Faux Fireplaces perfect for Autumn 2020 – The Three

I have always dreamt of a fireplace to decorate with beautiful blooms during the summer, autumnal arrangements and of course a Christmas garland during the colder months. For many of us, a real fireplace isn’t on offer, so a faux will have to do.

But whilst faux may not be ideal, they can be equally beautiful for your living spaces.

Why choose a faux fireplace?

As mentioned, some of us don’t have the opportunity to have a real, roaring fire in our home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the comfort and warmth of one. A Faux fireplace can be placed in any space, any home, and come in a variety of sizes and styles. As long as you have power, you can plonk your fireplace wherever you please.

Fireplaces don’t have to hinder your space neither. Mount your tv above your fireplace to create a focus of both your tv and faux fire. For a ultra modern home, consider a built in faux fireplace and tv for a sleek, streamlined look.

The Three

If you’re now pining for a faux fireplace just in time for Christmas, here’s 3 of the hottest to buy. From traditional styling, to modern mounting, there is one for every home and style.

Next – Jefferson / Bronx

Next Home is one of my favorite, high street interior stores. Their gorgeous furniture ranges span lots of different styles and trends. Their variety of faux mantles and fires offer something for every budget and interior look. The beautiful wooden faux mantles are high on my five faux fireplace list simply because of their beauty and classic appeal. If you’re looking for something that won’t age and will blend well throughout various interior changes, one of these are for you.

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Imagin Fires – Broadway Suite

A little more on the expensive side, the broadway suite is perfect for those more traditional, yet grand spaces.

The classic style and colouring makes it once again an investment that will suit a changing colour palette and interior style.

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White wall mounted Electric Fireplace

For those modern styled homes, this is the one for you. This design lends well to displaying your TV above, so you don’t have to compromise on your telly being the centre piece of your living space.

Being mounted to your wall also gives the illusion of space and is ideal for those small, intimate lounges.

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Going faux doesn’t have to mean it looks fake. Aside from my three choices, there is literally hundreds of faux fireplaces and mantels to purchase, many fooling the naked eye from being faux. Check your space and adopt your style with the faux arrangement you choose, whilst considering how you use your space too.

Do you have a faux fireplace? Are you considering one in time for Winter? Get commenting below!