Top Tips to selling your home, quick!

When it comes to moving house, part of the anxiety for many homeowners is the unknown aspect of selling their current property. Will it sell? Will I get what I need for the next property? Will I be on the market a while? Will I lose a buyer and have to find another? There is undoubtedly a lot of anxiety hot spots when buying and selling houses.

We recently have done the whole process of selling and buying, and damn, it was stressful. But it wasn’t the selling that was the hard part for us. No, and that’s simply because we lined our ducks in a row to make the whole experience a heck of a lot less stressful. We sold quickly and within 3 days of being on the market, at full asking. Here’s how we made everything plain sailing so we could sell quickly.

Prep your home

Whilst many would believe you don’t need to do anything extra to your home to help it sell, buyers can be stupid. Some can’t see past the straggly wallpaper, dirty floors or cluttered spaces. So, making it easy for every potential buyer will be your best bet. Now, you don’t need to overhaul your whole property, but there are some things you should look at doing before getting that agent in.

Touch ups

Scuffs along the hallway, marks from the kids playing, food splatters in the kitchen. All these should be touched up. Making your home look neat, tidy and above all else looked after, will help any buyer realise your home is a gem that is loved.


Oooo there is nothing worse than looking around a property you hope will give you more space and realising its full of crap. Clear yours out so any potential buyers dont feel like your home lacks space and storage. Plus, de-cluttering now means when you come to pack, your only packing the stuff you want and need.


You would be surprised how many homes I walked into as an agent that were dirty. This is so off-putting for any buyers, especially when it deters away from the home. A stinky smell will be all they think of when they view.


Like its going in a home interior magazine. I would highly advise this for the pictures and viewings. Making your home the best presentable self is vital in helping buyers visulise living there. Buy fresh flowers, brew some coffee and plump the cushions. Think of how good show homes feel and do the same in your home.

Pick the right agent

Now your home is ready to hit the market you need a stella agent that is going to sell the socks off your property. With property portals doing most of the work, you should pick a agent that will make it stand out from the hundreds of other listings.

Look at their photography, see if they offer floor plans, virtual tours, video content. It’s also worth reading the description. Lazy agents with lousy phone camera images will not help your property pop on Rightmove. Virtual tours and property videos are hugely popular, especially considering covid can stop people from viewing many properties. They can give a great insight into the home and whilst many agents would say it can limit viewings, it will encourage those that have watched the video and like what they see view!

When it comes to having a property valuation, make sure you get 3 different agents in. This will help you get an average price of your property. Bare in mind, some agents like to over price to grab your property from their competitors. Always consider why their valuation may be higher. Whilst it might sound nice, usually these figures are hugely inflated and these agents will then advise you to drop the price to gather interest. Remember, dropping the price is visible on property portals and isn’t a good selling point.

Ask lots of questions also. Consider the time you will have to be on with them if you don’t sell. Some agents require a 12 week period which is a long time to sit stale mate on the market. Read reviews, look at their selling stats and check the properties they have on the market.

Gather the information

Once you have your agent picked, now is a great time to get some of the important information ironed out. Things like ground rent cost, maintenance charges, lease details, boundary information, any covenants, council tax bands ect. Some potential buyers will ask these questions before putting in an offer so its worth while knowing the answers. Plus, it makes it easier when gathering information for the solicitors too.

Inform your financial adviser

Hopefully you’ve already crunched the numbers, but it’s worth making sure your financial adviser is ready and waiting for when you need to offer on a property. Be sure you know how much you need to sell for, and your budget too.

Chase your agents

Once you are on the market, be sure to keep in regular contact with your agents. Check the listing on the property portals and get anything changed if you are not happy. When any viewings are conducted, request feedback at the nearest opportunity. Understanding what may be an issue is wise and can mean you can change something quickly to help move things along.

Selling your property quickly is only achieved when doing all of the above. Most importantly, it’s choosing the correct agent. Be realistic with valuations and don’t go for the crazy, wild, high figure. Knocking the price down will only make buyers wonder what is wrong with your property.

