Dear Diary : How I’ve stopped planning my life!

I am the guiltiest person when it comes to planning and prepping everythinggggggg in life. I really don’t deal too well with free time and day’s out, get togethers or anything that are not well planned and briefed.

Okay, I’m a organisation freak. And I would plan my whole life if I could.

In recent years, I have totally felt out of control when it comes to my life. I’m at the end of a education and this is pretty much where my childhood Charlotte stopped planning because heck, I would be ‘well old‘ then!

Alas, I’m 25, educated, home owner and newlywed and thinking what in heck. Now what?! Granted, I’ve got the bits crossed off that I thought I would ( degree, husband, home ), but other things cease to exist. And with that I feel failure.

I’ve chatted a lot on here about life plans and how I seem to have one, but never really as to why we should abandon ship and bury those ideals.

In the last 6 months, after having little to no plan to fall back on, I have abandoned that very ship. Now I’m sharing how I’ve got on….

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Timeline be gone

Yup, that terrible timeline I had etched into my mind has all but gone. I no longer keep tabs on what I expected to achieve this far into my career, or at this age. Nor do I let myself, or others for that matter, judge and compare my current situation vs others at my age.

I have, from this small act, felt such huge relief. Taking away the pressure and fretful thinking of where I ‘should’ be, I started to enjoy where I currently am and what I am achieving a whole lot more.

Disappointment? What disappointment?

That pesky timeline I have constructed for myself gave me all sorts of disappointment. Whilst I am happy and content in my non-related to my degree job, and my 2 bed apartment without a garden nor garage, my timeline attitude led me to believe I should be disappointed.

Since I have booted that timeline attitude in the arse, I have truly realized my own happiness, and it’s only my timeline that was overshadowing my current success!

Just giving it a boot, I feel much lighter and free to take whatever path towards my success, even if its the slightly longer, de-toured version to that of what I expected.

Eyes wide open

We can all have tunnel vision, especially on things that we want more than anything. Having that timeline and ultimate goal really made me a tunnel vision mad women who really didn’t consider anything that didn’t gain me a step to my success.

Since closing down the ‘life plan’ I have been much more open to opportunities that show their face. I’m less considerate to the impact on the ‘end goal’ and just enjoying the journey. I’m rather excited to see where life will take me by just jumping when I get the chance.

Life really can throw some curve balls, and whilst we may want to control every aspect possible, it’s just not. Giving yourself unreasonable standards, deadlines and timelines to live by can have a huge negative effect on your attitude to life. It can leave you feeling disappointed, dis-satisfied and pressured. Whilst you really have no reason to feel any of those things.

Do you put too much pressure on yourself? Are you living by a unreasonable timeline? Any tips for those that are? Be sure to start a conversation below.

Dear Diary : Happy New Year – I like YOU!

Grey jumper dress and button dress from FemmeLuxeFinery / Black boots from Hidden Fashion

All right so this is a little delayed isn’t it, this new style of life updates. Last year saw me spill rather alot over onto my blog personally and well, it kinda worked as a release. As a writer ( or as I like to consider myself anyway ), it does come naturally to sometimes put my feelings and thoughts into writted words, rather than conversations.

This year, and probably going forward, I’m going pretty old skool, like that Jacqueline wilson book. I’ll write in a Dear Diary format and lay my every day going’s on right here on my blog.

Come along for the journey, if you feel like it, if not, adios amigos.

Dear diary,

The new year has been pretty kind to me so far. If anything, it’s been wayyyy more productive than ever thought possible! With super sunday behind me ( as I like to call it ), I now have a brand new podcast live, Newsletter rolling – blog blast – and a content plan with things ACTUALLY ticked off it!!!!

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I have content coming out of my ears, and the desire to get my face in the camera and showing on the gram! Is this what it feels like to be a real blogger?

I’ll be honest and admit that I was dubious for this year. It’s the first in forever where something pretty vital hasn’t been pencilled into my diary. No moving out, finishing university, getting a new job, planning a wedding or heading on honeymoon. Nil.

And yet 13 days in and I’m feeling right at home in this new year! So what’s been getting me excited this year? Here’s a quick list of things that’s got me buzzing this new year!

Cracking telly!

Netflix, babe, you killing me! I’ve binged YOU, loved Bird Box and excited for Stranger Things! If there’s anything to be excited for this year, it’s the stonking amount of cracking telly coming! I’m talking Game of Thrones amongst other things. Yeah, Netlifx, you started me off good and I am loving it!

New ideals

I’m feeling totally refreshed this year, including towards my spending ways and wardrobe persona. Since my overhaul and clear out, I have realised that spending need be constant and it’s probably best to spend more on those staple pieces. Whilst I am still yet to make any purchases this year, there are plenty of items clogging up my asos lust list!

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Stomping on the ‘Gram

Like many bloggers I want to try and make the year of 2019 the year I grow on the gram. We all know how hard it can be to get traction and gain followers, likes and overall engagement. Although, I have conducted huge research and discovered ways to improve impressions and engagement without parting with any money! With a little work of my own, I’ve created something that seems to be working real well! I’m already making moves towards 2019’s goal and its only 2 weeks in!

Watch this space as I will be uncovering all next week in Blog Blast and in my exclusive content on how you can get a lil piece of the action, and some real insight in the improvements I have seen!

So Dear Diary, as you can see I have had a fairly productive start to a new year. I have made some real traction in the blogging sphere and I feel ready than ever to take things next level!

There are lotsssss of content pieces coming and I’m like a kid at Christmas and cannot wait to share!

See you in a week or so!

pssst – if you want to see something particular from me, be sure to drop me a line!