Spread the love this V-DAY – Galentines Ideas

Valentines day isn’t just to show your crush, other half or newly appointed Boyf that you love them, appreciate them or enjoy being with them. It’s for your gal pals too! It’s to show those other people in your life that you love them too, in that non-romantic way.

Galentines is quickly gaining popularity and I love it. Valentines can usually have a corny or pretty negative feel. My husband believes you don’t need a day to show love, and those singletons can get pretty negative about the whole day.

Turn this V-Day on it’s head and celebrate love all around, not just from your other half. Here’s how to spread the love and embrace Galentines.

Send a card

Getting a meaningful card is super cute and lifting is it not? So treat your gal pal this V-Day with a loving, friendly reminder you love them. Pop in a kind message or inside joke to brighten her day!

Give a gift

You don’t have to spend a hugeee amount of cash for Galentines Day. Affordable and equally cute ideas like small treat bags are easily done and can include face masks, nail varnish and more small pick up’s perfect for Galentines.

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Host a Galentines Night in

For me, spending time with my pals is the most important thing. Why not organise the ultimate Galentines night in, complete with movies, wine and nibbles.

Dial their number

Sometimes it’s just not that easy to get together and that’s okay. Give them a call instead. Catch up, natter and overall just pay attention. We are all so involved with life in a non-social aspect, just having a real, over the phone conversation can put anyone in good spirits!

So, if you’re not set for a romantic night in, make it a Galentines filled one, spreading the love amongst friends and enjoying the day for showing people you care.

What have you got planned this Valentines?

Spending it with your pals for a Galentines?

Him & Her Valentines Gift Guide 2019*

With V-Day, or the day of love, just around the corner, I have gathered some of the best, unusual, but equally lovable gifts from across the interweb for you to grab this year!

This packed gift guide includes gift bundles bursting with Artisan snacks, home accessories anyone would fall for, and bottles of bubbly for V.Day morning.

So stick around for this super V-Day gift guide that will help you purchase the perfect ‘ I Love you’ gift that will knock their socks off!

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Him & Her Phone Cases

CaseApp – £22.00 each

Say I love you by protecting their most prized posession – their phone of course!

Caseapp have a hugeeee range of stunning, personable and unique phone cases for iPhones and more.

Have your favourite couple image, or a great pre-designed case ordered for them this V-Day.

Only valid till the end of FEB so buy now!

Love Letter Cookies

Love SnowBerry – £12.50

Want to gift something superrr tasty and really pretty! Here’s the gift for you! This gorgeous box of 8 Valentines Ices Biscuits is a great gift to show the love this V-Day.

Plus, they taste just as good as they look. So, if you’re other half loves food as much as you, this the perfect, budget friendly gift!

Candy Red Headphones

Argos – £19.99

Gamers partners, rejoice! This is the perfect gift if you want to keep it in keeping to their current love – gaming!

Equipped with a mic, and volume control, these headphones are great for gaming, and yet multi-fuctional for music too. Everyone loves a useful prezzie and this is the perfect v-day one.

They are red after all.

With love – Bottle of Prosecco

Sparkling Direct – £28.50

Nothing says I love you more than a bottle of fizzy. Show the love with this gorgeous, boxed bottle of Prosecco, all perfectly packaged and arrives cold, ready to pop open on Valentines Morning.

If Prosecco isn’t their tipple, have no fear, Sparkling direct do a hugeeee range of gift boxed bottles of tipple, including wiskey, rum and wine!

The Man Box

Ross & Ross – £22.00

This little box of goodies is packed with everything your man would love, including some super indulgent, delicious snacks and beer!

This British foodie box is full of delicious British artisan snacks and includes some delicious chutney, pork crackling, salami and lager.

Hat Box Artificial Flower arrangement

Ruby Roses Flowers – £18

If you’re on the ball, you will recogonise these gorgeous blooms from my earlier post. I just had to include these into this guide because they really are the best way to get roses that will forever last this Valentines Day!

Read the full review post here.

The perfect flowers to gift this Valentines Day*

Flowers are a must on Valentines Day. Nothing says I love you quiet like a big bunch of Roses. The kind that look utterly perfect. Although, it can be tough to find the perfect bunch, and pretty pricey too!

You may not have considered it, but artificial flowers are a great alternative, and will be life lasting too! I was very kindly gifted this stunning hat box filled with artificial, Pink roses by Ruby Roses Flowers, to celebrate Valentines Day!

