The Denim Pinafore – A Easy SS19 Wardrobe Staple*

*AD – This post contains gifted items.

All right, this isn’t the first denim pinafore to join my wardrobe, but it’s most certainly my fav! It’s finally getting warmer, and after a mini heatwave, the summer attire is finally in full swing. Whilst there is still some breezy afternoons floating about, some tights, long sleeves and a cardi or two is still very much needed, but the star of the show is still the same – The Denim Pinafore!

Simply Be Denim Pinafore Dress

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It’s a staple piece that is here to stay and honestly, I am stoked! They are sooo easy to style, comfy and pretty effortless too! Since adding this gorgeous denim pinafore to my collection, it’s become my go to piece when wondering what to wear.

On a stunning Saturday afternoon wandering around Lewes, I paired my Simply Be Denim Pinafore with a Primark playsuit ( because I didn’t realise it was in fact a playsuit ) and some black booties and my old fav cardi.

After clearing my wardrobe, taking back my clothing pieces and trying to refine a simplier style, I have started to really appreciate pieces that truly can be paired with just about everything.

Having something like a denim pinafore dress in my wardrobe really has made my Spring / Summer capsule wardrobe that much sunny weather friendly.

Have you grabbed a denim pinafore for your SS19 wardrobe?

Any other staple pieces that I should add to my wardrobe for the warmer weather? As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Falling in love with the Midi Skirt

It’s not often that I jump on here and chat fashion. I loveeeee clothing and I have been on a little spending ban as of late. Partly because I don’t need any more ruddy clothes and can pretty much shop my current wardrobe and partly because I hateeee shopping! ( The sizing is always wrong and I feel like nothing ever looks right ).

And yet, here I am expressing my admiration towards my new favourite wardrobe staple. Yes staple because everyone needs one if they don’t already.

The midi skirt.

If you’ve been following some of the instagram’s fashion guru’s like Take Heart and Maria J, you will know how effortless, chic and gorgeous a good midi skirt can be. Whether you dress it up with a pair of heels, or dress down with you’r favorite trainers and leather jacket ( like I have nicely done in this snap ), they look simply stunning.

I was always a little dubious of a midi skirt. I have tried some in the past and thanks to my ‘curves’ I felt I looked wayyy larger than I was.

And yet the fashion world has created a range of stunning midi skirts like the gorgeous Missguided edition that flows, skims over curves and suits me, the size 12-14 UK Girl who tends to wear jeans and sometimes a denim skirt.

I urge any women who hasn’t tried, to try a bloody midi skirt. I was pleasantly surprised and honestly fallen in love with my new Spring Summer Staple, the midi skirt.

Pssst. Whilst this one is no longer on sale, here’s some other gorgeous midi skirts to try!

SS19 Top picks

I haven’t done a clothing wishlist in monthsssss and partly due to my current shopping hautius. But with a summer holiday booking immanent, and the Summer weather already arriving ( thanks climate change ), I believe I have good reason to update and overhaul my Spring / Summer capsule wardrobe too! I’m proud to see some of the autumn styles being donned, with a spring summer twist, so without further ado, let’s delve into my SS19 style wishlist, perfect for early autumn ’19 too!

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What I want to add

There are many things I want to add into my wardrobe this season, including more jumpsuits and midi skirts. Ooooh and more dresses too! With a new season comes new prints, and of course styles and this year I am all about effortless and maximizing the outfits I can get out of one item.

This season I really want to up my capsule wardrobe with items that can be dressed up, and down for spring / summer. Denim Boiler suits and midi skirts that can be paired with both heels and trainers are a must this season.

Vibrant colours and prints are too, and with me starting to feel more comfortable styling skirts, I am looking to widen the skirts available in my wardrobe. Polka dot’s is the print I really want to embrace this season. With some many gorgeous products available for SS19 with polka, I am sooo keen to embrace and incorporate into my capsule wardrobe. Polka is sooo easy to dress up and down for work and play!

What I want to update

Jumpers may not be your first thought for Spring / Summer, although I love a gorgeous, light weight jumper that can be worn over t-shirts, or with skirts and shorts. Perfect for summer holidays and evening’s out when it can get a little chilly. Orrr you want to hide terrible tan lines!

