Our New Build garden mood board

When buying a new home, it’s not just about the interior – much to my disgust! And as we head to those beautiful sunny days, my attention has certainly started to wander outside to our green space. We’ve never had any outdoor space before. And despite thinking I wouldn’t be all that bothered, I seem to be eager than EVER to lift the turf and plant…something.

And that’s just what was on my March’21 goals – get started, somewhere. Having a blank canvas is certainly a luxury, but also a little daunting. Knowing where to really start is the key, and honestly, we have no idea where that is.

What does our current garden look like?

as you can imagine, and often the case with new build homes, we have a Very, very bland space. When we moved in just 12 weeks ago, we were very kindly left with mud and some small areas of patio. I have to give it to Linden, we did get a shed included, but apart from that, we didn’t have much else.

Despite thinking we could make it through the wet weather with Rhodie on the small amount of patio, we couldn’t and we quickly got our garden completely turfed. This was the best decision, as Rhodie has now had a huge expanse of grass to run on, especially during the sunnier days. its also meant that the few sunny days we have already had has been enjoyed in our garden, albeit on some very long lawn as we are yet to buy a lawn mower!

we have been very very lucky with our plot size, expanding 65ft in length and over 26ft at the top, narrowing slightly to a width of 18ft at the rear. having these last few months to look out onto our garden, we have managed to track the movements of the sun to make the most of our sunnier spots.

So, do we have some ideas?

Yes, lots and lots of ideas. I have been watching plenty of gardening programs over the last couple of weeks, scouting instagram of course, and saving some new build garden snaps from instagram too. We’ve quickly established that we are situated on clay soil. This is super common in the UK and just means we have to be aware of what we plant, and how we do it.

Patio expansion

I don’t think anyone is ever happy with the 3×3 patio you are given by new-build developers, so it shouldn’t be any surprise we will be expanding what we have. We are looking to triple the space so we have plenty of entertaining area for summer BBQs and evenings in the garden. We’re not 100% sure on the colour and type of patio just yet, but we want to make sure it matches the look and feel we are heading for with our modern new home.

Raised bedding

I have always wanted some raised beds in whatever garden we had, and it turns out it will be the best choice for ours. The clay soil will make it difficult for some particular plants to thrive, so it’s a good way to add life into a garden with pretty terrible soil.

Raised bedding is also a great way to add immediate height too, which is so vital for us early on. We want some privacy from our neighbours, so additional height quickly is a win win.

It also adds some division, which I am really keen to implement. With such a long garden, I don’t want us to fall in the trap of having a large expansive singular space. I’m really looking for little nooks of magic and interest.

Finally, when our little fluff ball. was Back at my parents he was in and out all of the plant beds. We think with that little bit of height, he won’t be so inclined to run through – we shall see I guess.


We are so lucky that we have no overlooking neighbours at the back of our garden, since we back onto a woodland footpath. However, we do have our left and right neighbours that we want to shield as much as possible. We know when every garden is blank it feels much worse than it is, but we are keen for some trees and bushes along the fence line to grow up and offer a little more privacy.


After watching all those garden shows, I find it pretty important for us to create some separate zones in our long garden. We had originally thought one expansive grass space would be sufficient, but we really didn’t realise the size of our garden until we got out into in just a couple of weeks ago. raised beds, different materials and boarded beds will help separate little areas in our space which will all have their own purpose.

When will we get started?

hopefully, as soon as possible. with any garden, it is a long journey and many of our plans won’t come to fruition straight away. for the here and now, we are super keen to get the patio extended and raised bedding in so we can get planting and hosting. im sure we are not alone in being eager to re-connect with friends and family in our own gardens.

im so excited to get started and share the journey with you all. as always, my instagram is always being updated with snaps of our new build projects, so be sure to follow me on there.