After work activities for the Desk job gal!

HOW many of us just live for the weekend?? Me, me, ME! Because honestly, I am soo lazy once I get in after work. Throw on some slacks, hoodie and slippers. Purely because I believe I have earned the right to pig out and watch trash telly. But realistically, after monitoring my activity throughout the … Read more

Healthy Living | Five things to KICK start you year!

With the New Year also comes the New Year’s resolutions ( which by the way, mine are posting tomorrow! ). But, as always, by the end of January most people, including me, simply don’t stick to them!

So, how can you make sure you stick to the resolution to be healthier this year? Well, there are a few things to consider, especially if you want to get fit and healthy in 2018!! 

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Get in shape, in the comfort of your own home – no equipment necessary!

Despite popular belief, you really don’t need to be hitting a gym weekly to get fit. Gyms = membership pricing, which for some, is not an option. Much rather, committing to some easy workouts from the comfort of your own home can wield the same results. So whether you want save some cash, or shoehorn … Read more