Chapter 3 : March’21 Goals

Not sure if you missed me, but I took a impromptu break from the blog. I didn’t really have much to say regarding January, especially after the horrific lows I seemed to feel throughout. I know I won’t be alone in saying this lockdown has been the hardest yet. Starting a new year with the same turmoil of the last just had a hugeeee impact on my mental wellbeing.

Thankfully, I’d spent some time managing my thoughts and focusing on myself. Since taking that break, and not being around to update you all, there is a lot to pack into this update and goal post!

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11 Weeks in the House

I can’t quiet believe that we have reached 11 weeks in the house already! And I’m shocked to say we have conquered our Jan’21 Goals, among many others too! Suffice to say, some of these would have been my Feb goals, but hey ho.

Quick Home Update

Our loft was boarded just a week ago, and it’s been a life changer! We have managed to store all of those nitty gritty ‘ can’t get rid nor store anywhere else ‘ and we are so happy. Baring in mind the weight worry and initial “you shouldn’t store anything in the loft” speech from the builders, we managed to find someone that would do it to the NHBC standards and not void any of our warranty. Obviously, we still have to be considerate towards the weight of what we are storing, but its meant we have been ruthless with the junk we have collected- win win!

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We’ve Started Painting! Finally. And not one, not two. but three rooms so far. I caught the bug and I just couldn’t stop. My week off in February was very very productive! I’ll be sharing more of the transformations on the blog, but you can check some of them already on instagram.

Our lawn was turfed! Which made a hugeeeee difference. This was something that happened early January and we are so glad we got it done. We thought we could wait, but Rhodie really needed the space, and it’s paid off. We are now about 6 weeks since having it done, and are now thinking garden plans to make the space perfect for Summer.

Our wardrobes arrived and have been fitted! This felt like a task that took forever, but they came, and we finally have bedroom furniture and some much needed storage in our third bedroom. It was a long time coming, but its pulling together and we are both happy with the decision to keep a wardrobe out of our master bedroom!

My March’21 Home Goals

2021 is all about my home, so in truth, there really isn’t any other goals for me outside of it. I have been really struggling to think of other goals outside making our new build a real home, and that’s my sign. I have certainly ramped up my instagram feed, and I have even started to create reels. But my creativity in other areas of my life ( my blog and letterbox ) has all stemmed from finally getting round those bits and bobs I had been thinking about when we were waiting for our home to be finished. And I love that. So instead of making up some probably random things that I’d kinda like to achieve outside my home, I’m keeping my home my focus – at least for now anyway.

Have livable spare bedrooms

As with anything home, there is a domino effect with everything. And now there really is no reason not to have 2 usable spare bedrooms, I hope March signifies that turning point, especially with real storage in our third bedroom and a loft space for those bits we want to store.

Paint some more

After catching that painting bug, and with no more immediate works going on internally, I am eager to get some more spaces painted and with a splash of colour. We still have 7 more spaces to paint, one being the killer hall, stairs and landing. Having been fairly successful in the previous 3 rooms, I am confident we can get it done, and I’m hoping we can before the warmer weather strikes. I have stuck to my colour palette so far, but it has certainly had some revisions since being in the house.

Start the garden plans

We do have a great blank canvas in the garden. And having seen Rhodie run across the grass we are so happy with our decision to turf early. Even during these still chilly, but sunny days, its been lovely to have some green space. But as always, we have some big plans and ambitions for the garden space. We are truly lucky to have such a long garden, and we want to utalise it as much as possible. But our garden is also uneven, sloping away at the bottom. So making the garden plans in March will really help the process of creating a garden we will love, utalise and work well with the space and terrain we have!


I didn’t ever think I would be that keen to get started on the gardening, but living in a literal building site with dust and mud everywhere, I really want to plant some pretty pretty flowers, atleast in time for Spring. Aside from the back garden, I want to soften the front of our property, and our brick wall to the side of our drive. Lots to do outside this March.

I am so excited for our plans for our home. And thanks to Bojo’s latest announcement, I am just excited to let people into our own green space, hopefully for a BBQ and cocktails!

What do you have planned for the month of March? Do you have any tips for a newbie gardener? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section!

My January 2021 Goals

Hiyah Friends, and welcome back to my monthly goals post. Now, besides being nosy, I find goal posts inspirational to read and even write. They can help maintain and channel focus, especially when we are living and experiencing something like a worldwide pandemic.

