My January Binge List : Everything I have loved on telly – and you will too!

It’s been a short while since I last shared with you some of my recent telly loves, and frankly I don’t know why. I often spend my work day chatting my recent watch list and in a world where we all google before we watch, I wanted to provide my ‘expert’ opinion on some of my recent watches.

So, grab your duvet, light some candles – you’re about to become a couch slob and become truly addicted to some pretty ace tv series.

Sex Education – Series 2

You’ll like this if you love ………….. The Inbetweeners

Tell me about it. It would be hard for you not to have heard about Sex Education one way or another. Since it dropped on Netflix last year, the first , and now second season, offers plenty of laughs and cringe worthy scenes too.

Sex Ed follows Otis, a student who sets up a sex counseling service for his class mates, solving trivial and often hilarious sex advice.

It’s utterly hilarious, full of warm and relatable characters, cringe-worthy situations and even emotional encounters. Sex education is everything you should expect from a Netflix series that tackles current issues whilst remaining witty and comedic. Jump on the bandwagon and watch pronto.

How can I watch it? Netflix – both series 1 and 2 available to stream.

White House Farm

You’ll like this if you love ………….. The Widower

Tell me about it. You know how much I LOVE a crime drama, and the fact it’s based on true events gets me clicking play quicker than Tom Hardy in boxers!

White House Farm is a 6 part series following the true investigation of the deaths of the Bamber family in 198. All 5 family members were shot with the original suspicion being that Shelia shot all her family, before turning the gun on herself. However, many start to suspect this isn’t a murder suicide and much rather the only surviving Bamber member did it himself.

I will say that it is a little long winded, but all the same, it’s a pretty twisted story, so I can understand why.

How can I watch it? ITV – all episodes available to watch on ITV Hub.

Deadwater Fell

You’ll like this if you love …………..

Tell me about it. Another crime drama and this one has become a favorite of mine. With a stella cast ( David Tennant ), this gripping, raw and emotional crime drama series is one to watch pronto.

A tragic house fire kills three children and the mother, with only the father surviving. There’s a lot of victims in this one, and similar to White House Farm, not everything is as simple as it may seem.

How can I watch it? All episodes available to watch for Free on 4OD.

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

You’ll like this if you love ………….. The Staircase, Making a Murderer.

Tell me about it. A pretty quick Netflix series, again a true crime documentary and one that truly intrigued me as I delved further into the story. Aaron Hernandez was a pretty huge American football player, unbeknownst to anyone else, even after murdering someone!

Me and my husband loved this one, and that’s saying something if he’s sticking around to watch it!

How can I watch it? Available to watch with a Netflix Subscription .

What have you been watching lately? Anything I should be watching? As always, get chatting in the comment section below.

5 Must watch TV shows

Here we go again, 5 Shows on telly that I have been binging these last couple of weeks. Many I would expect, you to have watched or heard about and really I’m just here to pass my superior knowledge of Netflix, boxsets and binge sessions to you.

It’s no secret that I love watching something new, or at least something I haven’t seen before. Whether it be an old BBC drama series, or the new and latest Netflix original. So what have I been watching these past couple of weeks? Well…..

The Haunting on Hill House – Netflix

You must have heard about this one. Apparently it’s been scaring viewers shitless since it hit Netflix just last week. And being a horror fan, I just had to give it a go (even if my husband wouldn’t join me). I am currently 6 episodes in and gagging to finish it entirely. The plot is twisty and turny and every episode is guaranteed to scare. I must admit, I’m only turning my phone to take my eye’s off the screen in fear of what’s to come.

The Plot : A young family move into Hill House to renovate and sell. However the family experience hauntings, some of which follow them into adulthood. It fleets between childhood and present day, to unveil the strange and chilling activity of Hill house.

Literally, I couldn’t recommend this series more to anyone who loves a good horror, or someone looking for a truly gripping series to sink their teeth into!

The Bodyguard – BBC

Well, haven’t the BBC been busy creating some pretty killer TV shows of late! The craze started with the Bodyguard. Admittedly, I waited for the series to finish live so I could just binge. Even the hubby enjoyed this one, and for a whole week we enjoyed the series. If you haven’t already, jump on the bandwagon and watch, watch, watch!

The Cry – BBC

Possibly an unpopular opinion, since everyone seems to be a lover for The Bodyguard, but so far, I have loved The Cry MORE than The Bodyguard. I understand it can be a hard watch, but the twist and turns of this drama has kept me involved from beginning to end.

The Plot :  A couple head to Australia and upon arrival, have their baby taken from their own car. I won’t say much else but the drama takes you on the journey of the truth behind the disappearance of baby Noah.

Killing Eve – BBC

ANOTHER BBC PROGRAMME??? You Bet!!! Killing Eve isn’t as serious as the other BBC dramas, and carries a little comedy throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one, since It was pretty easy to watch and it wasn’t as morbid as the previous BBC programmes. However, it is a little on the gory side, so watch out if it’s not something you’re keen on.

American Horror Story : Apocalypse – FOX

OFCOURSE I have been catching the latest AHS series to hit our screens. With every new series that comes from AHS, I always do wonder whether I will like and enjoy it as much as the last ones. And yeah, I have been thinking it once again with this series, however, It just seems to be getting interesting. As with every series, I urge you to give it a go, especially with this one intertwining previous series into this one.