This stunning arrangement is just £23, and honestly I am stunned at the quality. The flowers, which are foam, look gorgeous and are finished off nicely with a little sparkle. Using glitter and diamantes, this arrangement is sure to be a centerpiece and sparkle, wherever used!

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So, why buy artificial?

Whilst real flowers are stunning and fragrant, they don’t tend to last too long. Choosing an artificial bunch this Valentines will make sure your flowers last as long as your love ( corny AF, but had to! )

Ruby Roses Flowers offers a hugeeee range of Hatbox arrangements, including vibrant and romantic Red Roses in gorgeous black boxes. Starting at just £12.00, it’s never been easier, or more budget friendly to treat your special person to some gorgeous roses!

So, whether you want to point your man to some lifelong roses, or treat yourself to some ever lasting blooms, be sure to check out the gorgeous arrangements on Ruby Roses Flowers now.

Shop Ruby Roses Flowers on Etsy, and visit her social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook too!

Do you get flowers for Valentines?

How would you like some lifelong ones this year? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

How I will be practicing self care in 2019

Last year I posted this self-care post and it had hugeeee views. Self care is something we are all engaging with and thank christ! For so long we have all sub-consciously felt guilty for taking time for ourselves and looking after our general well-being.

If you’ve read this post, you’ll know that this year I am becoming a little more selfish in my manners. Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn into a raging bitch, but in a not so rude way, I’m ridding of negativity and just starting to put myself first.

And that comes down to my general well being too – like self care!

Self care, if you’re not completely sure what it entails, is what you make it, but focus’s on caring for yourself. Everyone has different ideas of what self-care is for them, and there is no right or wrong way to do it.

But we are all similar in what we need to make us happy, relaxed and ultimately content, so I thought I’d share some of the things I will be embracing and encouraging myself to do over the next 12 months.

Doing more of what I love

It was only last week that I went to the first concert of the year (although I don’t tend to go to many anyway ) and I mentioned that I had always wanted to see The Wombats live. It was then that I researched and found tickets for a gig of theirs in a couple of weeks.
And I booked them!

I do want to start doing more things, overall, that make me happy and enjoy. Things like concerts, days out, travelling and exploring cities. I am already making more steps to do these kind of things and I’m really excited to see what else I will enjoy over the year.

Tip: Consider what you really love doing, whether it be walks, trips to the cinema, exercise or reading. Whatever it may be, try and do more of it this year. Whether you schedule it into your days, weeks or months, try and focus on doing more of it.


I LOVE YOGA – And have done for some time, and yet last year I just didn’t engage with it as much as I had hoped. I am currently on the look out for a good yoga mat and intend to do Yoga once a week from the comfort of my own home.

I hope that I will stick to it this year, as I can’t find the time around blogging and work, to get to a yoga studio during the week.

Tip: Yoga is super easy (kinda) and can be really relaxing. It can help you sleep better and tone your body overall. If you are keen to keep active and moving, Yoga might be just for you. Especially if, like me, you don’t like to do anything that gets you real out of breath. If yoga’s not for you, consider some activities at home, that you can practice when you have the time.


I’m going to sound like a right old women, but sometimes I just don’t socialise as much as I could. Socialising, chatting, mingling with friends. These are things that can distract me from the pressures of life and something I want to do more of this year.

Tip : If you are wanting to spend more time with your pals and you just don’t seem to have time, why not pencil in a regular meet up. Whether it be for coffee or even a Netflix binge, pencil it in and make it a regular occasion.

Enjoy being alone

Whilst I am married, and live with my husband, there are times I am left alone. I really want to start enjoying those moments, mainly because I manage to watch the TV that ali despises ( like masterchef & the walking dead ). I’m not tryna boot him out the door or anything, just should be having a little me time occasionally, you know!

I really want to start giving myself love, from the inside and out. This year I am being more conscious of what I am eating, doing, using and ultimately my mental health. We are susceptible to anxiety and other issues, so it’s really important to take care of ourselves before these issues take hold.

Will you be practicing self care this year? Do you have any tips for those wanting to embrace it more? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

2018 : A year in images

What a year! 2018 was a cracking year with so many achievements, happiness and life long experiences. On a personal level, it’s the best year of my life. 

I travelled the world, more than I have in a while. Experienced new places, met new people, pushed myself professionally and made life changing commitments. 

