Christmas Gift Guide – The Child and Baby Edition

What on earth do you get a baby / child for Christmas? That is the question I tend to have, especially when I don’t have my own and really don’t want to piss off a mother with noisy toys and unnecessary cuddly toys!

Alas, I have just the gift guide you are looking for! Sit back and relax as I show you some gorgeous gift ideas for children and babies!

Personalised Story Book – Signature Books

I love gifting books for Christmas, especially classic books that any child should have on their bookshelf. But you can make it a little special this year by personalising it too!

Personalised gifts make extra special prezzies, especially at Christmas. At just £24.99, make this timeless book a centrepiece on any childs bookcase this Christmas.

Baby teething set –

Instead of buying something that will make a lot of noise, why not something that will help stop it, especially when the baby is crying?

This two part teething set includes a nifty necklace and some teething keys helping any baby during those terrible teething times. They are designed to keep babies busy and to stimulate their senses as well as to keep those tiny hands off mummas hair.

They make a beautiful gift for a new baby, perfect for a Baby Shower Gift or Christmas! For just £19.99, grab a gift mumma and baby will be grateful for!

The final gift idea comes in a smaller size. This gorgeous teether from VBaebea is handmade with chunky Knit twinned round a beechwood ring.

A high quality, soft yarn is carefully crotched around the ring, creating a soft but firm cushion for those sore and delicate little gums to soothe on. 

All teething rings are made with a single length cord with all ends woven in so no adhesive is used! At just £7.99 in a range of stunning colours, this makes the perfectly small gift this christmas!

A Sports Enthusiast – Christmas Gift Guide

We all know a sport lover. Someone who enjoys watching multiple sports, probably practices in one as a hobby and without fail, has a subscription to all sports channels. Although I feel like I have just described my husband, it turns out there is a rather lot of them on the planet. 

I love it when someone nails a Christmas present. It’s almost like you bought it yourself. And that happens when you purchase the perfect gift that suits their hobbies and interests. So, if they are a keen sport lover, embrace it.

Here’s gift ideas for those Sports Enthusiasts and avid football watchers!

Psssst – there’s loads of other gift guides that can be found here.

Personalised Sports Towels

All gym goers, sports lovers and football players need a sports towel. This gorgeous, personalised towel comes in an array of designs and includes different logo’s including swimming and yoga.

Carlaney Embrodiary has a stunning range of personalised towels and starting at just £9.50, its the perfect gift for any sports lover!  Plus, you can change the ‘logo’ to suit their sport!

Here’s some other Sports gift ideas….

Personalised drinks flask

Whether they are a gym goer, avid swimmer or a sports teacher ( like my husband ) a good sports flask is needed, and what better than a personalised one?!

XOXO Stationery have a stunning range of gorgeous water bottles at superb prices. From £18.50, personalise your sport lovers bottle to suit their hobbies.

Personalised Gym Bag

EVERYONE needs a good bag, especially your sports lover! This stunning personalised gym bag can be personalised with names or logo and comes in a variety of colours! It comes with a long strap and handles too, making it the perfect bag for sports enthusiasts. Grab yours for just £20 from Towels R Us.

I loved these gift ideas too

There are so many prezzies to grab for those who loveee their sport. Every year I try and grab my hubby something special and these are just perfect!

Things to remember when Christmas Shopping

I detest Christmas Shopping. Cruel I know, but it’s the bane of Christmas. I hate considering gift ideas and I find it sooo hard not to spend too much or go overboard. 

What is the perfect happy medium on what to spend on each other? What do you get when they seem to have it all? 

Now, don’t confuse me with someone who doesn’t like giving presents because that’s not the case. Moreover, it’s knowing what to get and getting it. 

So, before you go mad, orrrr think you’re alone in feeling the same, here’s some things to remember when doing your Christmas shopping this year. 

Gorgeous cases from CaseApp! *Gifted*

It’s not all about how much you spend.

That’s right. We all get tied up in the cost of things and making sure we spend enough to show we care. News flash, they won’t care! And if they do, then maybe they don’t deserve your present next year. 

Christmas is more than the prezzies and whilst you may believe that, you’ll probably get a look or two if you don’t buy a little something something for anyone this year.

Don’t stress and don’t panic that you have to spend a lot. It really is the thought that counts!

Don’t put yourself under financial strain.

The last point leads nicely onto this one, don’t you think?

