How to decorate a new build home and create a beautifully styled abode.

A little over 4 years since we moved into our new build, 2 bed apartment. And whilst pinterest makes white on white interiors dreamy as hell, decorating a white washed, no personality new build can be tricky. Where do you start?

I’m ashamed to admit, that we made some pretty awful design ideas when first moving into our new build property. It’s daunting when you have so many rooms and little to no idea on how to utalize space and incorporate interior design. So, how do you easily decorate a new build without splurging un-necessarily.

Here’s my top tips on nailing a new build interior, and how I would do it again.

Don’t rush

It’s really easy, in any home, to rush right in and paint, choose colour schemes and buy furniture. My biggest regret in our new build home was buying new furniture without really living within the property. We ended up having to sell or make do with some of the pieces we had purchased and wasted money and time.

Even if it’s for a couple of weeks, live in your home before purchasing anything new and deciding on anything certain.

Your home changes in the light, so living within it for some time before deciding colour can help you establish what will work in the space and lighting.


A really coherant home centres on spaces that work together. Having a colour palette across your entire home can create a real flow and sense of unity in your property. Moodboard as much as you can, and be weary of each room and the impact on the entire feel of your property before going ahead with anything.

Consider your red thread in your home too. This is a idea that a single colour can be found in every room of your home , unifying all spaces and creating that much needed flow, through the use of one colour in every space. For example : Grey is our red thread and can be found in every room of our property. It is used in different ways in different spaces, and combined with different colours in different spaces too.

Moodboards are really easy to create, on and offline. I hugely recommend canva and of course using pinterest to source ideas and imagery. You can get old school and use magazines, printed images and scissors and glue.

Go Bold

Many avoid new homes, partly due to the reputation they can hold, but partly because they lack character. New build homes can be found nationwide with little to no difference from each other, being branded as boring.

I don’t agree. New builds can certainly carry character, especially inside. Going bold with colour and installing your own design elements can carry your new build into a new dimension.

Any change to your bare white walls will feel huge, but know that colour can transform your bland new build. Don’t be afraid to feature bold wallpapers, patterns and designs too. Know that pattern can add depth into your space and allow you to play with space and colour.

Paneling is huge. Mainly because it’s super easy to incorporate into a modern home and is fairly inexpensive. Going bold with unique paneling on a feature wall is a great way to inject character and easily decorate your new build. Paneling can be used in any room, including a bathroom.

Change the fixtures and fittings

Most new builds come with run of the mill fixtures and fittings. Upgrade them. Swapping the usual door handles, plugs, sockets, light switches and kitchen handles can upgrade and refresh your ‘basic’ home. If it’s just the colour, why not spray paint handles for a inexpensive upgrade on the usual.

Inject personality

There is no one way to inject your personality into your home, much rather is a combination of lots of things. Don’t worry, I will explain them all and how you can use these ideas in your brand new home.


Styling is so so so important in your new home. Style your space using decor pieces, ornaments, house plants, candles and more. Shop wisely and take your time. Carefully purchased decoration pieces will help inject personality and decorate your new build home.

Wall Art

Walls should never be completely bare. Hanging wall art, gallery walls and hangings can all inject much needed personality into your new build home.

Shop prints, have memories framed and vary the frames you use to incorporate different styles


There is nothing more comforting than layers within a home. Fluffy cushions, throws and blankets create a softness in your space. It’s another opportunity to play with colour and patterns too. Make sure your new build home has plenty of layers.


Colour is really important, especially in a blank home. As mentioned before, curate a colour palette for your entire home, focusing on colours that you enjoy and emit the correct energy and vibe for your home.


A great home has lots and lots of textures working together within it. Hard floors, fluffy rugs, cane furniture, wicker baskets. A balance of different materials throughout your home can help soften the harsh blandness that can often be felt in new build homes. Carefully selecting a combination of different materials can help massively.

Decorating your new build home will take time. Unfortunately it’s something you don’t want to rush and its wise not too. Getting it wrong will only cost you in money and time. Be brave and enjoy the process.

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Creating a bespoke seating area

First stage of our open plan living transformation complete!

It’s undoubtedly been a couple of months now since I shared our vision and ideas and the colour change for the transformation of our Open plan living space. We have been trying to create a home that has personality, flair and is more workable for us.

The first stage in all of our plans was, of course, the bespoke seating area or ‘booth’ as I keep referring to it as. The idea here was to create a more usable, but personalised area to the space we had. We have always struggled to find a space that is workable with our open living, and able to support a group of people eating and socialising together.