Buying your first home – Top tips you need to know

Owning a home is a millennials dream. And whilst it’s easy to laugh, it has become almost impossible for many of us to take that first crucial step onto the property ladder. With property prices on the rise, and the demand for higher deposits do too, it’s no surprise it seems a pipe dream for many.

And yet whilst I type this, I’m sitting at my dining table in my mortgaged 2 bed apartment I bought nearing 4 years ago.

No I’m not an enigma, and yes it is absolutely possible to own your own. It takes hard graft of saving and some discipline when it comes to spending. I and my partner didn’t rent beforehand so luckily we didn’t have high rents to pay whilst trying to save for a deposit. But, enough about how I got here, I’m here to help you now you are ready to buy.

So where do you start? Do you really know much about mortgages, interest rates and solicitors? Here’s my top tips when you’re embarking on your first steps on the ladder.

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Shop for your mortgage

Don’t just settle for what seems like a good deal. Shop around as much as you would for anything else. If leaning on a fixed-rate mortgage, you will be tied to this for atleast 2 years, so you want to make sure you get the best deal possible. As a first time buyer, there will be lost of different incentives and rates avaliable. Take your time and seek advice if needed. 

Seek advice if needed – don’t do it alone

I just touched on this, but seek advice and do not be scared to ask plenty of questions. You are not expected to know what everything means, so google, ask and make sure you know what you are signing up to, before making the final decision. There are plenty of people around that can help and advise you from mortgages, surveys and estate agent jargon. 

Save for worst case

Might seem a little silly, but save save save. There may be hidden costs, as well as those planned, but more expensive than expected. Remember, surveys cost, and can flag up things you may need to address sharpish.

Try and not splurge on the pointless things

It’s all so exciting when you have a new home awaiting for the contracts to be signed and keys released. But hold yourself back from purchasing the pointless and quiet frankly, stupid things, it won’t help you when you have bills to pay and no money.

Wait for most furnshings 

A little bit of the above, but ultimately, wait for some of your furniture before you purchase. Again, it may be a little difficult, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. We purchased many things because we could, and regretted it within months. You won’t know what you will need, or how any room will be arranged till you have lived in it. Hold back and make decisions when you know what will work best.

There is plenty of advice to give when it comes to making your first purchase, and most you will take on board. Although sometimes you will think you know better, like we did!

Just try and be sensible and don’t be scared to ask lots and lots of questions when in doubt. This is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make – you really have to be sure you are making the right decisions.

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New Home Interiors : What to spend and what to save on

First and foremost – congratulations. You have clearly stumbled across this post because you have, or at least are about to, buy a new home. Yayyy. Now the fun begins of course.

You may find that you have no idea where to begin, or you are in fact starting a fresh in your next home, so want to know what to spend and what to save on? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. With so much to consider when it comes to a new abode, it can feel like you have a lot of expense upcoming that you can’t avoid.

Especially if you’re like me and go into every home section of every store and wish you had everything within it. It’s not unusual for me to purchase something for the home at least once a week – oops.

But there is some hope when it comes to purchasing and being ready for your new / next home – you really don’t have to splurge on everything, especially not right away.

Grab your pen and pad, you’ve got some notes to make.

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Lighting – Splurge

I cannot explain how important good lighting is in any home. Whether you install under counter lighting, or up the pendant lighting in every home, it so important to make sure every room is carefully considered in the light department. This is certainly an area worth splurging on, yet it can be delayed. Living in your new home for a little while to establish natural light and how you use the space can save you on spending in areas not needed.

Under counter lighting, cosy lamps, low-level hanging shades, and chandeliers with ornate beading. Don’t underestimate how a stunning shade or light can transform your home.

Bedding – Save your pennies

I may seem like a hypocrite as I currently sleep in Egyptian cotton sheets, but buying rather expensive bedding really isn’t necessary when it comes to a new home. Many of our good ‘old supermarkets have a lovely home section featuring gorgeous bedspreads, covers, and cushions. Be sure to check there before you splurge on home stores for their over-expensive similar designs.