It was the year I got married, had dinner with King Henry, explored Asia, spent Christmas in New York and visited events as a Blogger.

Glitter Lounge set from FredaFunk.

I’ve earnt the most out of my blog EVER, worked with amazing brands, met motivating, empowering women and felt like I am finally being myself in the digital world. 

There have been some low points, with achievements not being met, and sometimes feeling like I’m perhaps not doing enough.

Aside from all of that, I managed to have the best year yet. So, here’s my 2018 in images. Please do remember, that most of us only ever capture the good time ( I most certainly do) and those low points I speak of feature no where in any of these images.

Feeling the love

Yes, it was the year of love. From friends, family and now my husband. 2018 is the year I felt so much love from all of these people. Celebrating with me at my hen weekend in London, bridal shower in May and then at our wedding in July.

It still astonishes me the money others spent to celebrate with me over a weekend in london, the effort guests went to attend our wedding and the generosity we felt from loved ones throughout the whole process.

Despite all the stress from planning a wedding, the best feeling was felt when I walked down the aisle and saw everyone I loved there to watch us commit to one and other!

Travelling the world

With planning a wedding comes expense. And I mean expense. Unfortunatly for us, it meant for 2 years we didn’t get to travel around all that much, if not at all. Although, in the final 5 months of 2018 we managed to see some pretty cracking sights.

Our honeymoon took us to Asia, which isn’t somewhere I have ever been before. Koh Samui suited our need for some sea, beach and sunshine. Honestly, it was a stunning place to be, especially to celebrate being Husband and Wife. We then headed onto Singapore where we managed to explore a city like no other.

Shortly after arriving home, we had the pure travel bug and booked the holiday we had dreamed off. 5 Days away in New York City, arriving back on Christmas Eve.

It was truly the most festive place to be, and we had the best time enjoying the city and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Growing professionally and personally

2018 has all been about experience, especially professionally. There is no denying my 9-5 day job isn’t exactly what I had in mind, although, it gives me the passion and drive when I come home to achieve on my blog.

I truly feel in 2018 my photography has grown considerably. It could always be better, however, I have started to take true pride and time on what I am taking. Even when we were travelling, I was on the lookout and keen to take real opportunity whilst I could.

I have also managed to attend a blogging event or two! I had always been to far away or tied up with work before to attend anything, but this year I have been going out of my way to attend and show my face where possible.

There are so many other things I could mention and note on when it comes to 2018. It truly has been a blessed year and one I will never forget. I always try to do better the following year and I do wonder how I will top this one! 

I have so many resolutions this year, including lots of blogging aims and targets. You can check them out here.

Have you posted your year in images?

Be sure to leave your links below, I would love to have a nose!

Give the gift of Sport this Christmas*

Sport, it’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? We tend to get really rather passionate over it, well involved within it and we spend lots of time enjoying it. What’s even better is when you get to see it first hand. Unfortunately, not many of us get to see or enjoy a sport first hand.

I for one am not a hugeeee fan of sport. I’ve dipped in and out of motorsport, avoid football at all costs and probably enjoy basketball above all else. Although, whatever the sport, the experience and atmosphere isn’t something that can be felt through a tv screen, and I do rather enjoy that! That’s why, after experiencing some of it first hand,  a gift of live sport is the ultimate gift this Christmas. With Keith Prowse offering hospitality to British sport including 6 Nations Hospitality, it’s never been easier to grab a sporting gift this Christmas.

What Sport have I been to see?

Just a couple of weeks ago, I and the hubby were lucky enough to enjoy a good old game of Rugby. I do have a soft spot for rugby, despite not being that huge sport fan. It’s tough, passionate without having the aggressiveness of football fanatics and it makes for good viewing.

We visited Twickenham and took our set behind goal. I have been to a fair few live sport games (very lucky I know), but this was the first Rugby game I have been to. Being England vs South Africa, it was a lively and cracking game.

The atmosphere from a live match, the grounds and the complete day surrounding the match was once in a life time. Even someone like me had a fantastic day out.

Besides the random trip to Twickenham to watch rugby, I have been to football games and soon to be watching a Basketball game in NYC. Watching a sport LIVE isn’t something that can be replicated. The atmosphere and the passion is second to none. So, if you’re struggling on what to get your pappa or other half, consider those live matches. Look into hospitality. It can be found at most sporting events including football, rugby, cricket, motor sport and more!

