My November Goals

Well, well, well, November here you are! It seems a bi-monthly goal post is much easier to pen together. With a lack of activity and not much change through the month of October, I really struggled to see the positives and have something to focus on. Much rather, I sought the, keep your head down and press on attitude. October entailed a lot of window shopping for home purchases and settling in with our little pup – Rhodie.

As November started with the announcement of another national lock-down, it seemed like a good month to write off. But as easy as that would be, my mind is focused on tackling some of my to-do list and some of the things I should have achieved during lock down 1.0.

So, here it is, my November Goals to manifest into reality.

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Plan and Purchase

Back in September, it was all about exchanging and moving out of of our first home. But it’s already been 6 weeks since we made the move out, and have thankfully exchanged on our new build and completed on our apartment! Now the wait is on for our property to finish, on schedule, just in time for Christmas.

With *hopefully* just a month or so to go until we have those precious keys, November really is about planning and ordering those important pieces ready for our completion. I have lots of ideas, and my eye on lots of pieces, but its time to make the decisions and order where we can.

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Get Rhodie road savvy!

Late October marked the milestone of Rhodie being able to go outside on walks and experience the wider world. He loves his little walks and we are keen to get him road savvy before taking him on countryside walks on the rolling hills. I hope by the end of November he will be confident roadside, and sitting curbside too!

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Dare I say, Read…?

I say this because back in September I wanted to read just 2 books in a month, and I didn’t even manage that. So I say it again, reading is on my agenda, especially with another lock-down imminent.

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Start the Christmas shopping

I fear Christmas shopping with social distancing, minimal customer numbers and queuing outside stores is a recipe for disaster. Paired with the prospect of an early December completion and my endless list of new home DIY, getting started early on Christmas shopping is a must for November. I will be shopping online for much of my shopping, and I’m excited to spread the cost instead of dumping it all on my credit card.

November will be the month for lock-down 2.0. And instead of wasting the time safe at home, we plan to get things ready for our next chapter, and prepared for the festive season.

What are your plans for the month of November? Do you have any goals for November?