There is nothing worse than stressing about money round about this time of year. Yes, Christmas is expensive. Presents, food, booze and more. It all comes at a cost. But truth is, it’s as expensive as you make it.

Don’t put yourself under finacial strain for the sake of others. Budget and stick to it. Your family and friends would much rather you spend less than spend money you don’t have on presents for others.

Take your time

Whilst Christmas is coming round quick, there is still plenty of time to shop around and really think about it. The worst idea is to just buy something you find. I always find pleasure in grabbing a great gift and watching them open and enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

Shop around, search the web, there are some gorgeous gifts to be found across the web.

I am not alone in Christmas shopping stress, and hopefully this post has helped, especially if you have been feeling the same. 

How do you feel when Christmas shopping?

Has this post helped? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Turning 25 – Life Update

Did you know, it was my birthday last week? The good old 2-5! A quarter of a century and still none the wiser on how to adult – properly. I am over the threshold and looking down on my late 20s. And honestly, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it. 

So, since I haven’t been here chatting life all too much, where better to catch up than getting a year older! I hate to do one of those ‘oooh look at what I got’ posts and would much prefer just letting you know what I got up to, and my ultimate thoughts on hitting my late 20s.

Friday – I had a half day of work, greeted by some 25 banners and a shit tonne of confetti on my desk, followed by a card and then drove on home for lunch. Pretty much the bulk of my day. 

I’m not one for celebrating massively, so me and hubby chilled, opened prezzies and got ready before heading to Ask Italian in Lewes. 

I even managed to do some blogging photography and really take advantage of the light!

We had a stunning dinner and rounded it off with  starting the Harry Potter Saga.  

Saturday – was a day filled of family. Hubby headed to B&HA for a football match and I headed for lunch with my sister and mum. I switched off from the world of blogging and social media and it was pure bliss. 

That evening, we all gathered – in laws and all – to have my favourite take-away….CURRY! It was a lovely evening filled with 2 bottles of Asti and a pretty sore head by bedtime. 

Me and hubby had planned to head on off to London however, we were both feeling under the weather. Despite having a fun day planned, the bus replacement service and runny noses we’re not on our agenda. Coffee, blankets and movies were all we wanted. 

So, aside from the celebrations, what happened on Friday 23rd November?

An apifinany so to speak. I sat on my bed on Friday afternoon and thought of several years before and how I was ecstatic to be 21.

How on earth was that already 4 years ago!!! 

So much has changed for me in the last 4 years. I completed and graduated from university. Started and left 3 jobs, finally settling into one I enjoy. Dated, moved in with and married a boy. And in between all that, in general enjoyed my early 20s. 

Now as I sit on top of the hill, looking back on my early 20s and towards my late ones, I have been seriously thinking of everything I have achieved in the last 5 years, and what I want to in the next. 

I no way have all the answers, and in some ways I never imagined I would be this far in some respects, and very much at the starting block in other respects. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, I feel like in some small way I am slowly becoming the adult me. I appreciate the time I have with family, the things I have around me and I know I need to be a little kinder on myself. 

So many times I grill myself for not achieving some things my parents had at my age, and harshly criticise myself for past decisions. I doubt my git instinctive and the ability to do better. I also question way too much on when I will grow up. 

I love my independence, the ability to do what I want, spend my money how I like and not really have too much to worry about. 

All in all, without getting too deep and boring you all half to death, I am just embracing my years. Embracing my time and enjoying it how I see fit. 24 was a banging age and again, I achieved so much. Here’s to 25 Charlotte, and everything she is going to achieve. 

Watch from Browns family jewellers | Denim Jacket and Grey Tunic From 

Stocking fillers UNDER £20!

Just when you think you’ve conquered the Christmas shopping for another year, you remember you vowed to do a stocking for your other half – doh! Yes, many a time we tend to forget the small things needed to make a stocking and majority of the time we panic buy.

So, in aid of all those shopping for stocking fillers, and losing the will to live, here’s over 50 ( yes OVER 50 ) under £20 stocking fillers for both men and women. I have even categorised them into different sections to be even more helpful. So, don’t panic about racing round the shops this Christmas to fill that stocking, buy it all online through this very nifty shopping post.

ps – This doubles up as a hugeeeee under £20 gift guide for both men and women so go, go, go! 

Ps. if you are looking for more main present gift ideas, be sure to check out all my gift guides!