Have you ever been to a live sporting event? Considered giving tickets to one as a gift? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you’re looking for Hospitality tickets, be sure to visit Keith Prowse.

*This is a collaborative piece. All opinions are my own

The Peter’s Christmas

Yes, the tree is up, the decorations are scattered, and there is endless amounts of glitter clinging to every part of my home! Christmas is here! Since I do love a good Christmas decoration post, filled with ample photos, here’s a quick look into how I have overhauled my home in time for the festive season! 

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The Tree 

I took great pride in my tree this year. The last couple of years we have just stuck to gold and a touch of copper. This year, I wanted to add a little more colour and started to incorporate Greens and reds into the tree.

We have been so lucky to have been gifted a gorgeous tree and some stunning gold decorations. Finding pieces that honoured the deccys we already have was harder than thought. 

I always try to look at the latest trends too and keep my tree with tradition but with a modern twist. This year I incorporated the traditional colours, with a splash of woodland, which is on trend this Christmas.

Pine cones and a couple of token rustic raindeers incorporate the woodland theme within my tree this year.

Throughout the home

Our apartment is a little on the cosy side, and whilst I would love to have another tree, I really would risk our apartment becoming and feeling like a grotto.

Once again the woodland theme runs throughout with garlands and even handmade wooden raindeers. I like to include token wooden decorations throughout the home, to give it a touch of festivity.

What decorations do you have in your home? Are you looking for the latest Christmas trends? Festive lights have released a fantastic guide on the latest Christmas trends for 2018. Give the full guide a read just here.

This is a collaborative post with Festive Lights with information provided in a press release.

Pampering my skin with Tropic Skincare*

Skincare is something we all either follow religiously or forget all together and unfortunately, I am the latter. Despite being told on the regular that a skincare routine is vital, I am still a lazy sausage when it comes to applying moisturiser and generally taking care of my skin. 

Bearing in mind I don’t really follow a routine, I was really rather eager to find and use a skincare brand that worked well with me and did the job – ofcourse! 

Tropic Skincare isn’t a brand I had some across before, so when I was approached to try some of their products I was hoping they would transform my skincare routine. They are Animal Cruelty Free, contain all natural ingredients and are Vegan friendly and are certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I was so impressed with all these features, I just hoped their products stood up. 

I was kindly gifted a range of Body butter ‘whips’ and a selection of beautifully fragrant bath foams. Being a true lover of baths, especially in the winter, I was thrilled to try something that could help me relax and soften my skin. 

Mini Whipped Body Velvet collection

The body butter whips, again beautiful in fragrance, help retain moisture and feel absolutely amazing on your skin.  They help nourish and repair skin, whilst softening skin too.  

There were a range of scents, including Pomelo, Passion Fruit and Coconut. All 3 are packed with fantastic ingredients that help create a buttery texture, delicious scent and deliver anti-ageing, repairing properties. 

This stunning collection is just £28.00. Receive 10% off your order by ordering through Amy Price – Tropic Ambassador. Join here Facebook group to gain exclusive access to the most stunning products! 

Luxury Bath Foam Collection 

As mentioned, I am a hugeeeee bath lover. The cold winter nights make the perfect setting for a long, warm soak in a bath. 

Of course, teamed with Netflix and some candles, it makes the perfect time to unwind, relax and even nourish your skin.

Thankfully, Tropic skincare bath foams do just that. They describe it as a soothing blanket and honestly, they’re spot on. These gorgeous bath foams create a bath that softens your skin from the moment you dip a toe in. 

Packed with natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera and coconut, these foams will help soothe, nourish and cleanse skin. 

Once again, they came in 3 sumptuous scents including Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut, Passion Fruit and Ginger Lily, and Monoi and Orange Flower.

This must have collection is just £22.00. Receive 10% off your order by ordering through Amy Price – Tropic Ambassador. Join here Facebook group to gain exclusive access to the most stunning products! 

So how did I get on?

You better believe it lived up to my expectations. These products have become a firm favourite. The Bath foams and Body whips work so well together. The scents alone make them irresistible. They sit rather comfortably on my bath shelf and even my hubby reaches for them! 

How do you get yourself some goodies?

To get yourself some of their gorgeous skincare products, be sure to use a Tropic Ambassador like Amy. She can direct and help you choose gorgeous products for your every day needs. Tropic Skincare have a stunning overall range including Skincare, Bath and Body, Make-up and Hair care! 