If you do want to sleep in Egyptian cotton – its worth waiting and spending your money on other areas first.

Appliances – Splurge 

This is a area you really can’t compromise on. Spending decent money on your appliances – whether it be washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer will be money well spent in the long run. Choosing reputable, reliable brands may cost more, but can last longer and save you on new parts and replacing the product earlier than expected. These are items that will be under excessive use – its well worth spending the money on them.

Furniture – Save the pennies and look to up cycle

By no means am I saying to buy cheap and tacky, never going to last a month furniture. But there are ways to furnish your home, without spending the earth. If you like the shabby chic look, be sure to explore up cycling and re-using old furniture from charity shops or even your parents loft.

Check out antique stores for gorgeous, retro and classic pieces, which will add character and charm to your home. If you like all things modern, make sure you head to firm fav Ikea. Explore, purchase and eat meatballs. Their quality can’t be beaten, and whilst you regret your purchases when building one of twenty items, you love it because ahh you have your clean line, pinterest worthy home for an amazing price.

Mattress – Splurge all day everyday!

One place you will notice scrimping back the spends will be your mattress. We spend a huge amount of our life in bed, so it’s only right you spend good money on being comfortable and supported whilst sleeping. You can purchase mattress’ on finance too, so there’s no reason to have a shoddy, low quality mattress.

Save – Storage 

You can get some bloody good storage out there for next to nothing you know. So when you need that plastic box for bits and bobs that take a whole draw, make sure you hit Poundland. Plastic is plastic after all. The organisation feels so much better when its cost you next to nothing!

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to saving and splurging on home buys. My best piece of advice is consider the wear and tear to the product, and the impact on your home it will have. There are lots of bargains to be found across the web and on the highstreet, so I always recommend shopping around when possible.

What do you splurge and what do you save on when it comes to your home? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Our Open Plan Living Space progression

If you’ve seen some of my recent home updates post, then you will know we are overhauling our rather large, open plan living space. We have been in our property for a little over 3 years and have been fairly reluctant to put our own stamp on the place. Mainly because we have sodding high ceilings. But after consideration and realizing we will be staying put for a couple more years yet, we decided to put our stamp on!

We are now roughly 5 weeks into the progress, of which we started with our seating booth. We also had a window of opportunity, being the school half term, so leapt into the painting. We knew it would be a big job, and considering we had a line to create around the room for our border, it was going to be a fiddly one too.

I had just started the edging here. Hubby can’t do it so it’s my responsibilty.
This was after the 1st coat. As you can see it really did need another coat!

Having said that, we seemed to tackle the whole job easier and quicker than anticipated. We cracked on Monday evening and within 24 hours we had all walls painted, TWICE over!

To say we are thrilled with the outcome would be understating it. To over haul a blank and pretty bland room with colour, and a on trend but complementing one at that has made such a huge difference to our space. Since getting such great results from our own painting, we have now painted other parts of our home, and plan to crack on with the rest.

We had such a bad experience painting our bedroom, since our ceilings are soo high and we didn’t choose high-quality paint. We were alway dubous to carry on with the apartment and fooled ourselves into believeing the white was better for the space. But since we lowered the hight ( by adding a picture rail ) we tackled and conquered the walls and injected the much needed colour our apartment was craving!

Dulux – English Mist 2

My decorating top tips:

– Always prep first!
– Use old sheets and cover every aspect of your home.
– Sand your surface. This makes a huge difference on the wall texture and helps your new colour bond with the wall.
– Always do a second coat – it can bring out the colour!
– Buy HIGH QUALITY paint! Cheapy alternatives never give you the right finish and always end up taking more coats and hard work!

PSA: Please IGNORE the state of the room in these photos. NOT insta worthy and not how the room will be staying. Just look at the paint lol. A full reveal will be coming on my instagram and blog in due course!

