Skinny Bakery : A Review

Sometimes I get some ruddy good blogger mail. Actually, scrap that, a lot of the time I get some bloody good blogger mail. And last week was a stream of them! Why? Because I received possibly the best, low calorie cake and cookies you could dream of! Yes, cookies and cakes that aren’t full of … Read more

Twenty Seventeen | A Review

¬†Can I be honest with you, I really thought this year was going to be a blip. One that didn’t hold much in the way of activity for me and my fiancee. One that I would be glad to see the back on because nothing ruddy happened.

Since sooo much did happen in 2016 for us, including moving into our first home, getting a new car and getting bloody engaged, we both felt 2017 would be the tough year of nothing but waiting and saving for the following.

In many ways it has been. Watching the pennies to a certain extent, no wild holidays nor activities and pretty much prepping, planning and preparing for a huge party called a wedding.

Yet, there was also a lot to be proud and happy from in 2017, so much so I have managed to fill a whole post about it!!

Hold your horses and grab a brew, here’s what 2017 entailed for me, and why it wasn’t so much so a ‘blip’ year.

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Blossoming Gifts Review & Giveaway*

I love flowers. Absolutely adore them. The scent and freshness they bring to a room, utter perfection! So when I received a gorgeous bunch this bank holiday weekend, I was ecstatic. Recently, I was approached by Blossoming Gifts to review one of their gorgeous bunches. Picking a bouquet was the hardest decision. They have a … Read more