Amy can even offer you some discount! The easiest way to grab some Tropic Skincare goodies is to join and shop via Amy’s Facebook group! Here you can discuss new and upcoming products, as well as exclusive discounts! 

I can’t wait to try some more products and share with you some more goodies! 

Have you ever tried Tropic Skincare? 

*This post is a collaborative piece. These items were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own

The Luxury Edit – Christmas Gift Guide

I can’t believe I am onto the final gift guide of the year. How it’s gone quickly and I’ve managed to feature some gorgeous products!

The final gift guide of 2018 is ending on a high. The luxury edit. Whilst we do have budgets to stick by, sometimes we do want to splash the cash on our loved ones. This gift guide has some gorgeous luxuy items to splurge on this Christmas time. 

Star Map – Greater skies

This is by far the most gorgeous gift to feature on my site this year. The Star map is such a personalised piece it would truly make a wonderful gift this Christmas time. 

From just £23.95, give the gift a star map from a certain time and location. Ours is the star map from the day and time of our wedding. It’s made a staple piece within our home.

Greater skies offer a variety of designs and currently offer 20% off!

Jewellery pieces from Boho Betty

Jewellery really are statement pieces and the perfect gift for any women at Christmas. I’m always on the lookout for new pieces and feel Christmas isn’t made unless I have a gorgeous piece to open. Boho betty have some stunning pieces that any would be proud to wear.

This piece is the Two tone leaf chain at just £15!

Lux Leather travel holder

It’s a product I’ve included a couple of times and it’s literally perfect for this guide. Its literally a necessity for many travellers and vital for anyone going on a trip. A place to hold and keep safe all documents and cash for their upcoming travels. This gorgeous holder can hold all that and more. With space for cards, passports, a pen and cash, this will become the pinnacle accessory for any traveller. At £75, it’s great value for money, since it can even double as a large purse!

As you can see, mine is already packed with everything for New York, I’m so glad I finally have something to look after all my travel documents.

Mapp of London has an array of colours available and other products too, so be sure to check out their gorgeous store.

Wooden Bath shelf

Everyone needs a bath caddy, especially this one. A gorgeous bamboo bath caddy is just the luxury gift to give this Christmas. Monsuri have a stunning range including this Bath caddy featuring a bath or tablet stand, wine glass holder and removable soap dish.

This bath caddy has made every bath time the perfect oppertunity for a Netflix binge, so be sure to gift the same this Christmas period.

At just £32.90 it’s a steal!

More luxury items for her….

Luxury items for him….

Hope fully some of these ideas have given you one last push to finish your Christmas shopping. Any of these ideas spark your imagination?

Nationwide festive activities 2018

On the second day of Blogmas, Charlotte Nichole gave you……. some insight on some of the Nationwide activities going on right now!!

Yup. There are sooo many things to get involved in this time of the year. Stately homes to visit, Christmas lights to enjoy and even ice skating to sample.

So, here’s a comprehensive 2018 list of everything festive going on in the month of December. Family friendly, Christmas based and surely will get you into the festive spirit. PLUS, there are plenty of places to take the kiddies to meet good old Father Christmas. 

South East

Batemans – Just So Christmas

The gorgeous 17-century home will be heavily decorated and celebrating Christmas in style this season! Inspired by Kiplings travels and Just So stories, wander through the decorated home or venture out into the garden to tackle a family trail. 

You can even take a seat in the kitchen for some festive storytelling. This is a perfect opportunity to see the house in all it’s festive glory. 

‘Just So’ Christmas event in the house is open daily from Saturday 1 December 2018 to Sunday 6 January 2019, 11.00am to 4.00pm, excluding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Last entry to the house at 3.30pm.

Free event but normal admission charges apply.

Scotney Castle – Kent 

There is something for everyone this Christmas time at Scotney Castle in kent. Whether its storytelling with Father Christmas & Mrs Claus, family festive trails, Victorian Christmas in the mansion house, crowd free Christmas shopping or delicious Christmas lunches.

This Christmas celebrate the Victorian Christmas that the Hussey Family would have enjoyed, with traditional decorations and toys to enjoy within the house. You can even join in on a delicious two or three course festive menu in the tea-room, or enjoy a hot chocolate and mince pie after a stroll in the garden.