For Her

Women, I think, are the easiest out of the two to purchase stocking fillers for. Partly because I am a women and can always think of a 101 ideas to fill my own stocking! Beauty products, small fashion accessories and even home knick knacks are all things that would be perfect within a Ladies Stocking.


A ladies stocking cannot not have some beauty products of some sort. Miniatures, smelly gift sets, bath bombs and even some make-up. There is ample choice, and you can see it all below!  I adore the Benefit minis this year – so perfect for holibobs and getaways! 


Diamonds are a girls best friend – I am certainly not implying you have to purchase diamonds – but anything sparkly goes right! Small jewellery pieces can be picked up under budget for your stocking, so why not grab some and surprise her. I’ve managed to find some absolute gorgeous pieces, and of course, they all fall under the £20 mark! If you hadn’t noticed I adore tassels! 


With winter upon us, there should be some winter warmers packing in any stocking. Fluffy headbands, scarfs, hats and gloves – yes all these can be found under £20 and in a stocking. My personal favourite are the leopard print accessories! 


This is a wideeeee range of products that fall under ‘fashion’ shall I say. Yes, get inventive, stocking don’t have to be full of knick knacks and small pieces. Trainers, slippers and even pj’s under the £20 can all fall into the stocking. Here’s a selection of what I found on the web that will be perfect in her stocking, especially if you have the ‘one item must be £20 rule’ ( I do by the way! ). 

Knick Knacks

These are the fairly usual pieces that can be found in a stocking. Travel mugs are a great stocking filler this year, especially if she’s an environmentally minded gal. Of course I have included candles and some stationery pieces too.

For Him

Let’s head on to the men shall we!  They can be a little tricky when it comes to purchasing stocking fillers. Chocolate usually does the trick, so does some smelly sets too, but encase you are struggling, or want to spruce things up a little, here’s some ideas for him. I always try to tailor it to his hobbies, and include some knick knacks that would be overall helpful throughout the year!

Skin / Hair Care

Men should be looking after the skin as well as their hair! Beards and all. With so many products available to keep their face, beard and hair all in tip top condition, the stocking is the perfect time to introduce some new products to him. Here are just a few that I found on the inter-web that once again fall under £20!


Just like the ladies, stocking’s are the perfect place to slip in an ‘expensive’ product if that’s your rule! T-shirts, shoes, jumpers and more can all be found under this category. I’ve also included some pjs too because winter is the time they should be dressing for bed – don’t you think!


Accessories are something we all use day in day out. For the boys, I have pulled together a collection of the vital accessories, especially for winter. I’m thinking Cuff-links, Hats, Scarfs, Hankies, watches, ties and backpacks. Yes, all these items can be found below and under the perfect price point of £20!

Gift Sets

We all loveeee a gift set, and boys are nooo exception. This section has a little twist from me too, including some foody gift sets that are perfect for those Nando lovers and spicy souls!

Electrical / Gadgets

He does love a good electrical item doesn’t he! Of course, he uses ample when trimming his beard, clearing the hose hair or listening to tunes in the gym. Whatever electrical items he loves enjoying, upgrade or add to his current collection.

Knick Knacks

This one is all about the fun. The fun games, quirky gifts and some that tap into their hobbies ( which I love because it makes them that much more personal ). I’ve also included some much loved items by the boys including hip flasks, water bottles and nifty small sets for cyclists and golf lovers. As always, they are all £20 or under!!!

So, there we have it. The ultimate Under £20 gift list, which make them perfect for stocking fillers and those alike. Be sure to share with friends if there’s something you like the look of, and comment on what’s your favourite piece I have featured.

Happy Shopping!

** This post contains affiliate links. This changes nothing when you order, just means I might make a little commission from my recommendation**


A Hostess with the Mostess – Christmas Gift Guide

I for one am a hostess. I love hosting gatherings, parties, game nights, you name it, I host it. Call me Monica, but being the perfect hostess means preparation, planning and the right sort of cutlery! Christmas, as we know, is the perfect time to host, as well as purchase hosting accessories!

So, here’s the ultimate gift guide for buying the perfect gift for a hostess, or maybe get you prepped for the upcoming festivities.

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The Cocktail Maker

Yup, cocktails are a must for any occasion and your hostess needs the ability to shake and stir the perfect concoction! This gorgeous Cocktail set from VonShef is perfect for any hostess. Teamed with a pair of High Ball glasses your hostess will be buzzing to host a cocktail night.