SS19 Interior Trends – What to look out for & incorporate to your home

Spring, for most of us, is the time of year we all fancy a home shake up. Tidy the home, move things around, even take on small or big, home DIYs we have been mulling over since Winter began. Yes, Spring is the time many of us tackle our home and make improvements. And perfectly so. I do like to transform my colour palette just a little to make way for the sunnier, brighter and warmer tones that come with Spring Summer.

But what’s on trend this year? Here’s some of the interior trends you should look out for and use through your home.

Sustainability – Less is more

It’s never been more on trend than to be sustainable. With many of us being more conscious of our impact on the environment through the items we buy. Whether it be our food choice, clothes purchases and even our home upgrades. This season, well this year, will see a huge surge in homeowners being more conscious with the spaces they are creating and the items they purchase to create the perfect space.

Less is defiantly more, and with minimal colour and multiple tonnes, sustainability is certainly a trend you want to sport this season.

Here’s some sub categories falling under sustainability you should consider when upgrading your home decor.

Serine Scandi

This is an updated look with lots of emphasis on texture and pattern. This the perfect styled back look that can create a space oozing with effortless style and truly inviting. If you are looking for a serine space with relaxation the key, this is just the style you want to nab this season.

Consider creating your own texture through the use of homemade cushion covers and recycled textures. Don’t be shy to embrace natural wood neither because……

Room for Wellbeing

All Natural – Light wood is back!

Yes, you heard right, light natural wood is on the comeback and that’s thanks to many of us wanting to create that open, airy and bright space similar to sustainable homes.

Ash, bleached wood is a great material to incorporate into your home this season.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ss19_holborn_dresser_057.jpg
Neptune Home
Room for Flexibility

Modern country style

This isn’t the first year this style has been back around, yet this year does seem the turning point. With retailers like Neptune and Next all offering stunning ranges of Modern Country, it’s the perfect style to incorporate in any home needing a refresh and one that is timeless.

I love modern country pieces. Painted cladding is a perfect alternative if wanting to add some character into your room, and looks stunning in dining areas and bedrooms.

Other modern style accents include the following….

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Floral Prints

Its never been more modern nor timeless to decorate with floral prints. Keep it subtle with pops of floral patterns on cushions and soft furnishings. Prints in slimline frames is another great way to inject some floral fusion without being too empowering.

Huxley Painted Ladder Shelves
Next Home
Painted Huxley Nest Of 3 Tables
Next Home

Painted Wood

Painted wood furniture is bang on trend and suitable for any home and space needing some timeless furniture. If you’re looking to upgrade your tatty or cheap pieces and want something that will last nor age, painted wood furniture is just your style.

High street stores like Next , Neptune home and Dunelm offer stunning pieces suitable to any budget. The best part of painted wood? You can look to alter the colour years down the line by painting yourself.

Subtle Tropical

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is s3image5b45d1e1df768Un330F-598467.jpg
Lloyd Sideboard
Next Home
Lloyd Tall Shelf
Next Home

This is a trend we all need to embrace, especially for Spring / Summer. We’ve seen a huge increase in palm leaf prints and tropical injections of colour over the last year or two. This year it’s been toned down, and I’m all here for it.

The gorgeous fusion of subtle colours, leafy prints and softer hues make this a stunning look to incorporate this season. You could even inject this look into your patio area of conservatory for a updated spark of summer.

These are just some of the trends that you should consider for your home this Spring / Summer. As you can see, just sprucing up some cushions to a more on trend colour or pattern, or investing in furniture pieces that will withstand any change in trend is just what you may need this summer for your home.

What trends are you interested in? Are you investing in your home this spring / summer? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Style your bedside. What’s on mine!*

Who can live without a bedside table with all the necessities? I would argue whether your bedroom would be complete without a side table to dump your phone and midnight flask of milk. It’s your space to offload your life justtt before bed. And for some, including me, it’s where you keep all your pants and socks in easy access for late morning wake-ups! In the draws of course.

But, what makes the perfect bedside table and what needs to be within easy reach morning and night?