If you are visiting with the kids then they can complete the festive family Noah’s ark trail in the garden,  visit Father Christmas and Mrs Claus for storytelling in the old castle, and wrap up warm for a visit to our children’s play area which is open all winter. 

This is the time of year to venture and explore the gorgeous grounds and property at Scotney Castle. 


Winter Wonderland

Of course, winter wonderland is the place to go In London between late November and January right? Filled with Christmas markets, Ice skating and more, it’s the perfect place to get your festive on in the capital. 

London Zoo 

Christmas at the Zoo never looked so good. Discover London Zoo like never before on a one-mile illuminated pathway which winds its way through the Zoo in a magical after-dark experience. Tickets are £16.50 per adult and £10.50 per child.

Kew Gardens 

Kew Gardens are illuminated with over a million lights creating an unforgettable after-dark festive trail of lights. Finish the trail with some festive treats and even a sighting of Father Christmas himself. 
Christmas at Kew is open 5–10pm with Adult tickets from £16.50. 

Meet Father Christmas at Ham House 

During December, experience the wonderful splendour of Ham House lit by candle light. 

Candles will guide your way through the house, which will be decorated with natural green wreaths, swags and garlands, draped over banisters, mantelpieces and windowsills, glowing with lights and sparkle. There will of course be a sparkling Christmas tree adorning the house, bursting with presents beneath it.

The magic continues in the gardens, where trees and hedges twinkle, creating magical spaces and great photo opportunities. Christmas trees, as well as the beautifully shaped  formal gardens will be lit up to add to the festive atmosphere. 

Meet Father Christmas

Between 15 – 23 Dec, Father Christmas will be in residence at Ham House. Don’t miss your chance to meet him and receive your special Christmas gift.

A Christmas Ghost Tour

If you feel like getting spooky, even during the festive period, than this is for you. Experience Ham House at night with one of the ghost tours. Reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain, discover the ghostly tales scattered through the history of Ham House.

Deck the Halls – Sutton House 

The halls of Hackney’s oldest house have been decked for Christmas 2018!  Explore 500 years of Christmas traditions throughout Sutton House and experience the festive period through the eyes of the Tudors, the Georgians, the Victorians, and even 1980s Londoners! 

You can even meet Father Christmas in his picturesque, oak-panelled Tudor grotto by a cosy fire. Hear enchanting stories of his adventures, and children will receive a lovely gift.

There is lots to enjoy and learn at Sutton House this Christmas, including mulled wine and mince pies! 

Deck the Halls will run from Saturday 24th November until Sunday 23rd December, Wednesday- Sunday, 12.00-16.30. Father Christmas is only at the house on Saturday and Sundays.

Adult, House and Father Christmas – £9.00
Child, House and Father Christmas – £5.50
National Trust member, House and Father Christmas – £2.00


South West 

Victorian Christmas at Lanhydrock

See the past come alive at Lanhydrock this Christmas. With just a few special rooms open and decorated, you can come and see how the Victorians prepared for lavish family meals in the kitchen and celebrated this wonderful time of the year.

The halls, dining room and garden are decorated to welcome and impress the family’s guests and you can join in with the dinner preparations in the kitchens.

There’s plenty of family fun to be had across the whole estate. Get involved in the kitchen and help prepare and cook traditional puddings and sweet treats. 

There are festive trails and winter walks to enjoy in the gardens too, with opportunity to warm up in the festive, cosy restaurant. 

Christmas at Trelissick 

Christmas has never looked soo good. As always, Trelissick will have a fantastic array of festive events and experiences for you to enjoy this Christmas. Meet Father Christmas with his reindeer and explore the illuminated house and garden after dark. 

The star of the celebrations are thee illuminations. See the gorgeous gardens in a new light as it becomes an illuminated wonderland. Wrap up warm and explore new pathways showered with light. Open late on Friday 7 to Sunday 9 and Friday 14 to Sunday 23. The garden illuminations also continue after Christmas from Thursday 27 to Monday 31 December.

Other festive treats including wooden reindeer making, Storytelling by Father Christmas himself and meeting his reindeer! There’s literally something for everyone this festive season at Trelissick. 

Christmas at Dyrham Park

Step into a 17th-century Christmas at Dyrham Park this December, a time where greenery displays, carol singing and pantomime signified a festive Christmas.

Carefully crafted festive foliage will be on display throughout Dyrham Park’s house and courtyard, with the scent of orange and spices permeating the air and dried chillis providing pops of colour around the house.