Our space was always competing with either being a big lounge area or workable dining corner. This idea came when we were discussing a new sofa ( since I find ours uncomfortable ). After deciding we wanted to completely over haul the space, we started to get to work. This was the first part of the whole process, but the amount of work it included means it’s actually been the longest to complete. We’ve already managed to completely decorate the space, and get some much needed blinds installed. But you’ll find that all out below…..

So, what was it like before?

Funnily enough, I didn’t have many pics of the before, and its probably because I wasn’t all that keen on the space. We had a rather small but cute 4 seating, round table. It was just about the right size for our room, but as you can imagine, didn’t seat many guests meaning I couldn’t be the hostess that I longed for. Once we got some colour into the room, we also realised it was a light brown that just didn’t have a place in our new colour scheme.

But Now……

After wanting a much bigger table that offered the longed-for farmhouse style complete with bench, we decided to go for a seating area that would house our table and offer plenty of seating too. The bonus here is that we have used the rather awkward corner, and given ourselves some much needed storage aswell!

Thankfully we have a hugely talented carpenter in the family who could create just what we were looking for. It’s modern yet classic and has some character to. The booth was completed a couple of weeks ago, but it took a fair while for us to sand, fill and paint the seating area. We ummed and ahhed for a while too, whether we were going to complete it with wax. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the finish on a small patch, resulting in another repaint, so we have decided to stick with the chalky paint finish.

We are so impressed with the finish and we now have a table to compliment it too! This has been a complete working process but it’s all finally coming together.

So what next?

Furniture. Thankfully we have been on the ordering process since hubby has a solid 6 weeks off to take deliveries and build. I have openly expressed my dislike to these poxy couches. They are cheap, nasty and at just 3 years old, I am disgusted at the state of them – never shopping with DFS again! Or Dodgy furniture store as I now refer it as.

We will also be looking to add some padding to the booth to make it a more comfortable space to eat and relax in. I’m also on the lookout for some new table wear for my stunning table. Now I have plenty of space to house dinner guests, I want some stella dinner wear and serve wear too!

There’s plenty for me to update you on, and whilst this isn’t the finished article, I want to take you through the whole process, including the not so instagram worthy snaps too! I’m so excited to style my new eating area, so be sure to keep in touch to catch that too.

How do you like the booth?
What else do you want to see of my home?
As always leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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How you can get a new look in your home for half the price!

We all want to be updating our home with new styles and trends, or just a new lease of life. But whilst you might think this means forking out a shed load of money, there are ways to update the look of your home, without that hefty price tag.

All you’ll need is a little creativity, a open mind and a touch of patience and you could pick up some real bargains that could become staples in your home.

Head to charity shops & second hand furniture stores.

Recycling, upcycling and making use of others trash is in high demand. So why not get involved yourself and head to charity shops and second hand furniture stores. So much can be found from coffee tables, bookcases and more. They are often an Aladins cave of furniture.

Old, unloved, pre-owned items like these can add so much character into your home, with a sense of history. What’s better, they often come at a fraction of the cost you may spend in the likes of Ikea!

Keep an eye on your Facebook selling groups

Another mans trash is another mans treasure, literally. Who knew the likes of Facebook could be a hub to find furniture and home decor treasure? With so many things that can be found locally and with many using facebook to flog it, its super easy to nab them when they come up.

You can even create notifications for posts that contain a keyword, like a sofa, table or tv.

Or Try Ebay

Yep, despite facebook market place being ever popular, Ebay is still a fantastic source of pre-loved furniture pieces. What’s better, there’s often wiggle room to negotiate or bid for a super cheap steal!


If you’re not really one for up-cycling, or you want a fresher look that second-hand furniture won’t give you, there is no better place to shop than IKEA. Their range is superb and their prices are rock bottom. They’re the best for all furniture as well as anything else you might need. Artificial plants, candles, and pictures are always a good buy.

Upcycle what you already have

With the changes of colour schemes, your previous pieces may now look out of place. But instead of replacing, upcycling what you do have is super cheap and resourceful too! Consider painting, stripping and even modifying your furniture pieces to suit your new style.

I love Frenchic paint – makes it super easy to literally change the colour of any furniture pieces – including Ikea malm!

When it comes to updating your home, it can feel like a constant expenditure. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. Sell you unwanted items to fund new pieces, and never be scared to try your hand at up cycling and updating current pieces, old or new.