How can you style a cluttered bedside?

I have all the answers below.

What’s on mine?

I tendddd to change my bedside pretty regularly and with the seasons. I like to swap and change my favorite scented candles, and I love a good tray to keep my rings from rolling away.

I like to play with colours and often snazz up the shades I use throughout spring / summer. Once it edged towards Valentines Day, I started to really push pink into the room!

Some gorgeous blooms do make their way onto my bedside too, especially some scented ones. Artificial, for me, is best.

Something that never changes on my bedside table is a picture. Whilst for some time I didn’t have one, since quickly printing and framing a image from our wedding day, it now doesn’t feel or look right without it.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, I do try and be practical. Glasses, hand cream and alarm clock is always somewhere, and phone charger and ipad are discreetly tucked between my bed and bedside table. I like to have a coaster ( like Monica , every glass needs one ), so my midnight drink has a home too!

Styling yours

Rule number one, when it comes to your bedside is be practical. All the rest will come, but first and foremost make sure it works for you.

If you have lots of gadgets you need to charge throughout the night, or like to home beside your bed, consider a nifty charging dock. Many sit pretty on your bedside and can house multiple devices, as well as hide unsightly cables.

All those other little bits, like hand cream, glasses, sleep mask or whatever, need to have somewhere too. Trays are a great idea to keep everything within one confinement, and will you give you some free table top space.

Once you have the base, now it’s time to faff, And by faff, I mean add some pretty things that make, a rather needed and often cluttered space, organised and aesthetically pleasing.

Use artificial flowers, candles and pictures in frames to make your bedside space more attractive.

If you want to upgrade your bedside table, shop with Furniture Village for a stunning range of classic and modern designs!

What’s on your bedside table?

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Increasing the value of your home – easily!*

If you’re planning on moving house, the question of how much your property is worth will likely have come to mind. When selling, you’ll naturally want to make as much profit on your current investment as possible.

Whilst you may believe spending money on a property is a little counteractive, making small improvements across your home can not only increase the value, but make it that little more appealing to buyers.

The good news is there are actually many ways in which you can boost the value of your property and we are here to help with you achieve this with three easy tips…

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1. Be smart

Incorporating smart technology into your home is not only convenient and lots of fun, it also adds value to your property, for several reasons. Some home automation gadgets, such as smart doorbells, increase the safety and security of the property, which is a strong incentive for many buyers who want to have control of their home even when they’re not in. The ability to control the gadgets in your home from a remote location can also be extremely energy-efficient, such as smart heating and lighting.

2. Save energy

Another way to make your property more energy-efficient and consequently boost its overall value is to install or improve the insulation in your loft. This can help you save over £100 a year on heating bills. Underfloor heating will also reduce your heating bills because the heat rises evenly throughout the room, rather than being lost to the walls and other surfaces. Dimmer switches and LED light bulbs are another quick, easy and affordable way to reduce energy consumption.

3. Expand

Converting your loft space or building an extension are two more excellent ways to increase the value of your home. Of course you will need to check planning permissions and get some advice from your local estate agent before considering any big renovations. Done right, this could be an investment that will pay off in the long run!

Upgrade your kitchen, even with a small budget!

The kitchen is pretty much the hub of the home. Especially since open plan living, and family rooms now gravitate towards the cooking area. With that in mind, we are all conscious of how up to date and modern our current kitchen is. They can transform the feel of your whole property, and can have a huge impact on the value and sale ability later down the line.

As mentioned previously, I love chatting home and so many of us are eager to keep it looking good. Whether you are wanting to upgrade your current home for yourself, or for sale ready, there are plenty of things that can be done to your kitchen, whatever the budget.

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It’s believed the only option, when it comes to upgrading your kitchen, is to rip it all out and start again. And whilst that is an option, don’t think it has to come at a cost. Buying pre-loved or even ex display kitchens can save you a hugeee buck and look just as good as brand new! Companies such as Used Kitchen Exchange can help you find used and ex-display kitchens whatever your budget. It’s never been easier and cheaper to buy yourself a new kitchen!

