The year of IDGAF

I really wish I was born being one of those that don’t give two hoots on what anyone else thinks. But, I was blessed with an overthinking mind which often worried what everyone else thought of me. Am I cool? Am I nice? Do people want to be friends with me? Do I look on … Read more

2019 : My Year

HELLO 2019 — Happy New Year!!! I start my first post of 2019 ( whatttttt ), with a very quick thank you! Whether you have followed me for numerous years, or become a new, friendly face, thank you for sticking by. I won’t ramble on, but last year saw me really push my passion. I … Read more

2018 : A year in images

What a year! 2018 was a cracking year with so many achievements, happiness and life long experiences. On a personal level, it’s the best year of my life.  I travelled the world, more than I have in a while. Experienced new places, met new people, pushed myself professionally and made life changing commitments.  It was … Read more