Starting a new Skincare Routine*

Skincare. It’s not something that’s ever been my strong point. I have never been one to cleanse, moisturize, tone and more. I just felt like it was a faff not bothering with. And yet, whilst I edge closer to my 30s, I realise my skin isn’t that of a hormonal teenager and just my skin.

In recent months, I have been more determined that EVER to get my skin under control. After years of trying prescribed medication, I have took it upon myself to do the best I can to get clean and clear skin.

I have altered my diet and purchased a completely new, and unknown skincare routine in the bid to get a better looking skin with or without make-up! I’ve even nabbed some gorgeous beauty products to help me overhaul my skin once and for all. Here’s what I’m using, and how I am getting on 5 days in!

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Mario Badescu – Essentials Kit – £32

I took a great deal of time researching and asking lots of you for advice for what you find works on acne prone skin.

When looking for a quick fix on a bout of spots on my chin a week or so before my wedding, lots of you pointed me towards the infamous Drying lotion. I was a little nervous, and a cash stricken and didn’t opt for the unknown.

Having been several months further down the line, I decided to take the plunge a purchase a whole Mario Badescu kit that raved improvement on any skin type, including acne prone, combination skin! YAYYYY!

The fabulous essentials kit includes that infamous dying lotion, as well as – Silver Powder, Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, Flower & Tonic Mask and the Enzyme Cleansing Gel.

I have used everything within my new routine, along with Ordinary’s Moisturiser with great results.

I find the Drying Lotion works really well to combat spots, even the hidden, under the skin ones! Yes, it stings a little upon application, but it very quickly dries and works well with even the smallest of applications.

The real WOW product I have found so far is the Silver powder! It’s true magic and have completely reduced my pores and my blackheads in just one application. I honestly can’t get over it!

I will say, with everything, it seems to make your skin slightly worse, especially after the drying lotion, but it will get better. Whilst it feels like it’s progressing my spots, they are in no way as bad as they usually would be and disappear as quickly as they arrive!

Velvet make-up storage and illuminating mirror

The best bit? My new, amazing skincare routine I seemed to have fallen in love with, has pride of place in my top compartment of my vanity case! With the purposeful dividers, every aspect of my routine has it’s own space. Plus, I have space for my make-up for when I chose to wear it!

I even have a gorgeous, LED lit mirror which nicely shows all my imperfections, but allows me to work on my skin easily. With it’s easy touch on and off button, it makes applying the Drying Lotion so easy. My husband has even been using to it to trim those stray hairs from his beard!

Both were kindly gifted by Beautify, just in time for my new skincare rituals. I cannot wait to take the case away with me on my summer travels!

Shop your perfect beauty case and mirror on Beautify.

Whilst this is the first of many skincare posts, I have already found huge confidence in taking control and trying new things when it comes to my skin. Having only used for a matter of days, I am so excited to see how much impact these products have on my skin, and my confidence!

What skincare products do you use? Do you want to see more of my skin journey? Catch me on the gram for regular story updates!

Pampering my skin with Tropic Skincare*

Skincare is something we all either follow religiously or forget all together and unfortunately, I am the latter. Despite being told on the regular that a skincare routine is vital, I am still a lazy sausage when it comes to applying moisturiser and generally taking care of my skin. 

Bearing in mind I don’t really follow a routine, I was really rather eager to find and use a skincare brand that worked well with me and did the job – ofcourse! 

Tropic Skincare isn’t a brand I had some across before, so when I was approached to try some of their products I was hoping they would transform my skincare routine. They are Animal Cruelty Free, contain all natural ingredients and are Vegan friendly and are certified by The Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I was so impressed with all these features, I just hoped their products stood up. 

I was kindly gifted a range of Body butter ‘whips’ and a selection of beautifully fragrant bath foams. Being a true lover of baths, especially in the winter, I was thrilled to try something that could help me relax and soften my skin. 

Mini Whipped Body Velvet collection

The body butter whips, again beautiful in fragrance, help retain moisture and feel absolutely amazing on your skin.  They help nourish and repair skin, whilst softening skin too.  

There were a range of scents, including Pomelo, Passion Fruit and Coconut. All 3 are packed with fantastic ingredients that help create a buttery texture, delicious scent and deliver anti-ageing, repairing properties. 

This stunning collection is just £28.00. Receive 10% off your order by ordering through Amy Price – Tropic Ambassador. Join here Facebook group to gain exclusive access to the most stunning products! 

Luxury Bath Foam Collection 

As mentioned, I am a hugeeeee bath lover. The cold winter nights make the perfect setting for a long, warm soak in a bath. 

Of course, teamed with Netflix and some candles, it makes the perfect time to unwind, relax and even nourish your skin.

Thankfully, Tropic skincare bath foams do just that. They describe it as a soothing blanket and honestly, they’re spot on. These gorgeous bath foams create a bath that softens your skin from the moment you dip a toe in. 