Switch the small things

You don’t have to replace your whole kitchen to upgrade or spruce it up. Consider changing the smaller and potentially cheaper aspects to give it a new look and feel. Things like cupboard handles, light switches and soft furnishings can have a huge effect on the current look and feel of your kitchen. Swapping a roller blind to a shutter blind, or swapping a pendant light to spotlights can insert modern into your currently dated kitchen.

If you fancy more of a switch without replacing, consider upgrading your worktops, splash backs or even your cupboard doors. Most kitchens have fantastic cupboards, but thanks to the outdated doors, they usually hit the tip. Replacing your doors for more modern ones can give you the illusion of a new kitchen, at half the price.


And then there is painting. And I don’t just mean your walls. There are sooo many aspects of your kitchen you can actually paint, including tiles, cupboards and of course the walls. Adding a splash of colour to your current cupboards can transform what feels like an outdated and tatty kitchen, to a modern, clean cut one. I would highly advise bringing in a professional, but at the cost of paint and time vs a whole new kitchen, you will be astonished with the amount of money you can save.

There are plenty of ways we can all spruce up our current kitchen without having to rip it all out. Up-cycling used kitchens, or even working on your current one is not only a great way to save money, but limit waste too!

Have you ever considered some of these changes to give your kitchen a face lift?

Will you be giving any of these points a go?

I love hearing your thoughts so be sure to leave them below.

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Moving or Improving your home

I have posted so much content in relation to your home, and for good reason. It’s the hub of your entire life. It’s where you come home after a hard days graft and its where you enjoy the days off. Ultimately, it’s got to be the best place to relax, unwind and enjoy spare time with friends, family or just Netflix!

As we near the very busy festive period, we are once again struck with, ‘how in hell am I going to cope this year?‘ Whether it be space wise and fitting in your ten thousand aunts on Christmas Afternoon, or whether It be how your kitchen will cope under the strain of Christmas dinner. It may even be for New Years Eve. You would love to host a bash with friends and family but your home is just not up for it!

Yes, this time of year really can make you turn on your own home.

Whether this is the last year you have to struggle, or you can shoe horn some improvements quickly, there are ways around it, whatever your budget or your agenda. Here’s a couple of things to consider for your New Years improvements.

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Consider : Move or improve?

This is the biggest question and for some its a straight answer. But, if you have currently a home bursting at the seams, but the opportunity to extend, than it’s no straight yes no answer I’m afraid. Improving your home, whilst may seem expensive, can work out to be much cheaper than making a move. Plus, it can give you the opportunity to make money on your current property and doesn’t take as much effort as packing up and moving sticks.

When considering whether moving, or straight up improving is the best answer, consider the current value of your home and whether improvements will be worth the cost. Many forget that properties do have ceiling prices and whilst spending tens of thousands of pounds improving and expanding may seem the best answer, it can work out money wasted, especially if you won’t get it back when you re-sell.

Up , Down, Side to side.

So, you’ve decided to improve where you are and not sure how? Well, many properties will give the opportunity to expand in many areas including loft conversions, single storey extensions, conservatories and more. One thing to bare in mind are things like building regulations and planning permissions. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of those, it may be wise to consider a single storey extension that is within permit whereby planning permission is not required.

Extensions which include fixed glass rooflights are in hugeee demand, and rightly so. They really make an impression to a room and look utterly stunning. You may consider using bi-fold doors which also give you the illusion of the outside in. If you’re moving up and don’t want to lose too much light, you may consider Walk on glass floors. They look fantastic and add a little quirk to any home. Choosing the right fixtures and design of your extension can make a hugeee impact on the new space you create within your home.