Open daily throughout December (except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), Dyrham Park offers a refreshing escape from baubles and tinsel with plenty on offer to stimulate the senses. 

Christmas Trails, Festive performances and Christmas Craft Fayres are all running throughout December at Dyrham Park.

North West


Christmas at Dunham Massey 

Dunham Massey’s biggest and brightest Christmas event returns for a second year with plenty more surprises. Experience the garden and historic buildings all aglow for a magical outdoor, after-dark experience.

Wander beneath tree canopies drenched in seasonal colour and dripping with shards of light, frosty snowflakes, stars and baubles. New for 2018, the Dunham Massey winter trail is a place where fairy tale meets fantasy. Glowing trees rise high into the night sky and lead you on a path towards hundreds of colour-changing globes. There’ll be hidden surprises too – watch out for bubbles on the bridge before you stroll through playful ribbons of colour-changing lights and stop at the scented fire garden to take in the sights and smells.

As you walk through a tunnel of light covered with over 100,000 pea-lights, the mesmerising voices of singing trees can be heard in the distance. Take a moment at the water fountain finale to enjoy the water jets and beams of light as they dance in time to much-loved Christmas classics.

Keep an eye out for a glimpse of Father Christmas* along the way and complete your stroll under the stars with spiced cider, mulled wine or hot chocolate** whilst the aroma of roasting chestnuts fills the air. Gather round to toast marshmallows** at one of the fire pits, take a ride on the vintage carousel** and enjoy other traditional fare before finishing your Christmas shopping in the shop.

A Magical Family Christmas at Rufford Old Hall

Start a new tradition at Rufford Old Hall this Christmas.

What makes Christmas time so special? It’s the family traditions which bring everyone together. So gather up your family and friends, wrap up warm and start by adding your wish to the wishing tree, meeting Father Christmas or taking a ride on a donkey!

Soak up the atmosphere in the Tudor Great Hall and listen to live music on Saturday 1 December with Bolton Parish Church Hand Bell Ringers, put on your dancing shoes on Saturday 15 December as you are invited to join in the dancing with Regency Rejigged in the Great Hall who this time will be in Victorian / Edwardian costume to lead us in lively dances from the Victorian period and join in with carol singing on Sunday 16 December with the Celebration Choir.

You can even learn how the decorations are made, on our Christmas Decorating Workshop.It’s the perfect way in get in to the Christmas spirit with a guided tour of the house and festive lunch to get inspiration before making your own wreath to take home!

North East 

Christmas and winter at Cragside

Frozen lakes and frost-tipped trees must only mean one thing: its winter at Cragside. This year the grounds are open every day, with the ground floor of the house open every weekend. Find out what’s on and make the most of your winter visit. 

Book yourself in for a Christmas Lunch, meet Father Christmas or go on a winter’s walk! There’s lots to be had at Cragside this Christmas! 

Wallington this Christmas

This Christmas promises to be truly special as you take in the House and grounds at this wonderful time of year. Discover the 50 Christmas trees marking our 50th Anniversary and enjoy the house beautifully decorated for the season.

Soak up the festive atmosphere as you enjoy music in the Central Hall, the smells of baking from the Aga in the kitchen and hear stories with Mrs Christmas.

Meet Father Christmas in his cosy grotto and receive a special gift.

Get the kids outdoors and burning off their excess energy by joining the 1-mile Jingle Bell Jog and when little legs need a break from all the excitement stop for a festive treat in the café and tick off the Christmas shopping with a trip to the festive shop.

Festive Fun at Ormesby Hall

Looking for some festive fun with the family? Then head to Ormesby Hall to enjoy some family time and discover what they have to offer the entire family this Christmas.

Christmas activities

In the Victorian Kitchen on Sundays children can make a salt dough decoration to take home. In the Entrance Hall children can enjoy a dance to the music, before writing a Christmas wish in a Christmas card upstairs. 

Christmas crafts in the Family Room 

Families can enjoy some play time and relax in the new family room besides the Victorian Kitchen and make a Christmas finger puppet and Christmas bookmark to take home.

House Christmas trail

Children can enjoy the Christmas decorations as they look for the mischievous elves hiding in the rooms, be on the lookout for some clues including the elves secret doors and even their washing!

