5 Things to do during lock-down 2.0 – that you didn’t do last time!

That’s it, we, the UK, are in another national lock-down. 4 Weeks of essential travel and shopping only, and no visits to family or friends. It’s a scary time so it’s completely understandable to be overwhelmed, worried, scared, anxious. And everything in between of course. I myself am taking a different approach to this next lock-down – with a whole lot of positive attitude.

Along with that positive mindset, I’ve decided to make sure this lock-down is a little more productive than the last, with these five things I’ll be doing over the next 4 weeks.

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Keep in touch

If I’ve learnt anything since lock-down ever became a thing, it’s that keeping in touch with friends and family is so important for all involved. Make sure you keep in touch with them over these coming weeks. This second lock-down can be tough for us all, so making menial chit-chat and even unloading your worries to a friendly ear can hugely help keep spirits high.

Top Tip : Perhaps this lock-down is a fantastic time to create weekly quizzes or Sunday afternoon tea catch ups via facebook video.

Send Gifts

Lock-down can be a lonely old time, so sending a quick pick me up to someone special can ease the strain. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even just a little care package of self-care items including hand cream, bath salts and more.

Shop online

Retail therapy can make anyone feel a little better, surely? And in November there is an even bigger excuse to shop – Christmas! Don’t forget to shop small too – supporting independent businesses can be the lifeline they need during this difficult time.

Do that thing you have been putting off

I’ve been putting an awful lot off recently, partly due to my lack of enthusiasm. But as 2020 starts to wind down, now is a great time to make a little something of the year – that’s my mindset anyway.

Conquering those bits and bobs you’ve been putting off all year will certainly give some purpose to the year, and make this lock-down productive.

Release the Pressure

Of feeling like you have to be achieving something. Whilst this post might come across like you need to be doing something productive during a lock-down, you don’t. You really should just be looking out for yourself, and your loved ones as much as possible.

Release the pressure on yourself and your mental health by unwinding, taking time to distance from the madness. Lock-down isn’t here to learn a new skill, write a book or knit an entire wardrobe. But if that’s what helps release the pressure and unwind than do what you need.

This lock-down is so different from the previous. We all kinda know what to expect, and we know we can make it through. Like my husband says, we all have a 100% track record for making it through every day.

What will you be doing differently this lock-down? Do you have any plans?