5 Financial steps I took this month

No one really talks about finance. It’s all a bit taboo really, isn’t it? Hush hush because wages, outgoings and expenditure are all a little personal. And because of this, sometimes we can get in a little pickle that could be avoided if we all just spoke openly about finances. I DESPISE going to the … Read more

Gettin’ Honest

‘That’s private, you shouldn’t tell or talk about that to people.’  How many times has that been drummed into you when it comes to personal health or finances? ‘ I don’t want to tell her, because then she’ll probably go and copy! ‘  How many girls think that when complimented and asked where an item … Read more

A Life Update

Hay Pals. It’s been a fair while since I have posted any kind of personal update. I do apologize and I do know some of you have kinda been looking for one. So here it goes. It’s a real mismatch affair but stick with it, if you fancy of course! General Life We are edging … Read more