I’ve been searching ready for summer and found some gorgeous light weight pieces. I’ve found so many including on Kenzo! Be sure to check out the range of Kenzo jumpers on

Dresses are needed for summer and I am on the look out to update casual and dressy numbers too. I hope to have lots of Summer evenings planned so pretty floral numbers, or multi-functional dresses, suitable for both work and play is ideal.

I loveeee the idea of a long sleeve dress, that will be perfect for Spring, and protecting arms for the sun too.

Spotlight – Blazer

My spotlight this season is for sure the blazer. Much like I am styling in the above snaps. I loveee how many are styling the blazer already and can only see it growing in popularity as we ekk into Spring Summer. It’s so versatile and is the perfect capsule wardrobe staple.

I really want to grab a few more, especially in neutral tones, to style with midi skirts, dresses and even shorts during the summer.

That’s pretty much it for what I am looking out for, and purchasing this season. For once, I am looking forward to summer, and shopping for the season!

What will you be styling this SS19? Anything you think I need to add into my wardrobe? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Getting ready for Party season – Shop this post

Party wear season is just round the corner and damn I am exciteddddd! Autumn / Winter Is a massive party time of year, especially for someone like me who has multiple birthday celebrations, including my own, seasonal get together’s and the finale which is New Years Eve. Yes, party season is nearly here! Can I get a whoop whoop!

With that in mind, I have been eager to get ready and start shopping party dresses, sequins and all! So, here’s some of the absolute gems I have found, bound to keep you looking good this party season.

So, what do I want to wear this season?

Since getting a little older, and low cut, short dresses far behind me, I wanted to scope into something more subtle, and all together more comfortable for that after party kebab! Warehouse have some stunning pieces this season, all of which will suit me to a T!

More recently I have been loving one-piece clothing, so a jumpsuit would be perfect for me. You can still get your seqin on and choose something like this gorgeous sequin jumpsuit. I find jumpsuits are a true wardrobe staple and not just for this party season.

Midi skirts are also a new love for me, so a sequin midi number is high on my list. They are so easy to style and can easily be dressed up and down for any occassion. I love the look of this sparkly ‘Razzle Dazzle’ jumper, especially with a midi skirt. If that’s not your style, this sparkle polo neck top will look just as perfect.


Of course, there is the traditional option of a dress. Whether it be a sequin number or velvet style dress, I am all for a good old dress this party season. You may even want to sport the animal print style this party season and that’s easy with this gorgeous Zebra print Midi dress.

There’s plenty to choose from if you want to keep it classy, like this stunning classic black dress or this embellished black shift dress or even this gorgeous glitter stripped knitted dress.

There is literally sooo much to choose from this season which is ruddy fantastic for a fussy dresser like me. There is plenty to choose from, with many styles that will make staple pieces within any wardrobe.

What do you have your eye on this seaon? 

Any of these products you love too?

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.



A very Autumnal ASOS lust list

With the Autumn colours really starting to show, and the weather getting pretty chilly ( despite the sudden flurry of warm weather ), I do have a fair few items in my ASOS basket that I am eager to purchase. With NYC booked for Christmas time, and my wardrobe having a rather large gap where all my summer clothing used to sit, I have been scouring the web ( or just ASOS because I love it ) for some autumn / winter purchases. So here’s what I have been eyeing in my latest ASOS lust list.

ps. I have conducted a NEW way to do my lust lists just because of the sheer volume of products. I have been lovely and divided them into categories though, so if you’re looking for one specific thing, scroll till you hit the category!


I have been all over chunky knits and roll neck jumpers this autumn and for good reason! Many of my high-street favs, including Primark have a stunning range, of which I have fully embraced. Yet, despite scouring for some cheaper alternatives ( because I like to stretch my budget as far as possible ), I haven’t been able to find anything that touches the sides like these gems!

I do love autumnal colours but adore pink right now, even in the winter. This gorgeous Pull&Bear Knit would be gorgeous with a pair of jeans or midi skirt and my vans! Of course there is the stripe craze which I am lovingggg, especially for NYC. This New Look, almost toothpaste stripe jumper is a gorgeous colour and this Brave Soul stripe jumper could perfectly join my grey jumper craze! And then there’s this gorgeous thin red and blue stripe number that needs to be added to my collection.

