Consider your furniture

Whether you will be buying new, or keeping your current pieces, considering the furniture you will be using throughout your home is vital for choosing a palette that compliments them, rather than clash!

3 : Focus on the key areas of your home

Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom are your vital areas of your home. Trying to inject different colours or shades into every room is a hard task, so focusing on those key rooms and working out from there, will help focus your palette.

Remember, you don’t need to have lots of different colours and shades for every room. Much rather, use the colours from other rooms differently to keep consistency and flow.

I will be using a combination of the colours I have already picked for my other spaces in my home ( WC / Spare Bedroom / Office / Bathroom ).

4 : Don’t dwell on the trends

It’s so easy to be swept up in the new trends when it comes to painting. But, who wants to re-paint their entire home every year as the trends change? Keep your soft furnishings and styling pieces for the trends and use paint colours and shades that will compliment these changes.

5 : Use feature walls

If you’re not afraid to change the paint colour often, use feature walls and different painting techniques to inject some of the bolder colours of your palette. Top and Tailing spaces with feature walls can bind in those colours, without overwhelming a space.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed creating our home palette and would strongly urge everyone to do the same. It’s proved instrumental in making key decisions for our new home including flooring colours, tile choices and key furniture pieces. It’s helped us truly define our style for our entire home, whilst embracing different moods and trends in different spaces.

If you want to create a unified, flowing home that oozes style, nestle down and create a home colour palette. It’s not just for paint colours, its for soft furnishings and styling too!

Will you be creating a home colour palette? Is there more you want to know about how we are creating a unified home? Get chatting in the comment section below!