With the cocktail set at just £14.99 and the high balls at £14.99 too, you can gift the ultimate cocktail kit for just £30.00!!

pssst, Domu brands do a gorgeous range of the cocktail sets, including this Green Brushed gold one! It’s out of stock at the mo but will be back in stock at the end of this week! 

Check these cocktail friendly gifts too to create a perfect bundle!

Tea or Coffee?

Is a hostess complete without the perfect set for Tea and Coffee? No, not really! Whether your Hostess has a coffee maker, prefers a kettle or likes to brew in a Cafetiere, this section has everything and more your hostess needs to tick that Tea or Coffee box.

Starting off with coffee, because come on, who can work without it, there is plenty to purchase for any hostess or even coffee lover. This gorgeous Barista & Co Cafetiere and set are the perfect accessory and gift. My set includes an Eight Cup coffee press, a milk frother, Cocoa shaker, Cocoa Stencils and 6 metal frame cups.

With many online retailers offering gorgeous Tea Service sets, there is plenty to choose from to suit every budget.

The Perfect Dining Table

This section is pretty broad. For hostess, the dining table is the centre piece and well, why not give them what they need! Accessories to dress the table, or the perfect dining set make perfect Christmas gifts, and they don’t have to be expensive. This gorgeous Quartz dining set from Amara starts at just £9.60!

There is of course gorgeous accessories that can accompany any table like the stunning glass box. Fill with Christmas accents or valuable statement pieces to create a unique table piece. At just £33, this gorgeous accessory can even dub as a jewellery box!

For more of a statement on the dinner table, the Iron Star tray makes a stunning table piece, as well as a staple across the home. As pictured, they look fabulous holding seasonal accessories or being used as a tray altogether. At just £31 for a set of two, this makes a great, multi-functional prezzie for Hostess and home owners alike!

Other stunning Hostess worthy table accessories

Family Friendly Competition

Christmas really isn’t the same without some good old fashioned games to enjoy throughout the Christmas period and beyond. In our family, we tend to play ample board games and such on Boxing Day – It’s all part of the festive spirit. When it comes to Christmas Day, more civilised games like Chess or even a puzzle may be played.

With that in mind, Classic games are a must for any hostess! Whether it be classic Cludeo, a Monopoly or even the game of life, family friendly and classic game sets make the perfect gift. If it’s the more classic and centre piece worthy set you’re after, hit up Farrar Tanner. They provide so many stunning games sets, that will not only provide endless hours of festive fun, but look stunning under the coffee table!

pssst – Here’s their Christmas Catalogue to have a look at, they have so many great gift ideas! 

So there we have it, another gift guide that will not only give you ample ideas for family, but possibly your own ideas on what to nab in time for Christmas!

Are you a true hostess? Anything take your fancy in this guide?

Be sure to check out all my latest gift guides just here. 

An Evening with Fizzbox – Brighton

You know, it’s not every day I get invited to an event and in a matter of weeks I have been invited to 2! This time around, I was invited to a more intimate event with the gorgeous team, Fizzbox.

So on Wednesday, after a very eventful day at work and journey to Brighton, I was ready to relax and enjoy a Afternoon Tea Bus ride around Brighton town. I was to be served Prosecco ( Although I wasn’t due to driving and infact had a gorgeous pomegranate fizz ), and an array of sandwiches, cakes and other delightful bites. I even grabbed myself a gorgeous goody bag filled with beautiful products.

British Routemaster – Afternoon Tea Bus

So lemme take you back to the start of the night. We jumped right aboard the iconic British Routemaster RML 2333, to be greeted with Prosecco! The whole bus has been beautifully restored for a comfortable afternoon tea. Gorgeous booths to all classic decor.

Once I settled into my front seat view ( yes, I was sitting right up front ), the drinks kept flowing and the journey began. We were taken around the most prestigious sights of Brighton including the i360, Palace Pier, Royal Pavilion, Brighton Marina and shopping heaven, the North Laine.

Even for someone who has visited Brighton many a time, I was seeing sights I had never. Even at night, the journey was beautiful. In between the sights, we were being served tasty tea, traditional afternoon tea delicacies and sweet treats too! I was stuffed after the delicious Scones, jam and of course cake!

The bus adventure lasted 90mins before we were whisked away to our second treat!