A few other jumpers on my lust list this month include a gorgeous warehouse block jumper, a noisy may ribbed jumper ( which will work perfectly with a midi skirt ) and this gorgeous deep blue wild flower ribbed jumper. I do quiet  like the idea of a varsity jumper too or this jersey sweat! There is just soooo many I LOVE this season!


I neeeeed a new coat, or so I think I do, and so the padded coat is high on my lust list! Top of my list is the gorgeous Brave Soul hooded coat with fur Faux Fur hood in mustard. If mustard isn’t your bag, they also have it in a gorgeous red and teal too!

Non padded coat’s include a gorgeous longline wool coat, which is just the right amount of smart casual, a gorgeous pink borg coat that looks oh so cozy, a gorgeous waterfall parka with borg liner and another pink jacket that touches on the biker trend!


A/W 2019 Is all about the checked trouser right? And this is something I am KEEN to get on board with! One of my targets this year has been to purchase clothing that isn’t too similar to products already in my wardrobe. And that means the checked trouser! I love how they look with jumpers, boots and trainers so I have been eyeing up some gorgeous pairs including

Other trends I want to add to my wardrobe include the belted trouser and the paper bag trouser. I tend to wear jeans wayyy to often so I really want to expand into other trouser so I don’t always feel like I’m wearing the same. Some trousers that feature in my lust list include a gorgeous pair of polka dot paper bag trouser and a khaki tailored pair too!

** Some more checked trousers I love — One / Two

Skirts / Dresses

I wanna talk about the good old jumper dress first and foremost because one I love them and two I am still yet to add one to my wardrobe! However, this ASOS sale has given me a good old reason to grab one, or two or three! I love the look of this soft, high neck knitted jumper dress. So dreamy and would be gorgeous throughout winter, paired with some knee high boots! This Olive fine knit one would also be stunning this A/W. And finally, this cowl neck beauty will be timeless in my wardrobe – gimme gimme!

I have been going on about midi skirts of late because I purchased a very plain black on just a couple of weeks ago and I adore it! I felt like sandy out of Greese at first BUT I love it paired with a good old jumper. I’m thinking an abstract one next or a box pleat polka dot one? Decisions!


Who needs tops when you have jumpers right? Yeah exactly. However, there are a couple that have caught my eye, especially if I want to start to look a little smarter going into the office ( because ripped jeans can only be work so many times in a week ). I love the colour of this polka dot blouse and love the shape of this button down blouseboth perfect for the office this autumn.

There is of course a typical tee that I could do with which would do well under a jumper, or a long-sleeved top that again will do well underneath layers! Not forgetting some gorgeous and rather bargain graphic tees like this one and this one!


Boots, I want sooo many this season and all of tanned colouring! I have had my current pair for well over 3 years and whilst they have been doing the job, they certainly need an upgrade. These gorgeous Pull & Bear cut out boot are gorgeous, however a little concerned if it rains! However, these chunky hiker boots look perfect whatever the weather and will do me perfectly across NYC! These New Look Biker boots do just the job too, however I think I prefer the chunky look!

Other shoes, not in the boot department that I have my eye on recently include some black lace up trainers that would work really well with my midi skirt obsession and jeans and jumper look, and these gorgeous leopard print trainers that will just about curb my obsession with animal print.


Oh accessories, how I love you in the winter time. Hats, scarfs and bags are all on my hit list including this gorgeous mini mustard tote bag or this gorgeous black tote ( which will totally carry all my day to day junk! ). I have also managed to grab a gorgeous headband which I cannot wait to style in and around New York.

**Other pieces I need to mention are : This gorgeous cape that my husband would hate because it gets in the way. This pj romper type set and these pair of pjs which will be perfect for nights on the sofa watching the cry. This lounge set which might make my flight in December that bit bearable and this initial necklace encase I forget my name.

As you can tell, I had a hugeeee amount of products in my ASOS lust list this autumn. So if you made it this far CONGRATULATIONS!!!

 It’s my favourite time of year for clothing and fashion and this year I am determined to add new items to my wardrobe and feel like I am part of this season’s trend!