Whilst it would have been easy to leave my goal posts behind in 2020, I wanted to keep up these regular posts. Even if it makes it a little easier at the end of the year to pinpoint key milestones of a year. As a new year dawns on us, and the prospect of better times gleaming through, I am so excited for this fresh start.

So, without rambling on much longer, lets kick start 2021 with a brand new set of goals for January.

January flat lay

Get completely un-boxed

It’s no surprise when people say they have boxes from their move that still haven’t been unpacked several years later. Thankfully, we have unpacked the majority of our boxes, with a few stubborn left in our third bedroom. Although I would LOVE to hide them away and forget about them, its really not an option. Here’s hoping by the end of January we will have un-packed and found a home for it all and boxes will be no more!

Board our loft

There comes alot of pros from moving into a brand new build home, but one of the cons we have quickly found is the well insulated but lack of storage loft we have been left with. Of course, that means it’s down to us to install some boarding to house our Christmas decorations.

With the pure intention of getting everything straight, high on our list is making our loft storage safe. With a quick google and look at DIY stores, it seems fairly straightforward and not tooo expensive to install. Here’s hoping it goes well.


The bane of my life and a main reason why our upstairs feels so cluttered – we don’t have any wardrobes, With one chest of draws, clothes are piled unattractively across various bedrooms making it a very stressful experience when trying to find something to wear. I’m praying in January we can finally order and build some much needed wardrobe storage and I can finally get my clothes where they should be.

Part of the reason we still don’t have wardrobes is the delay on Ikea Pax wardrobe solutions. Unfortunately, there are no other alternatives that offer us the storage we need in the space we have.

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Letterbox had a break at the end of 2020. Having had a tough year, it became hard to keep on top of the magazine and give it the attention is deserves. There have been a lot of plans and content creation over the previous weeks, so it will all be ready for its first edition in 2021.


I think its fair to say my blog is going nowhere in 2021. Over the previous months, it was hard to create the content I really wanted, but having moved into our new home, and with lots of plans to make it our own, I’m excited for the year of DIY, home decor and interior content.

I finally feel my content will reflect my current passions and I’m so excited for the year.

Unlike every January, I feel so optimistic for the month, and even the year. We have a new focus, that being the house, but I feel so rooted, unlike the back end of 2020. With a new home, a puppy and lots of projects, I feel everything is set up for a cracking year, whatever the universe throws our way.

What’s your January goals?

Taking a positive look back on 2020 – What did I achieve?

Christmas has been and gone on what can only be described as the most surreal year to date. And I don’t know about you, but I am excited to look onto a new year and hopefully a brighter time for us all.

But before I bid farewell to this wretched year, I want to look back on 2020 in a positive light. There has been so much negativity surrounding these last 12 months, I didn’t want to kick start the new year with the same negative energy. So, grab a cuppa and even jot down your own happy memories of 2020. Do let me know if you create your very own 2020 round up, I’d love to give it a read.

We moved into our first house

If you’ve been around here for a while, you would have probably got fed up of my ongoing commentary of buying and selling to get into our first house. But this is by far our biggest achievement of 2020.

5 Years after stepping onto the property ladder, we made the next step. Yes, there was a 3 month wait, and we did have to move back in with my parents, but it was totally worth it.

Our family grew – with 4 little paws

Little did we know 2020 would entail a little fluff ball by the name of Rhodie. In September we brought home a Cockapoo who would steal our hearts, literally. Now, several months later, we literally couldn’t imagine our home without him. Dogs offer real warmth, purpose and love in a home, and he’s literally the best addition to our family.

Appreciation towards the small things

Lock-down 1 (March), 2 (November) and 3 (December) have all spurred my appreciation for the small things in life. Those small trips to Starbucks on the weekend, the sunshine on my cheeks, the small chit chats with family face to face. 2020 was a year of keeping your distance, but also embracing, and appreciating what we do have in life. I am forever grateful for 2020 highlighting my gratitude for my own home, and stable job.

I found my happy

In everything I have put into 2020. From working from home, moving property and continuing my own business. If this turbulent year has taught me anything, its to make sure I’m happy with the choices I take and the path I embark.

This year has certainly not been filled with new cities explored, sunny holidays or BBQs in the sunshine with friends and family. For many of us, its been a quiet year. But i’m forever grateful that at the end of this strange old year, I’m still in a lucky position in my job, relationship and home.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Thank you so much for supporting me and my slice of the web, I’m so excited to continue my journey with you throughout 2021.