Cocktail masterclass and Tapas at Las Iguanas

We made the short walk to our next treat – Las Iguanas. We were greeted with delicious fresh cocktails and prepped for cocktail making. We made sooo many cocktails and as the one who was going booze free for the night, I even mastered many mocktails too. We ended on a cocktail race, and our selection of Tapas arrived. The food was delicious and I must admit, even alcohol free, I think I over did it on the Pina Colada front!

Overall, I had a blast, literally! Both of the events were sooo fun and I urge everyone to book themselves on them asap. I had a great evening, meeting new people and of course experiencing new things. The Afternoon Tea Bus would be perfect for a Hen do and the cocktail masterclass is a fantastic start to a great evening in Brighton town.

Thank you so much once again to Fizzbox. You have the best selection of events and these were sublime.

As I am now totally prepped for making cocktails at home after my masterclass, watch this space for some recipes.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

Fancy your hand at a Cocktail masterclass?

As always leave your thoughts and comments below.

Christmas Gift Guide – A Travellers Hoard

Hi Hello. Yes you haven’t gone mad, this is a Christmas gift guide in November. And too right! We are all getting organised and BUYING EARLY – ergo, why this is live now!

The second instalment of my extensive 2018 gift guide covers those travellers. We all have that friend, family member or even partner who likes to travel as much as possible. Whether it be across Asia, or when on one of their many holidays abroad, they are always hitting up the airport.

With that in mind, here is the ULTIMATE travellers gift guide to give you some gifting ideas this Christmas.

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Scratch world map

What makes the perfect gift for someone who wants to travel the world? A scratch map! It is the perfect gift for you traveller pal since they can literally scratch off where they have visited. Whether it’s framed, pinned or rolled, this scratch map will be a lifelong asset to any traveller. At just £15.95, this Scratch the world, black edition is a bargain prezzie!

MapsInternationalUK offer a huge range of other scratch maps too, including scratch off Cycle climbs, Whisky distilleries, Golf Courses, and Football Grounds ( Both of which will make the perfect prezzie for that sports addict ).

Pssst – there’s a give away live on my Instagram for this product! Be sure to enter by visiting this post.

Stich Passport Cover

If you want to gift a passport cover, it just has to be this one! Much like the scratch map, it comes with a map printed on the exterior and holes in which you can stitch the locations of where you’ve visited! Paired with it’s own gold thread it is the perfect travel bundle. I’ve already started to stitch some of my visits in mine, and cannot wait to get stitching more!

This gorgeous navy ‘Stitch where You’ve been’ passport cover from Maid In China Design is just £25.00 and will be a lifelong companion of any traveller. It comes in an array of colours and there’s plenty of other ‘Stitch where you’ve been’ including a Tote bag.

Lux Leather travel holder

This is literally a necessity for many travellers. A place to hold and keep safe all documents and cash for their upcoming travels .This gorgeous holder can hold all that and more. With space for cards, passports, a pen and cash, this will become the pinnacle accessory for any traveller. At £75, it’s great value for money, since it can even double as a large purse!

As you can see, mine is already packed with everything for New York, I’m so glad I finally have something to look after all my travel documents.

Mapp of London has an array of colours available and other products too, so be sure to check out their gorgeous store.

Travel Bug T-Shirt

If you want to gift a t-shirt that would be perfect for a flight, and a ‘Travel bug’, this is just the gift! The gorgeous, organic, cotton, unisex t-shirt is stunningly perfect fit and suitable for any traveller. Didis Design has a gorgeous array of products, with the Travel Bug t-shirt being the star of the shop. At just £28 , It makes for a great present to add to a travellers hoard!

Do you have a traveller to buy for this year?

Anything that takes your fancy in this gift guide?

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Impacts Of Mental Health On Everyday Travel

Travel, no matter how far or for how long, can negatively affect your mental health.

If you’re a mental health sufferer, you’ll more than understand that uncomfortable feeling. It could be that feeling of uneasiness in large crowds, panic when you’re alone, or, quite simply, the act of travelling from one place to another. Anything can trigger a range of thoughts and feelings and their effects can vary from person to person.

Travelling is something we all do. We travel to work, go shopping, visit family members; we wouldn’t be able to live a fulfilled life if we didn’t. However, for some, this daily task can be one of the most stressful. With so much to consider, it makes sense to feel a little overwhelmed. I’ve teamed up with SLV Global, providers of student work experience placements abroad in psychology and mental health. Together, we’ll open your eyes to the impacts of mental health on travel and how you can overcome it.