Model railway layouts

This Christmas two permanent model railway layouts will be open; including a Thomas the tank engine and his friends interactive layout. Head to the model railways and push the buttons to make Thomas and friends go, then watch as you control them.

Explore the Garden

Head into the garden and help us decorate the wisteria branches by choosing and hanging a bauble, don’t forget to make a Christmas wish as you place it. Christmas meals can be prepared in the mud pie kitchen, so have a look on the ground for some seasonal ingredients for your recipe and enjoy some play time in the natural play area. If it’s raining or snowing then wrap up warm, put on your wellies and go looking for some great muddy puddles or make a snowman.

Servants’ Hall tea-room

Enjoy a bite to eat in the intimate setting of the tea-room, which is housed in the old servants hall. Warm up with a hearty soup, latte or hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, with lunch boxes available for children. This Christmas for the first time ever there will be a second food and beverage kiosk in the courtyard, besides the warmth of the fire pit.


Powis Castle, Welshpool  

Brighten up your dark winter nights with a stroll around the castle and spectacular illuminated garden, terraces and courtyard. That’s not all, from 24 November step into a ‘Portrait of Christmas’ in the stunning State Rooms and see a series of festive scenes unfold behind giant gilt frames. Traditional decorations and clever instillations will reveal more about how the Herbert family spent their Christmas. The Courtyard Restaurant and shop will also be open offering festive food and lovely gifts.

Erddig, Wrexham  

Discover that real Christmas feeling at Erddig this festive season. Warm yourself by the fire as the scents of mulled wine and festive cooking fill the air as the house prepares for the festivities. Or wrap up warm and take the family on Erddig’s winter toy trail. Discover toys scattered around the garden and outbuildings and explore captivating and surprising installations.

Chirk Castle, Wrexham  

Enter a world of make-believe at Chirk Castle this Christmas. Lord Howard de Walden’s six children grew up in their very own fantasy castle. Follow their footsteps on a fantasy fairy tale trail or dress up and pose for photos and recreate a scene from the family album. That’s not all; see the beautiful decorations inside the State Rooms themed on the De Walden family pantomimes inspired from their very own family cinefilm.

Tredegar House, Newport 

Travel through time at Tredegar House this Christmas to explore traditions past and present. Experience lavish decorations in each room on a guided Christmas visit, or revel in the magic of a late night visit on a Yuletide tour. During the weekends try your hand at traditional Christmas activities and soak up the atmosphere as you enjoy a glass of mulled wine and mince pie as you explore local food and craft stalls.

Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire 

Kicking off Christmas at Dinefwr will be their traditional Christmas Fair on 23, 24 and 25 of November. The mansion and courtyard will be filled with tasty treats, handmade gifts and festive entertainment in the marquee. Come back in December and enjoy Christmas in Newton House as each room will be beautifully decorated. If you prefer the outdoors then wrap up warm and help the rangers feed the deer in the parkland, or join one of their guided walks.

Aberdulais, Neath  

Explore the Tin Works and Waterfall by night at Aberdulais. Take a candlelit walk to the waterfall on Friday 14 and 21 December, where you can enjoy storytelling and make traditional Victorian decoration. Don’t forget a torch!


Drum Christmas Festival

Drum Castle’s Christmas Festival is a new take on its beloved Holly Fest. Come and see the castle transformed for the festive season. Browse Exclusively Highland’s unique Christmas Market situated throughout the entire castle, try the wonderful German-inspired courtyard food, sample our sleigh-driver-friendly mulled wine and visit the Secret Drum Fairy Hideaway – a beautiful way to send your very special Christmas wishes!

Santa at Crathes Castle

A visit to see Father Christmas adds that extra bit of magic to the festive period. The jolly man himself will be stopping by Crathes Castle this year with his helpful elves. Visit the incredible 16th-century tower house with your little ones and meet Santa in the cosy Great Hall – he’ll be sure to reward those who’ve stayed off the naughty list!

Elf School – 
Newhailes, Musselburgh, East Lothian

Join the elves at their busiest time of year, as they prepare for Christmas! Learn how to be a good elf and participate in festive crafts. Graduate from Elf School with a treat and a certificate … presented by a special visitor!

If you’ve made it this far into this post than CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a pretty mahoosive one to say the least! I do hope I have gathered a huge array of activities from every aspect of the UK. Of course, if there is anything I have missed that needs to be noted or added, please do let me know! 

Is there anything that takes your fancy? Let me know in the comment section below!