A ‘Lil Life Update


This not so little post is a life update so you ruddy know what is going on around here for the coming weeks because it may be a little different.

In case you didn’t know, because damn I never talk about it do I, we are getting married in 5 weeks. You bet its getting busy around here.

There seems an endless list of wedmin chores. On top, of course, mundane life chores and blog ones too. To put it lightly, it’s getting pretty stressy. So much so, I’ve been without a period for 6 weeks. Who knew stress could do something nice!

So what is actually going on? Well….

I’m losing weight

Because my wedding dress is a little too snug for my liking. It is being altered and let out a little, but all the same, I am trying to ditch the tum.

I pick my dress up next week

All being well, of course, I can pick it up next week ahead of the day. As mentioned, I am losing weight, so hopefully it has paid off and my dress fits perfectly.

My bridesmaids have had their fittings

Of course, it’s not just me that has to be fitted, it’s the bridesmaids too. Their fittings have just started to commence. I adore their dresses and honestly, their alterations have made such a difference to their dress, I am so excited for the day!

I am attending a baby shower

Aside from the wedding prep and celebrations, I am attending my cousins baby shower this weekend. A tad excited to celebrate something aside from the wedding. It will be the first baby in the second generation of the family in which I will have a close connection to, so you can imagine the excitement surrounding its arrival!

I will be of course posting lots of snaps over on the ‘gram!

My sister is graduating

My baby sister is graduating and I couldn’t be prouder! She had her ups and downs through her 3 years and yet she persevered and achieved an amazing degree! I couldn’t be prouder of her, and I am ever so excited to celebrate with her at her graduation in just a couple of weeks.

Just what to wear is the question!

I am creating tonnes of content

And by tonnes I mean tonnes! I am getting into a thorough rhythm with my blog and seem to have ideas sprouting and content brainstorms daily. I am getting really comfortable in my blog space and honestly, I am so excited for the future.

I hate to be one of those brides, but once the wedding has been and gone, and financial stability/normality has returned, I will be jumping feet first into the video content world.  On top of that, I plan to hit the road as it where and explore as much as I can to really strike up the travel area of my blog.

I’m sorting out finances

Don’t even ask me why I have chosen this exact time to start sorting out finances and bills but I have. I have tried to be clever and moved over our credit cards to interest-free cards, and started to look over our monthly expenditures and see how we can cut them down where possible.

I am seriously considering starting a blog series on some finance related topics because honestly, many of us are left to fend for ourselves and try and answer our own questions.

Thankfully, I have my dad who I often call 4-5 times an evening when I am struggling to get my head around a certain area.

Is a new home on the horizon?

Again, don’t ask why we are discussing and considering a property move in these hectic few weeks but damn we are.

Honestly, it is timing due to the crop up of new builds in our area. We are very consious on what we want from our next property, and considering the idea it will be a house with the ability to start a family in, we really don’t want to miss the oppertunity to purchase the perfect property in the location we desire.

Due to that, we seem to be in a position to be looking at properties a little earlier than expected. As always, we are fully assessing the probabilty of making it work before we dive right in.

As it stands however, we could be looking at moving later this year if not early next, ahead of 2019 and the adventure that entails as a family.

I’m into the final weeks

Yes of wedding planning. Finally. Today marks 5 official weeks and I am slightly petrified. As always, there is plenty to be done, and every weekend from here on out is full of wedmin and creative doo’s. Flower arrangements, greenery hoops and wedding favours are all to be made ahead of the day.

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, it may be worth it since there will be plenty of live updates over the coming weeks as everything comes together!

There is so much going on over these next couple of weeks and despite the stress I am ever so excited for what is to come!

Stay tuned and be sure to follow me on the gram to catch daily uploads and story snaps!

Have a lovely rest of the week and a stunning weekend!

Charlotte x