Our experience of boarding our New Build Loft

There’s no denying the gut punch of ‘You can’t use your loft as storage’ speech when meeting the builder for you new build home is killer. Especially when you’re secretly told by them also that you can use it, but not to store too much as the roof cannot support it.

All very confusing when deciding what the hell to do. Who has a 3 bedroom home and doesn’t use their loft? Who buys a house and doesn’t intend to store bits and bobs in the loft space? I found it all abit unbelievable and took to the internet to find some answers.

Thankfully, loft spaces with a loft hatch should be built to sustain some storage weight, as well as live weight for people being in the loft for maintenance purposes, according to NHBC. I was really relieved to read this, as it meant our loft would have been built to these standards. Which moved me onto the real reason builders say not to store anything in a loft space.


So many take to their own loft to board it themselves, subsequently damaging the chunky insulation new builds now offer. Incorrectly installing boards that squish any insulation can cause damp and condensation problems, as well as the efficiency of the insulation itself.

This is mainly the reason builders say NOT to use a loft as storage as many incorrectly board their loft, and cause more damage inside their home. This paired with the homeowners that will often store second-hand furniture in their loft, it’s much easier for builders to say no storage, than the rundown of how to do it correctly.

So how did we do it?

Once I researched heavily as the best way to board our loft, I sought someone who could do it for us. Whilst it is something that can be done yourself, I really wanted someone who knew what they were doing to construct it for us. With our NHBC warranty at risk, I believed the cost of having someone board our loft would be worth the expenditure, rather than a risk of it being done wrong.

Loftzone products

Find someone that will use the loftzone products, or use them yourself. Loftzone products are the only ones accredited by the NHBC and confirmed that used correctly, they will not void any of your warranty. This should be a huge tick box for you and your new build loft boarding project.

Do not remove or squish any of your insulation

Insulation is critical at keeping your home warm, and eco friendly! New build properties come with a lot of insulation, which you may believe is excessive. But removing or condensing this insulation can damage your home and stop it from being effective. Plus, this in itself voids your NHBC warranty. A real no no!

The biggest aspect of doing anything for your home is to do lots of research. No two experiences, or properties are the same, so I would always advise speaking to a professional to be sure. Otherwise, here are my key bits to remember if looking to do the same in your new build home.

Please remember…

  • I’m not a builder or a professional but with the research I had undertaken, and the professionals I have spoken to, it’s well worth getting someone who is clued up on new build loft installs.
  • If you want to take the job on yourself, make sure you follow all steps and advice to ensure you have correctly installed for your loft.
  • Whilst NHBC states that new build properties with a loft hatch should be able to withstand 25kg per m2 for storage, as well as live weight and the weight of the roof, you should always consider what you are storing in your loft space. Too much weight can cause the trusses to sag, and can result in them protruding from the ceiling in your home.
  • Insulation that has been condensed by incorrectly installed loft boarding will result in excess moisture in your loft. This can cause problems in your lower ceilings, and structural strains from excess moisture on your trusses. You will be surprised how much moisture rises into your loft, so ensuring you have air flow over you insulation is critical.
Has this post helped you? Will you be doing something similar in your new build home? Is there anything else you would like me to share on our new build journey? Let me know in the comment section below.