I also wanted to note, this is a new way of me doing lust lists, and I have much preferred it. It means I can explain a little more about the product and you can view it only if you wish.

What’s your favourite Item I featured?

Do you like the new lust list set up?

As always I love hearing your thoughts so please do leave comments below!

Embrace Your Feminine Side – Latest Lingerie Trends

There are few things in life that sexy lingerie can’t fix. From confidence to finding your own unique style, lingerie is a fashion must for women today. Being sexy and confident isn’t about trying to look a certain way to appease someone else. It’s all about feeling your best in your own skin.

All women deserve to feel good about their feminine and sensual sides. How you define feminine is completely up to you, as long as you feel great about what you’re wearing on your body. These latest lingerie trends take this feminine side to new limits, and it just goes to show that anyone can feel sexy if they know how to channel their confidence.


While stockings have gotten a bad reputation in the past, they’re about much more than being modest in the workplace. A few decades ago, stockings weren’t optional when it came to women’s clothing. Today, however, a pair of our sexy stockings can completely transform the entire look.

You’ll find stocking being worn in all kinds of new ways. The best part about stockings is they help you transform sexy outfits into different seasons. They’re a form of functional fashion we can all get behind. There are so many new patterns to choose from like sexy lacy to nude, they’re truly versatile and timeless.


Bodysuits have been a popular part of fashion for the last few years, and it’s no wonder this trend has influenced lingerie as well. They’re flattering on any body shape, and they’ll stay secure all night long. While lingerie bodysuits can be worn under your favourite dresses to achieve that hourglass shape, don’t think the trend stops there.

Yes, it’s possible to wear a lace bodysuit out as street clothes. This isn’t as risqué as you think. Many bodysuits have lined cups which adds an extra layer of support and coverage.  If you’re not confident enough to wear your bodysuit on its own, no worries. Wear a light jacket or nipple pasty to get some extra coverage if you’re concerned. You’ll be loving this look in no time.


Like bodysuits, bralettes have been chic for a few years now. This trend is also venturing into street clothes territory, and that’s exciting news for lingerie lovers everywhere. These whimsical bras come in all types of styles from sheer to full coverage. To transition your favourite bralette to the streets, try wearing it with a high-waisted bottom. This

Another way to rock bralettes today is over a t-shirt or shirt with better coverage. You can see a lot of bloggers and celebs wearing their bralettes this way, so it’s no wonder this trend is taking off. Finally, wear a bralette under a sheer top. This adds another layer to the piece while still looking sexy and confident.

White Lingerie

One style we’re seeing recently isn’t a style at all, rather, it’s a colour. While white lingerie has been thought of in the past as something that belonged exclusively to brides, we’re starting to see it become popular on its own. The only challenging part about wearing white lingerie is that it doesn’t compliment a wide range of skin tones. However, if you can pull it off, more power to you!

Embrace Your Feminine Side

Lingerie, like all fashion, is another opportunity to express yourself. However you define your style, let it show through your undergarments. That might mean wearing your favourite pieces on the street like regular clothes, or just keeping them to yourself as a fun secret. There are no rules to lingerie as long as you feel your best.

Wardrobe essentials : Must have items

Within every wardrobe, there should be those iconic, staple pieces.

The kind of pieces that NEVER go out of fashion, die in popularity or lose their impact. We are a nation of over spenders and materialistic individuals who often spend money on clothing that simply last a season. Or two if you’re lucky. Whilst I love shopping, I do appreciate a wardrobe that neither dies in fashion, nor cost a fortune to upkeep.

How leather jackets became cool is a story for another day, but for now, grab your notepad, here’s the wardrobe essentials that you need pronto, if you don’t already have them! 

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White Tee

It goes without saying perhaps, but they work dressed up and dressed down. A square neck, a basic crew neck and a scoop are excellent choices. White tees aren’t just for jeans, trousers or skirts, they work well under dresses too. Team with a blazer to get a smart look, or dress down with a leather jacket. 


As above they aren’t a flash in the pan, and while some styles might come and go, the Skinny Fit Jean has been around for years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, any time soon! So, if you haven’t already, it’s best for you to invest in a darn good pair. I look a cropped pair with some brogues is both classic and fresh at the same time! 

Black court heels.

