Why your business needs to be using Pinterest

Pinterest is the online’s answer to scrap booking. From easy to follow recipes, to inspiration to a new bedroom colour scheme, Pinterest is the visual social media platform that can create huge opportunity for you as a business.

The bare bones of Pinterest

Essentially, Pinterest is a platform in which the user can create ‘boards’ of ideas and inspirations. Every idea is represented as a ‘pin’. ‘Pins’ are typically images which can have links back to the original source of information or image – your website!

This, in essence is why Pinterest is sooo good for businesses. It can drive traffic to your site, where they are most likely to buy the product they had been searching for within Pinterest.

There is a huge audience to be found on Pinterest which could offer huge results on sales and brand awareness for your business.

Want to know more? Here’s why you should be pinning as a business!

An Audience that want to buy

Typically, Pinterest is there to advise and direct the user to content. With an array of ‘categories’ on Pinterest ( arts, crafts, fashion, home DIY, decor inspo, wedding inspo, hints and tips, health advice and so much more ), there is a hub of consumers that are just waiting for your content and products to be saved to their board!

Recent research has suggested that more than 80% of Pinterest users have gone on to buy a product because of the site!

My advice : Get on Pinterest and create content that can be published readily. Include links to helpful blog posts and images that show off your products.

Gain more web traffic

Pinterest is there to push consumers to the end product…the website to buy. All pins have a web link included. Users can then find the source of the image via the link attached to the pin.

Using Pinterest effectively can drive consumers to your website and purchase, via the link included within your pins.

My advice : Create Rich pins that will entice and engage with consumers. Encourage them to click through to your product and let your website do the rest.

Want to get started on Pinterest for your business? Get in touch. I can create a business profile and regularly and successfully create rich pins that will attract prospect customers and direct them to your website and products. Click below and let’s get chatting.


Why your business needs social media
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How to distribute your brand content successfully

Why your business needs social media!

Many would assume social media is just for those looking to connect with friends and family members far and away. And it used to be. But with the growing population conversing on social media, so are brands and businesses.

With the rise of social media, customers now have the ability to communicate with businesses and brands in real time on every and any social media platform possible.

Put blindly, social media has completely revolutionised the way the marketing industry now works.

Social media gives businesses a place to meet and engage with their current and potential customer base. It’s the easy way to improve brand awareness and build brand identity and personality.

So if you’re not already on it and making use of it, here’s why you need to, now!

Your audience on social media is hugeeee

And constantly growing did I mention. Recent studies reveal that social media covers almost every consumer demographic. Essentially, everyone interested in making purchases will be accessible on some sort of social media.

My advice, get on every platform possible and tailor each one to the demographic you are targeting. Make regular posts and engage with customers as much as possible.

Potential customer base will grow

Posting content on different and varied social media platforms is likely to gain you a following of varied customers.

They will be interested in your business and whatever it is you have to offer. This base of followers will share and engage with you online, widening the net of more, like minded potential customers.

Posting content that bounces potential customers to your website will guide them to your products and is likely to turn into sales.

My advice, produce content to share on social media and promote regularly. Ensure links direct customers to your website where they can learn more.

Your customers will spread the word

With the rise of social media, comes the rise of feedback and reviews. Establishing social media profiles online gives the opportunity to your customer to review and share their fantastic experience with you as a business.

Many customers will tag you in their images, leave reviews on your business page and even share your profile to friends and family.

Give you established customer base that ability and allow others to find you.

My advice, encourage customers to share their product images and leave feedback on your pages. Engage with customers as much as possible and re-share on your own profiles.

Give your brand some personality

Consumers like to have some personality and buy into people. Having and updating social media accounts give consumers the opportunity to engage with your business on a personal level.

Keep it professional but personable and you will attract new, potential customers. Chances are, they wouldn’t have found you without that personal touch.

My advice, use platforms to give insight to your business. Instagram stories is a great place to show behind the scenes to your business.

Great customer service tool

Social media is a great tool to engage with customers on a professional level. It allows you to instantly respond to any problems or questions that might hinder purchases.

My advice, have someone on hand to manage and monitor your social media profiles to keep engaged and on top of queries.

Are you looking to branch into social media? Not sure where to start or the best platforms to engage on for your business? Get in touch! I can help set-up and manage social media channels and ensure updated content is being regularly shared and engaged with.

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Why you should be using Pinterest as a business
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How to distribute your brand content successfully

How to distribute your brand’s content successfully

Naturally, when you have created the ultimate blog post, there is hope that a ) the content will be read, engaged with and popular and b ) will generate some sales or enquirers from potential customers.

Unfortunately, it can be pretty tricky to gain that, if not successfully distributed to your readership.

Not sure how and where you should be pushing your content? Lemme help!

Social Media

Hopefully you already have, but if not, now is the time to create profiles and business pages on the most popular social media channels.

These are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and of course Instagram.

Sharing your posts regularly on these channels to a schedule can greatly improve hits and engagement with a wider range of audience.


They may seem like hard work, but running a weekly newsletter is a fantastic way to further engage established customers and those interested in your brand.

Install a newsletter widget on your blog, and regularly update your customer list to recent blog posts, current promotions, new products and more.

Sharing your content can be confusing, and time consuming. But don’t let that put you off from propelling your brand and website into the spotlight. I can help manage and schedule social media shares, as well as design and distribute regular newsletters. Click below to find out more.

Read : How Blog posts can improve your business