Prepping for Puppy Parenthood

I have always wanted a dog for my own. Having a family dog came quiet late for me and pets were usually hamsters and rabbits. Our cheeky Cocker Spaniel, Chester, came bouncing into our home during my second year of Uni. And as much as I was away, I still fell in love with him and relished having him as part of the family.

But I quickly purchased my own home and moved out with my husband, leaving Chester very much the family dog I didn’t have complete responsibility for.

As we started house hunting, I toyed and joked about us expanding our brood by four fluffy paws and my husband was very, very cautious. We live fairly selfish lives, and having had nothing to care and be responsible for before, we weren’t sure if we could take the plunge. So we parked the idea.

Fast forward 6 weeks, and my Uncles two Cockapoos had their very first litter. Like a twist of fate, the litter of 5 puppies included just one boy and we just knew we had to jump at the chance. It’s not every day you know both the mother and father doggos come from a good home.

Once we had confirmed our property, and my parents had agreed the puppy could move in with us, it was a given and we started visiting our puppy, from as little as 4 weeks old. With each visit, we fall more and more in love with him and his growing personality.

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But, of course, there is a lot to prep for when it comes to our new addition. Even when living back with your parents. Luckily, my current work situation means I can be around the puppy at all times. Plus we have another dog to guide him into a routine, so hopefully there won’t be too much indoor poop and wee!

Aside from the aesthetically and oh so cute bits and bobs ( leads, collars, name tags ), there’s the insurance, crate, vets bills, puppy pads, bed and so much more.

We have just 4 days to go until our world will be flipped by a little fluff ball. Our late morning starts and free-spirit attitude will be quickly replaced with midnight toilet breaks and worrying for the destruction after leaving the house for just a couple of hours.

Are you a puppy parent? Any advice for a first timer? Leave you advice in the comment section below.

ps. Be prepped for plenty of puppy pics.