Content Writer, Editor & Social media manager

Digital marketing is a huge, spider web of tools. From content, social media, emails and SEO, there is lots to consider when trying to tackle your business’ Digital marketing.

Over the last 7 years I have created content to inspire, involve and engage customers and consumers on a wide range of topics. I can plan and write blogs, SEO content, email marketing blasts, and more. I can even manage social media channels along with creating imagery, produce and edit podcasts and videos.

As you can see, I currently run my own UK Lifestyle blog, where I produce fresh and uncomplicated content for over 10,000+ UK followers. I manage and create content for my social media channels, as well as Podcasts and newsletters for my growing follower base. I have a wealth of knowledge in content production with a diploma in video, radio and copy.

Since graduating University with a journalism degree, my passion has flourished into creating fresh content for brands and those alike. I like to coach and help small business’ kickstart and grow a rewarding online presence, through varied avenues including blog and social media content.

Below I have outlined some of the many things I can do to help you, a small business, flourish in the world of Social media, digital marketing and content creation!

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My services


Content is king and copy is at the heart. You may not realise it, but strong, engaging copy is so important, and I am here to help create, on and offline.

Here’s a little idea on what I can do for you…..

* I can create engaging, SEO boosting and informative blog posts for your website.

* Spruce up your about page & write product descriptions that sell!

* Email templates and follow ups to be sent to existing & new clients following sales & inquiries.

*Create copy for marketing materials including flyers, leaflets & radio adverts.

*Produce copy suitable for newsletter emails to send to clients on a regular basis.

Social Media

Social media holds a lot of power for brands. Getting it right can be a huge game changer and impact your online presence hugely.

Not sure where to start? Here’s how I can help!

*I will set up social media profiles including logos and descriptions.

*Plan, write & schedule engaging and audience growing social media content.

*Implement a social media plan vital for audience growth.

*Create media alongside updates ( imagery, info graphics ) to be shared on social channels.


There are other ways to build a online presence too. Creating visually pleasing content cannot only engage a visitor but create a whole new audience to your business.

Here’s how we can do that together….


*Create short & long form videos that showcase your business. These are fantastic to share online via social media.

Blogger Outreach

*Blogger outreach is a fantastic way to gain exposure and raise online presence. I can help plan and impliment a blogger outreach campaign, as well as manage it too.


* Create audio content to educate potential customers to your business. Podcasts are growing in popularity and can have huge returns on a business.

Have I missed something? Whilst I may not have included it on this page, it doesn’t mean I can’t help. Drop me a line and let’s chat business!

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