For some people, and perhaps you’re one of them, waking up in the morning is a challenge. It might not be because you hate those cold dark mornings or that you’re just not looking forward to the day ahead. It could simply be your commute. Making sure you’re catching the right train, or that you’ll get to your destination on time are just some of the worries you could face. Couple that with the fact that you hate crowded places, and you’re faced with the perfect recipe for disaster.

Understanding people’s needs.

Everyone’s needs differ and it’s important to realise how people are affected. What are some of the difficulties people face each day?

Separation anxiety.

Being away from people you normally spend a lot of time with can be tough. Even though some of us may not travel very far each day, it can be difficult travelling alone. The thought of becoming further and further away from family or friends removes that safety net, making a person feel vulnerable and alone.

Surrounded by strangers.

Some of us can feel overly uncomfortable around strangers, making travelling incredibly difficult. You may not feel safe and secure in public, or there may be a constant fear of someone speaking to you, perhaps talking about a topic you know nothing about.

Delays to your journey.

If there’s a delay, or you miss your transport window, then this can set off that worry and panic even further. A person’s mind can go into overdrive, automatically thinking about the consequences. Your boss might penalise you, you could miss an appointment, or you might not be able to arrive at your destination at all.

Unfamiliar surroundings.

For anyone, being in an unfamiliar place can set us on edge. You don’t know how to get help if something goes wrong, where to go or who to speak to if you have an urgent question. For someone with mental health problems, this particular issue is magnified significantly.

Ill health during travel.

Becoming ill on your daily commute is not only an embarrassing occurrence, especially when you’re alone, but being far away from a comfortable space can be the worst feeling. The worry about becoming ill may even trigger an illness for some sufferers.

Type of travel.

Walking from place to place may be a trigger free zone but replace that with a need to get somewhere quicker using a bus or train, and there can be a higher chance of a negative mental episode. Being forced to travel in a way you’re not used to can be extremely uncomfortable when you don’t know the ropes.

How to cope.

Despite the endless list of impacts, there are also many ways to cope, thankfully! Here are the best steps to take to cope with your mental health on those stressful days.

Plan your journey…then a plan B!

Ensure your journeys are always planned out perfectly. Plan the times you can get a train or bus, or even when you plan to set off from your house every day. If a train is delayed, have a backup plan, or another train you can get on to get you to your destination within plenty of time. It’s important to remember that these things happen every day.

Travel with a friend until you feel comfortable.

Being alone is daunting enough as it is. Wherever you can, plan for a friend or family member to travel with you to ease some of the stress you might face. You’ll be surprised at the calming benefits it has. Failing that, there are a lot of people around to help you, should you begin to feel a little uncomfortable. People can be much more understanding than you think!

Keep yourself busy.

If you know you find journeys stressful, take something with you to divert your attention away from what is happening around you. Keep yourself busy with a good book or download some interesting podcasts to get into until you arrive at your destination.

Want to learn more about mental health?

This post was in collaboration with SLV Global, who organise work placements for students in the mental health and psychology sectors. For more information about what they offer and to get involved, visit their website:

Christmas Gift Guide – Bestie Edition

It may only be November 6th, but as of now, Christmas is a go go. The Starbucks cups have turned red, the nights are long and everywhere you turn the Christmas editions can be seen. Despite what many believe, it truly is the time of year where we are all getting started on Christmas shopping! And if you haven’t even considered it yet, this will hopefully spur you on!

This year, I am showcasing a variety of gorgeous, independant and fairly unique products across 7 gift guides! Yep you heard my right, 7! So, where better to start than with our pals. They are a piece of our heart and deserve to be spoiled this Christmas.

So, here’s the first of many, The Bestie edition Christmas Gift Guide.

We all know a girl friend who deserves a good pressie or two, so I’ve gathered a dozen or so that would make the perfect prezzie, whatever their hobbie or passion!So, sit tight, here’s a bundle of gift ideas that you could totally gift your bestie this Christmas.

Personalised Gift box, compact mirror and make-up bag

What a perfect set to gift this Christmas. Personalised gifts I believe are great for Chrimbo!