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So yeah, 5 programmes I have been binging, raving about and enjoying these past couple of weeks. I will sure watch some new shows and update you on my thoughts. As you know, what’s the week if I haven’t watched endless Netflix hours?

Read : 5 Things to watch on Netflix

So yeah, 5 programmes I have been binging, raving about and enjoying these past couple of weeks. I will sure watch some new shows and update you on my thoughts. As you know, what’s the week if I haven’t watched endless Netflix hours?

What have you been watching as of late?

What should I start watching?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

5 Things to watch on Netflix NOW – Sept ’18

HEY PALS – It me, the gal who watches all the Netflix in the world every bloody night. Yup! So, as September starts and Autumn is edging near – whoppeee, I’ve collected the best of the best on Netflix at the mo, and what you need to watch if you haven’t already

Unforgotten – Series 1 & 2

I was totes late to the party on this one, and yeah its pretty old, but with series 3 still on ITV hub, now is as good time as any to join the clan. This detective British Drama is another superb series that will have you gripped on every episode. Each series follows a new murder and the guest to find the killer ina historical case. A must watch, especially if your a fan of Luther and Line of Duty.

American Horror Story – Cult

Yes, I watched these when it came out, but now being on Netflix, its the perfect oppertunity to watch if you haven’t done so already! It terrified me as always, and if anything disturbed me more than all the others. This series focuses on a cult that gathers upon the election of Donald Trump and terrorises an entire neighbourhood. There’s nothing like it!

Dark Tourist

Upon a pal’s recommendation, I started watching this and pretty soon I was nearly at the end of the series. Much like Louis Theroux, David Farrier takes a look into the wild side of the world. Or maybe the weird and dark side. Exploring every continent, he travels across the world to where dark tourism resides and typically involves death and tradegy. Pretty eye opening, and disturbing at times.

White Gold 

This is a lighter watch, especially following on from the previous 3 watches. It was on BBC2 and since being on Netflix I actually got around to watching it, and its bloddy hilarious. Featuring Jay and Simon from the Inbetweeners and Chuck from Gossip Girl, its a pretty stellar line up. This comedy follows 3 double glazing salesman in the 80s selling ‘white gold’.


Again, another recommendation and possibly the best yet! Ever heard of Pablo Escobar? Probably. I hadn’t, yet this series opened my eyes up to the world he created as a drug lord. Follow the rise and fall of Escobar as American cops try and catch, and imprision Escobar. I feel like im not really selling it, but yanno, don’t wanna say too much. There are subtitles on this one, but totally worth it – promise!

There we have just some of what I’ve been watching over the last weeks and months. I cannot tell you how much I love Netflix and the array of films and programmes it has on there.

I’m not getting paid to say this, and no I don’t work for Netflix, I’m just the biggest fan!

Get it, if not, you’ll be missing out on pretty impressive content!

What you been watching?

Anything I need to try?

As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Five Things you need to watch on Netflix NOW!

It really is peak Netflix and Chill season.

It’s dark before we even get home from work, it’s nippy out and all of a sudden, however much sleep we get, it’s never enough. Energy levels are at a all time low, and well we need activities that require minimal if not no effort!

And so Netflix and chill is the peeeerfect activity.

On a week day, or over an entire weekend. It will not disappoint. And we have plenty of  ‘not to be missed telly’ just waiting for you to click and watch.

So grab your cuppa and sink your teeth into these 5 things you NEEED to watch on Netflix NOW!

– Confession Tapes –

I LOVE a good crime drama, real life documentary series, and this is it. In one bundle. Hour long episodes of real crimes, with real people who have wrongly confessed to a crime they didn’t commit. Gripping, gruelling and utterly shocking.

It’s a series you do not have to indulge hour by hour, but certainly is a series you can dip in and out of inbetween other series.

– The Crown –

Yep, I have mentioned this before, but I will again, since it seems not many have been one to give it a go. What is better than a series from behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace and Downing street?
Eye opening, gripping and will complelety give you respect and love for the Royal family and the Queen. 

– Stranger Things –

You’ve probably heard so much about it, and maybe like me, you hadn’t watched it straight away. Thing is, you’re missing out, big time. Bite the bullet and settle down to give it a go. Tied with horror, science fiction and admittedly a little weird, it certianly is in a category of its own. But its lined with slight comedy values and some bloody good characters and soundtracks.

I promise it will not disappoint. I am currently just 4 episodes in and hooked!! Get started on it now!

– American Horror Story – 

I have a mad crush on everything and anything to do with American Horror Story. I have mentioned this show countless times I know, but honestly it’s on of my all time favourites. Every season is a different horror story. From a haunted house, asylum, coven and more, there is always a scare around the corner. The cast are superb, story lines are fascinating and you will never be disappointed.

Watch, watch, watch!!

– Black Mirror – 

This is one of the best shows I think I have ever watched. Gripping, strange and really rather scary. Not scary on a American Horror Story level, but on a ‘oh my god this could be the future’ kinda way. This is a fairly old series, and if you haven’t heard about it, then where have you been?

Find all series on Netflix now and catch up on the series sure to blow your mind!

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