Gardens by the Bay – Singapore

I have most certainly been slow off the mark when it comes to my Singapore reviews. Truth be told, we did so much in such a short space of time, it has felt like a rather big task to even know where to start. But following the F1 Singapore weekend, which I felt huge sorrow at the sheer idea I was no longer enjoying the city, I suddenly have a new lease of life. Let’s show this place off!

In my first post, I was a little harsh on Singapore. It wasn’t what I expected granted, and I possibly raised the bar subconsciously purely because it was our honeymoon. Upon reflection, It was a bloody gorgeous city with so much to offer.

So where do I start on some of the attractions?

Where better than the place it all started, and the place I couldn’t wait to see for myself. Gardens by the Bay is arguably one of the highlights and most iconic parts of Singapore. I had seen so many snaps of it, I knew I needed to explore and take in it’s splendour as soon as we arrived.

As you know, we had a 48 hour bus ticket which took us right to Gardens by the Bay. Although my husband neglected to tell me, he was neither bothered or fussed if we actually looked around properly. However, once we arrived and started to mooch, he started to see the appeal of the place.

We bought full tickets to the three main aspects of gardens by the bay ( Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OCBC Skyway ), and proceeded to explore. We decided on the entering the Cloud forest first, which was probably the best decision ever.

The Cloud Forest

What a spectacular to behold! Especially in the misting hour! This by far was my favourite place in the whole of the gardens. The gorgeous sculptures and the beauty of the forest was breath taking. It’s truly hard to believe it is all man made! We took our time round here, purely because I was busy being snap happy! With every turn there were gorgeous flowers, sculptures and of course views!

After an hour or two wandering the cloud forest, we managed to see every nook and cranny! We decided it was time to head on out and explore more of the gardens.

The Flower Dome

Now, I’m not really one for Flowers and yet it was pretty extraordinary within the flower dome. Whilst visiting, it was the Orchid showcase, so if you’re a heavy fan of Orchids it was the perfect time to visit. We didn’t spend too much time in here, mostly because neither of us are too bothered about flowers. However, upon wondering round, we found some firm literature favourites, which surely was lovely to see.

The Skywalk

By the time we left the flower dome and cloud forest area, we had been in the gardens a fair while. Honestly, we were flowered out! So it made a nice break to be out in the open. From here we bee lined for the Skywalk! Thankfully, it was fairly quiet when we headed on up.

The views were simply stunning! It was a little blowy for sure, but it was breathtaking to take in the view over the gardens, and to marina bay sands from great height.

Once we had finished on the Skywalk, we both had had enough. We had spent a fair few hours wandering around, and having only been in the city 12 hours, we were eager to explore other aspects.

On refelction, I do wish we had wandered around just that bit more. There are so many other aspects we didn’t get to see through lack of time.

You can’t go to Singapore without visiting the stunning and simply iconic gardens by the bay, I just wish we had managed to see more!

Have you ever been to Gardens by the Bay?

Like what you see? As always, let me know your thoughts in the section below!