Remembering those basic safety rules of the road

Driving a car can be a little scary at the best of times. Whilst you may be in control of what you’re doing, you have little to no control over anyone else on the road! You just hope they’re following the basic safety rules of the road, right? And yet daily we all see and hear drives acts irresponsibly.

We all have places to be, times to make and reasons be going somewhere, however there is good reason to be cautious and courteous to other drivers on the road, and the conditions you may be driving in! So, before the weather gets worse, and makes driving that little bit harder, I’m here to remind you of some of the most obvious safety rules of the road that unfortunately not all of us seem to follow!

Keep off that phone

It’s now completely illegal to hold or use a phone when driving a vehicle. Yet many still take the risk and use them anyway. If you are in dire need to use your phone on the move, invest in a Bluetooth headset or plug your phone into microphone headphones to be able to safely take calls and drive.

Don’t forget your seatbelt!

It’s one of the most important and basic aspects of keeping safe whilst on the road. The good old seatbelt. And yet many drivers neglect to wear theirs, even on short journeys! The seatbelt will save your life in a accident, and this can happen even on a short journey. ALWAYS wear yours, even when on short jump in and out ventures!

Check your car over, especially your tyres!

I cannot stress how important it is to keep an eye on your car. Any knocks, clunks or strange noises should be looked at as soon as possible. It’s also important to check tyre wear, pressure and oil levels within your car. Low tyre tread is not only illegal, but can have a huge effect on your ability to brake in short distances and find grip on the road. Other things to look out for include headlights and windscreen wipers. If these aren’t working when winter sets in, you could be in a sticky situation at the most inconvenient time!

Watch your speed!

We are all busy and yes we all have somewhere we need to be, but speeding is not the answer. Be especially cautious of the conditions you are driving in. Speed can make situations much harder to judge and manage if needed. The weather of hard rain and icy patches are upon us. Be sure to slow down and give yourself extra time to get places. Remember, there’s a limit for a reason.

Get it serviced – regularly

We are guilty of letting things lapse or leaving things we believe may be a waste of money. Truth be told, servicing your car checks on all those things your MOT doesn’t. Changing your oil, checking brake pads and discs. These are all things that can effect the running of your car and if left can damage if not render your car useless! Iverson offers car servicing facility in London at amazing rates. Schedule yours today!

Grab your glasses

The winter is the hardest time for drivers to see the road effectively. Dark nights and poorly lit roads can be a cocktail for disaster. Don’t make it hard for yourself by forgetting your glasses. Keep a spare pair in the car if needed, and if you haven’t had an eye test in a while, get it checked. Did you know, you can be instantly banned if pulled over by the police and unable to read a number plate properly!

Keep your distance

How many of us go up the bum of the driver in front in the hope they will move a little faster. Fact. If they brake suddenly you will crash and it will be YOUR accident in the insurers minds! Keep a good braking distance, especially in the colder weather. If you need to brake, its best to give yourself enough room to do so!

There is nothing worse than driving and seeing fellow drivers committing offences that could endanger others. Keep your distance, check your car and be extra cautious this autumn / winter to limit the risk of car damage.

Do you have any other Road safety tips that should be added to this list?

What’s your pet peeve from other drivers?

As always, let me know in the comment section below!

Charlotte x