5 Things we have earmarked for NYC this Christmas!

Did you know? Did you see? We are heading to New York City this Christmas! Literally, this year! NYC! And encase you didn’t know, I AM SO F**KING EXCITED!!

It’s something me and hubby have discussed since last Christmas, and since returning from honeymoon, we just had to book! We wanted to head away and selfishly have time just us two to celebrate Christmas as a married couple. We had decided If we wanted to be abroad at Christmas, it had to be this year, or never at all. So it’s been booked. And despite having pure intentions to be away for Christmas day, we managed to get a great deal which will see us return just in time for Christmas with family too. Win win!

So, now it’s all booked and the date is on countdown, we have been discussing what we want to be doing whilst away. We have a NYC virgin ( my husband ) and an experienced explorer of the city ( me ) to account for. Of course we will be doing all the typical sightseeing hot spots, but there are a couple of other, very festive activities to sneak into our trip.

Watch an NBA game

This is something on our USA bucket list and hopefully one to be ticked off pretty sharpish. My husband is a massive basketball fan and I’m pretty keen too, so it would be utterly perfect to both watch a game in Madison Square Gardens. Thankfully we purchased our tickets just a couple of weeks ago, so ergo we are heading off on the Friday night of our stay! To say we are excited would be understated!

Ice Skate

I have never ice skated before so where better than New York City. It’s the perfect Christmas activity and hopefully, there will be flurries of snow fall to make it that much more magical. NYC has plenty of places to ice skate, including Rockefeller Centre and of course, Central park. We are not sure where we will be gracing the ice, but I’m feeling both if we can’t make up our mind.

See a Christmas Show

Since we are there for all of the festivities, we are also planning a Christmas show for an evening! We would love to see something on Broadway and only thought it right to see something festive. Currently there are a few, and we have already earmarked one – now to get the tickets!

Horse Drawn Carriage

Another thing I have never been lucky enough to do, however feel this is the perfect opportunity and time to do it! Christmas snow, glittering lights and the chill of December, perfect conditions for an evening in a carriage around Central park! I’ve had a quick scout of the web to book or general prices and to no avail, so I’m just hoping its something we can a – just do when we get there and b – won’t be too pricey.

Statue of Liberty

Yes, I have been around the statue of liberty, but have I actually been in it? OH NO! We will already be heading in that direction for Ellis Island, so why not do the whole hog! Man am I excited to see the view across to the skyline!

Of course, there are plenty of the NYC hot spots planned ( Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Empire State, Ground Zero, Freedom Tower, Grand Central Station,  Brooklyn Bridge, The Library, Central Park and more) but I am oh so excited for festive NYC and hopefully some snow fall!

Am I missing something?

Anything we should look out for, for Christmas?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

p.s any content you want from me whilst I am there, just shout me and I will schedule!

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Throwback Travel | Hawaii

It suddenly occurred to me just the other day, that whilst I haven’t managed to travel as much as one would like, purely because money doesn’t grow on tress (sigh), and some muppet proposed to me and now a wedding is sapping every penny it can, I can still impart some wisdom on some cracking places I have been able to visit before!!

And where better to start that Hawaii!!

Not many people are lucky enough to say they have experienced the delights Hawaii has to offer, but fortunately for me, I have on a family trip back in 2010!

Seven years may have passed (bloody hell, was it that long ago!), but it still remains one of the best places I have managed to visit!!

Here’s a little insight to the islands of Paradise!

What island did we stay on? 
We went to the island of Oahu, simply because it had so much on the island we wanted to see, do and experience. There are many islands in Hawaii to visit, with some being more commerical than others. Depending what you are looking for in your trip depends on the Island you should visit. All be it, travel around the islands and experience all Hawaii has to offer!

Where did we stay? 
We really wanted to have our own place as a family. As much as the Hawaiian hotels are stunning, we really wanted to have our own space, pool if possible, and ability to come and go when we liked. We also loved the idea of eating out or making our own dinner too.

We stayed in  Ko Olina Villa rentals, which is a complex of villas which we privately hired for the 10 days we were in Hawaii. We had our own hot tub, and we were just a short walk from the communal pool. The complex also had it’s own private access to a secluded beach.

What did we do? 
As I said, we managed to pack so much into our 10 days in Oahu. There is so much to see and do including Pearl Harbour and Waikiki Beach. The real stand out attractions for me were:

Pearl Harbour
We all know the atrocities that was Pearl Harbour. So it’s pretty surreal to be around the bay that brought America and Japan into war. Learn the real truth behind the Pearl Harbour attacks, and venture on various ships and submarines. It’s a very humbling experience, learning and experiencing what is still left of the attacks on Pearl Harbour.

Waikiki Beach 
Can you even go to Hawaii without going to Waikiki beach? NO!! We went to the infamous beach a couple of times and even managed to see a surfing contest! It’s not a large beach and there are many ‘nicer’ beaches, but you really can’t beat the atmosphere and what surrounds Waikiki! A must for any trip to Hawaii!

Kualoa Ranch
This isn’t somewhere than stands out as a must see attraction to many when they think of Hawaii, but it should be! Experience the film locations for blockbuster movies including Jurassic Park, 50 first dates and more!
Not only do you get to experience the locations, but the stunning scenery that is the ranch! A day at Kualoa ranch is not to be missed!!

This holiday was and still remains one of the best yet! It gives you everything you want from a Island beach retreat, as well as plenty to do and see when you’ve grown tired of the sand!

**Top Tip – I would highly recommend hiring your own car in Hawaii. There is so much to be said for exploring at your own leisure. We thoroughly enjoyed making our own way round the island and just taking in the breath-taking scenery and lush landscape.

Have you ever been to Hawaii? 

Fancy a trip there one day? 

Let me know and comment below! 
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