Moving & Improving

Nahh, you wanna move – you’re not that keen on the area and you just need more space! One thing to really consider, when you are moving is budget. Time and time again many will turn down a property because it doesn’t carry what they want, right now! Moving can include improving too. 3 Bedroom properties are more expensive than a 2 bed, although a 2 bed can carry the opportunity for expansion to include that much needed extra room. Taking this ideal when hunting for your next property might give you 1 : the chance to create a home perfect for you and 2 : a property that will return your investment. PLUS, the property that has less now, can be cheaper, giving you the money to do improvements right away. Essentially, these properties that have the ability to become everything you want and need should be considered and not written off.

I love this topic. Homes are sooo important and many of us can feel helpless when knowing what the best decision and move is for them. Truth is, only you will know the best decision, but hey, you could always do with some guidance right? So, let’s just say, this is defiantly something I will be expanding on in the New Year, ahead of property plans and improvements for 2019.

Are you struggling for space where you are?

You looking to move next year?

Eco-Friendly Ways To Run Your Home

We all want to make our homes that little bit more eco-friendly. Here are some ways to help reduce your environmental footprint.

We’ve all realized that we need to reduce the amount of energy we use. If we don’t, we run the risk of jeopardizing future generations. Being more conscious about how we use our energy can not only help in the future, but it can also save us money and energy today. If you’ve not yet taken any steps to become more eco-friendly, then now is the time to start!

Saving energy in any form is always a good habit to get into. However, it can be easy to forget when you’re rushing around before work and leaving lights on left, right and centre, or turning the heating up unnecessarily when it gets a bit chilly. If we make a conscious effort to reduce the energy we use, we’ll really be able to see the difference.

Where’s your energy coming from?

You’ll likely use gas or electricity to heat your home, and while this type of energy can be convenient to use, it’s not necessarily the cheapest or most eco-friendly option. If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, consider heating oil by Rix. Not only can heating oil be reused again and again to heat your home quickly and efficiently, but it also works out to be a lot cheaper in the long run. As winter is creeping up on us fast, it makes sense to review your heating options and making any necessary changes to help save money and energy.

Turn off those lights!

It’s easy to be cooking in the kitchen, then be needed in the living room, then rushing to the loo all in five minutes. However, we need to start making it a habit that once we leave a room, the light leaves with us. When you pass through a door, make a mental note to turn off any lights at the switch that you no longer need to use. Don’t forget to enforce this with your family or roommates too!

Insulate your home in good time.

To make sure you keep your home toasty during those colder months, it’s worth investing in some good quality insulation for your roof and walls. Home insulation can help you use even less energy,

as it helps to keep the warm air inside for longer. Usually, heat would be lost through your roof, but with roof insulation, this heat will be able to circulate the home. Windows with double glazing are another great way to keep in that heat and is something that a lot of homes already have these days.

Cook efficiently.

When making your dinner in the evening, you use up energy. Opening the oven door to check on your food is a surprisingly big waste, as the heat your oven has stored up inside to cook your meal is then lost and projected into the room instead. It then needs to use more energy to get back up to the heat it’s been programmed to use. Try and refrain from doing this to save a little energy. Cooking in general will generate heat anyway, so it’s a good way to keep yourself warm!

Recycle wherever possible.

Most products you buy from a shop or supermarket come with packaging you can recycle. It’s also a great idea to buy recycled products wherever you can to further help the environment. When it comes to leftover food, don’t waste it; you can make your own compost! When they say you can recycle almost anything, they mean it. Always check before throwing anything out.

Solar panels.

Solar panels can sometimes be a great investment. Even though they can be a little expensive to install initially, they can be a great money saver in the long term, even if you only have a couple. Do a little research into the pros and cons before you make any purchasing decisions as there may be other factors you didn’t originally think of.

Energy saving lightbulbs.

LED lightbulbs don’t only last a lot longer than your regular lightbulb, but they’re also a lot more efficient too. Switching your lightbulbs to energy saving ones means you’ll be using less power to light up the rooms in your house, reducing the need to replace them more frequently.

Be eco-friendly and do your bit for the environment.

Being eco-friendly in whatever way possible all adds up. It’s important for us all to work together to do our bit for the environment.

Do you have any other sustainable ways to run your home?

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