Interior trends of 2020 that will stay in 2020!

With a new year comes new trends, styles and of course popularity. As a true home interior lover, I always feel nervous about a new year – has that key piece I just invested in already dated and now off-trend? There is nothing worse than having a dated home within a year of re-decorating and styling a space.

So dare I ask, what will we be saying good-bye to in 2021, and what trends from 2020 will stay there? I explore what was hot and what will be not in the coming year.

Guest Bedrooms

Since we haven’t been able to see a heck of a lot of people, visit family or even stay away much, guest bedrooms in our homes are certainly getting a re-think. Gone are the days of having a guest bedroom that sits dormant for most of the year, but instead we are all making real use of the space we have. Spare rooms are now being transformed into usable spaces that see traffic.

Will you be overhauling your guest bedroom into a space you can utalise all year round?

Grey Kitchens

I think 2020 was really the last year of Grey kitchens. Especially when dark colours, including navy and black and bursting in popularity. Plus the newcomer , Green is raising attention too! Grey is a fantastic colour to adopt in your home, since it can work with pretty much any other colour, but the all Grey spaces, including the kitchen seems to be falling out of fashion.

Will you be replacing your grey kitchen? Using DIY methods to overhaul your kitchen colour?

All White Interiors

We’ve all been stuck in our homes, working and in lock down for so long, that its unsurprising we all seek interest and excitement. And that expands to what we have in our homes. All white interiors unfortunately are so 2020. Adding colour, pattern and varied materials is the way to a brighter and happier home.

Will you be swapping the white interiors for a more bright and bold palette?

Open Shelving

As beautiful as open shelving is, it’s not all that practical now is it. And with most of us having brought in plenty of clutter over the last 12 months, open shelving doesn’t lend to well to hiding the odd pile of crap. Open shelving in all forms, including in your kitchen, will be left back in 2020. Thank god, the dusting of those plates and glasses was getting boring. Much rather, furniture that hides those messes will be preferred. Don’t panic though, if you’re inundated with open shelving in your home, add a lidded basket to hide the clutter well.

Will you be sad to say goodbye to open shelving? Or will you be clinging onto it?

Good Bye mirrored furniture

Yes, it looks like over the top mirrored furniture will be a thing of the past. It certainly looks like most of us are seeking more comfortable and durable materials in our homes and mirrored furniture just isn’t that. Whilst they bounce a heck of a light around your room, the upkeep to maintain that shine is just not on our 2021 agenda.

I can see those more natural pieces taking center stage like rattan and cane. Will you be ditching the mirrored furniture?

Open plan living

With so many of us using our home for work, play, schooling and relaxation, no longer is open plan living so useful. When one space is the only space for everything, it can quickly tire – especially when you and so many others are trying to cope with spending so much time at home and just can’t get away from each other. When there is no physical division of space, it’s really hard for your home to play all of these roles.

But don’t worry, we won’t see people building back up those walls just yet. Much rather, using key pieces to symbolize individual spaces will be high on the list in open spaces. Room dividers, curtains and even rugs can help define particular sections within open plan spaces.

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Sterile, un-personalised space

I have stumbled across so many homes that are clearly just for the ‘gram. Lacking in personal pizzazz I like to say. Once again, covid has had a huge part to play in diminishing that bare, simplistic, sterile home decor. It has certainly felt that home interiors have become very standardized. With so many of us having spent unprecedented time at home, now is the time to add those personal touches to your space. Gone are the days of universality within homes, much rather many of us will focus on creating spaces that are undeniably us!

2021 will see the replacement of excessive co-ordination to a willingness to mix colours, pattern and texture. Essentially, we will start to see more of us play and experiment with our spaces.

Will you be adding more personal touches to your home this year?

In all honesty, there are so many things I will be glad to say goodbye to in 2021. We’ve also changed some of our interior plans thanks to living, working and relaxing at home.