Every gal needs a good old pair of heels and there be no better place to start than a small pair of black court heels. They add some height to your frame, and a more upmarket edge to any outfit. The key is to choose a pair that are just the right height, in which you are able to walk comfortably in – because never did anything kill a look quicker than hobbling down the road. 

A leather jacket.

It is the ultimate in cool and can be a fashion statement all by itself. They go with everything from tulle dresses to ball gowns. They give any clean outfit a bit of an edgier look, they are hard wearing, last for years and frankly the perfect investment. (you might want to get some biker boots for the ultimate cool look).

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A wrap dress.

There really isn’t a more flattering dress, whatever your figure. Pair with a great set of flat pumps, which can take you from your morning commute to a night of cocktails if you need them too. Try and go for a black or nude pair, since these will go with any outfit and don’t have to cost a fortune! 

Ankle boots.

The right style goes with any outfit, from the wrap dress to the skinnies. Don’t be scared to try and pick something with a pop of colour so that even if you aren’t having the best day, you look put together and effortless. Red or white tend to work particularly well whatever the look you’re going for.


Ahh the sunnies! Tired? Sunglasses. Having an emotional day? Sunglasses. Is it actually sunny outside? Sunglasses. The perfect go-to accessory, whatever the weather, whatever the day, whatever the occasion! If you haven’t got a pair, or two, grab some, variant in style. 

Charlotte x

Spring Twenty Eighteen Wishlist

Hello Pals and Welcome to March!

Has is or has it not been the longest winter known to mankind? And as someone who utterly adores Winter, that is saying something!!

Whilst we may have had a strange weather front and been blasted with a snowflake or two, it *seems* we may be coming into Spring and all it’s glory. I am mega excited for more sunshine, longer days and brighter evenings so the idea of a cold front continuing for a little while longer is a little too much to handle right now.

I really wanted this Spring wishlist to be full of florals, flowy skirts and pumps but I have a fear of freezing my nuts off if I was too step outside in such attire.

So here is a rather autumnal Spring wishlist. I adore some of these pieces and I just keep telling myself they will take me through spring too!


Spring '18 

So yeah, it may be a little autumnal this spring wishlist, but weather permitting, you have to go with comfort and warmth over fashion and season right!
I love doing these short but snappy posts. Do you want more? 
What’s on your spring wishlist? 
Let me know and comment below!

Charlotte x

Blogmas | The best Christmas Eve Pjs

We all have those Christmas pjs we pull out on Christmas Eve ready for Christmas morning. The feeling of brand new, fresh jammies is just the best feeling, especially at Christmas.

This year, I am on the hunt for the perfect pair. I haven’t bought any Christmas Eve Pjs for some time, so I am in desperate need. Luckily enough, I have stumbled across some real jems! Here’s a few I adore and would love to style on Christmas morning!

| For Her | 


| For Him | 

Chooze SnoozeStraight out the ghetto , Santa hat duck , Snowman Cone ,  Dad Elf , Mount Everest  , Ok, but first coffee , Rudolf Onsie , Navy Check

Anything I have learnt, my god it’s hard for men to buy pjs! That being said, the ones I have found seem to be perfect for any may, albeit possibly grumpy to wake up on Christmas morning!!!
Do you buy fresh pjs for Christmas morning ?
What are your favourite pair? 
Let me know in the comment section below! 


Blogmas | Winter Wedding Guest attire

I promised myself I wouldn’t talk wedding in December, yet here we are 3 posts later and another that seems really rather fitting.

A Christmas wedding isn’t one many of us have been to, if ever before. If it wasn’t hard enough to choose and decide what to wear to a wedding already, paired with nippy weather and Christmas festivity, no many of us have any hope on ideas on what to bloody wear!

This single outfit has to offer comfort, warmth and romance, without seeming to casual, or to Christmas Party Glitz!

With all that to pack in just one outfit, I have created this little list of gorgeous outfits I have found from some of my favourite on-line retailers that will be perfect for any Christmas / Winter wedding over the coming weeks!!

A Maxi-Dress |

A Maxi-Skirt | 


A Jumpsuit | 


A Midi Dress |    

Have you ever been to a Christmas / Winter wedding? 
What would you wear? 
Start some natter below in the comment section!