Turning our drab new-build en-suite into our lux haven

Our first complete room transformation

From the women who said she would paint before any furniture enters the property, we have finally injected some paint into our new build home! Only took nearing 10 weeks. And just as expected, with one stroke of the brush, I caught the bug and painted a further two rooms – but more about that later.

When looking at the show home for our property late last year, we were pleasantly surprised with the look and feel for the en-suite. Whilst we knew ours would be slightly different without a window and different choices of tiles, we didn’t think it would be much difference – surely?

Fast forward living in our own home and we quickly realized it was drab, boring and lifeless – and I couldn’t deal with any of that whilst in lockdown. We had thought about having more tiles, but we weren’t confident with that just yet, so we turned to paint.

We wanted contrast from the grey tiles we had selected, and we wanted drama. Being such a small space, it needed to pack some punch. So we opted for the gorgeous ‘muted graphite’ colour from dulux, and well, here’s the result.

Overall I am soooo happy with the outcome. I take my hat off to anyone who has a white home and made it feel homely and warm. I understand we hadn’t dressed the room previously, but it was just so stark, cold and lifeless. With this fairly deep but warming colour we have achieved everything we wanted. We also injected some green into the space as we will be using Green in our master bedroom. We really wanted the coherent feel from the master bedroom into the en-suite, whilst keeping it it’s own space.


We kept the styling simple, as we didn’t want too much in such a small space. The mirror was the best choice, as it offers storage and is in keeping with our style. With a simple picture ledge, small faux succulents and the prints, it was complete.

Considering we were not wanting to touch the space until getting more tiling, I think I prefer the look of the paint. Its really made the huge shower a focus in the space, and cost less too!!! It’s amazing what one lick of paint can really do! What do you think? You excited to see more of our transformations? Get commenting in the comment section below.