Planning our New Home – Lounge mood board

We *should* be about 4 weeks out from having the keys to our brand new home! And since we have been practically homeless for over a month, our main focus has been making our new place as comfortable and ‘us’ as possible.

The great thing about a new build is the blank canvas it is, but it’s also very generic and very samey. With that in mind, we are keen to inject personality and flair into what could be a very boring box. We’ve been brainstorming interior ideas and styles for weeks and I’m at the stage of sharing our new home mood-boards.

Over the last week, me and my husband have been off and quiet literally exploring every single home store, searching for inspiration and new ideas to inject into our new home. And it worked, we found colour palettes, styling ideas and key pieces to nab to transform our home.

So here is the low down on the mood-board and the vision for our Living room.

The Space

We are incredibly lucky to have a space that is rather big for our cosy sofa and ample furniture for storage and style. It’s flooded with light from our window and double doors out onto our patio and expansive garden. We also have lots of wall space and some storage too with the cupboard under the stairs being accessed from our lounge.

The Vision

The idea of our home is improving on the style and decor we had in our apartment, and that is true to every room. As much as we adored our previous green, we are looking to adopt more colour.

The colour palette

Graphite is the key undertone of our home, with our graphite kitchen and black furniture pieces, so will be ever present in our living room. The deep blue / green and rich, dark orange will be key features on the bland walls.

We felt like it was a nod to our previous living space and style, whilst adopting new colour trends that will compliment new and old home pieces.

We did love the idea of a dark and moody space, but the fear of making the entire house a monochrome home was real – no disrespect to the monochrome, but our kitchen is going dark and we just didn’t want to overdo it!

The Styling

Our previous furniture is still very much loved, so we are injecting more pieces from the range, whilst styling the ones we had. We will add cosiness into the expansive room using texture and layers. I love the idea of layering numerous rugs to introduce a variety of colours or patterns.

We will also be carrying over our tribal styling pieces, whilst introducing simplistic, modern pieces too.

This is the first time I have created a full mood-board for our own home and honestly, it’s the best practice to visualize a space.