This set from Pink Positive will surely set your girl up for the year. The roomy yet classy make-up bag makes the perfect handbag accessory and the compact mirror makes sure she looks tip top on her travels! This whole set is under £30, or you can purchase items separately and completely personable. Grab it whilst you can, and make your best pal smile this Christmas.

Gin Lover gift set – You’re the Gin to my Tonic

We all have a bestie that loves a tipple of two, so a alcoholic based gift set is the perfect prezzie! You’re the Gin to my Tonic gift set is for all gin lovers as it includes a Gin scented candle, gin flavoured gummies and Blueberry bubbles to add to your gin – which add flavour when you burst them!! Being perfectly packaged, you won’t even need to wrap it! Coming in under £20 ( £16.95 ), and with the ability to add a personal message, this truly is the perfect gift for all gin lovers!

There are so many sets to choose from with Beau Box, including First coffee and then I do things, Be a mermaid and I love you to the moon and back.

‘Every blonde needs a brunette’ pair of mugs

Every blonde does need a brunette and visa versa. This couldn’t be more true for me and my bestie and that is why I LOVE this gift! Besties need matching something and these pair of mugs make the perfect gift! At just £7, these mugs are the perfect stocking filler or hamper edition for your bestie this Christmas period. And what’s better, you get one too!

This saying doesn’t quiet fit the bill? Not to worry, Foxy and Willow have a huge selection of mugs ( over 200 designs! ) all at £7 and perfect for every kinda girl including I do Marathons on Netflix, Shine Bright like a diamond and Girls Night In.

Netflix and Chill Pair of Socks

We all know a Netflix addict ( me especially ) so these comfy and rather humorous socks would be the PERFECT prezzie for them! Twisted Tee do the perfect humorous gifts over on their etsy store, so they are well worth a look. These socks are under £20 ( £16 ) so could even make a great stocking filler too!

Personalised Candle Lit bath in a bag

Every gal needs a good soak in the bath once in a while. Life being a lady is stressful, so a gift that can help truly unwind at the best of times is the perfect gift for many! The gorgeous, personalised Candle Lit Bath set from The Little Picture Company includes a jar of bath confetti petals, a scented candle, bath soap and bath fizz.

At £32.00 it’s fantastic value for money and will keep your pal covered on the bath front for a while!

Inspirational Pencils

Some times we all need a little reminder and these inspiration pencils are just perfect! Sweet Nothing’s Stationery have a huge selection of gorgeous pencils that can be personalised and will be a great addition to anyone’s stationery collection.

At £6.95 for 5 , these are great prezzies to add to a hamper or a stocking! Other pencil designs include Infamous phrases from the likes of Mean Girls, Friends and the big bang theory.

Pitch Perfect Box set

Whether it’s Pitch Perfect, or another girlie box set, it truly is a gift worth giving this Christmas. Movies as a whole are a perfect gift, paired with some choccy and more, you can create your bestie their own movie hamper.

Prosecco Scented Candle

If Gin’s not her bag, then Prosecco must be! This gorgeous prosecco scented candle comes in it’s own personalised tote bag and packing a punch on the scent. At just £12.00, The Little Picture Company have the perfect candle for a small gift for your pal or even a stocking filler!

Box of Hugs gift set

This is such a gorgeous idea any time of the year, let alone during Christmas. A box of hugs will set your girl up for winter as they include all the indulgences one would need. This box of hugs – A snuggle on the sofa box –  included a gorgeous ‘always be awesome’ mug, a couple of sachets of tea pigs, some chocolate crumblies, 100 hugs book and some super soft slipper socks. At £36.99 it’s a reasonable price to treat your best friend or anyone worthy this Christmas.

This is another gift featured that comes gorgeously presented, so not much wrapping will need to be done. You can even personalise each box and choose certain aspects of the box too.

Box Of Hugs London have a huge range of boxes including – Awesome man hug , Tea for Two hug , Choco Treat Hug and Twas the night before Christmas hug.

Leather Travel Wallet

There is something every traveller needs – a travel wallet. It keeps all the vitals safe and in one nifty place. Mapp of London have a gorgeous collection of travel wallets including this gorgeous pink number. They make the perfect gift for your traveller bezzie and will truly be something they can’t explore without. At £75, it’s fantastic value for money for a gorgeous leather material and attractive look. It could even double as a large purse!

This is just one of many gift guides that are being featured this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

Anything that caught your eye that you would gift your bestie? As always, leave your thoughts and comments below!