Packed with natural ingredients, including Aloe Vera and coconut, these foams will help soothe, nourish and cleanse skin. 

Once again, they came in 3 sumptuous scents including Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut, Passion Fruit and Ginger Lily, and Monoi and Orange Flower.

This must have collection is just £22.00. Receive 10% off your order by ordering through Amy Price – Tropic Ambassador. Join here Facebook group to gain exclusive access to the most stunning products! 

So how did I get on?

You better believe it lived up to my expectations. These products have become a firm favourite. The Bath foams and Body whips work so well together. The scents alone make them irresistible. They sit rather comfortably on my bath shelf and even my hubby reaches for them! 

How do you get yourself some goodies?

To get yourself some of their gorgeous skincare products, be sure to use a Tropic Ambassador like Amy. She can direct and help you choose gorgeous products for your every day needs. Tropic Skincare have a stunning overall range including Skincare, Bath and Body, Make-up and Hair care! 

Amy can even offer you some discount! The easiest way to grab some Tropic Skincare goodies is to join and shop via Amy’s Facebook group! Here you can discuss new and upcoming products, as well as exclusive discounts! 

I can’t wait to try some more products and share with you some more goodies! 

Have you ever tried Tropic Skincare? 

*This post is a collaborative piece. These items were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own

Men’s Skincare: Why Your Partner Needs A Good Skincare Routine*

The man in your life may not appreciate the importance of men’s skincare. Here’s why a good skincare routine is important!

As us girls know, looking after your skin is important. Not only does it keep us clean and spot free for the most part, but it also can help to slow down signs of ageing; always a plus! Now, where men are concerned, most of the population aren’t aware of how effective a regular skincare routine can be to their skin. Encouraging the man in your life to take those simple steps in the morning and evening can really improve their skin, and they’ll thank you in the long run! So, why is men’s skincare essential for your partner, and which products are the best to invest in?

The importance of men’s skincare.

No matter how much they might deny it, looking after male skin is just as important as female. A man’s skin can still be placed in the same normal, oily or combination categories, and there are still products out there to suit each individual skin type. It’s very important to look after and repair the skin wherever possible.

Shaving can damage your skin.

Shaving a beard can tug, tear and tussle with the skin. It can leave it irritated and rough to the touch, making it rather uncomfortable. Men’s skincare can help by soothing and repairing the damage caused by razors or trimmers, helping to get your skin back on track. Shaving products by The English Shaving Company can ensure your partner’s skin is revitalised and looked after every time they shave. The best premium products work wonders, no matter what your skin type!

A man’s skin tends to be oilier than a females.

Because of this, it’s essential to put a skincare routine in place to balance it. You can find a whole load of skincare products on the market to care for different types of skin. Some products can

completely strip away all of the skin’s natural oils and moisture levels, so handpicking the right ones will help to keep that balance.

You’re not invincible to the sun’s rays!

Sometimes, men can neglect that sunscreen when the sun shows its face. No wonder they tan so well! In fact, not using sunscreen is particularly dangerous as the skin is then exposed to those harmful rays from the sun. It’s important to prep the skin before and after being out in the sun, so starting the day with an SPF lotion is the best idea, followed by a cooling moisturiser in the evening.

What can be done to help?

We need to encourage more men to act when it comes to a good skincare routine. From being supporting to generally giving advice about the different products out there, we can quickly get men on track to really look after their skin in the right way.

Give them a crash course.

A lot of men come across as clueless where skincare is concerned. Most of us females are usually pretty clued up when it comes to caring for our skin, so we can inform them about what could be good for their skin, and the types of products to use on different areas of their face. Stock the cupboard up with skincare essentials including gentle skin wipes, face wash and moisturisers and set some time aside to explain the advantages!

Get the right products.

From the right razor to a facial moisturiser, the right products are essential to keep your skin looking fresh and to prevent early ageing. For a morning and evening routine, start the day with a cleansing facewash followed by a light moisturiser to prevent your skin from drying out. After a shave, use a good quality aftershave to soothe and disinfect.


Encouraging men to exfoliate twice a week could prove to be a little difficult. However, when discussing its benefits, it’s clear to see that it’s an essential part of any skincare routine. It’s all well and good using a moisturiser, but without exfoliating first, you’ll not be seeing the full benefit. It can give a brighter complexion and help to minimise lines or wrinkles.

Men’s skincare isn’t ‘too much work’!

Men may try to brush off the idea of skincare as they believe searching for the right products is a pain and is too time consuming. In fact, these days, it couldn’t be easier. With more skincare stores around and mums, wives and daughters at hand to give advice, finding the right products to use is simple.

How do you encourage the man in your life to have a great skincare routine?

Let us know in the comments!

**This post was in collaboration with The English Shaving Company, who sell the finest beard and skincare products. For more information about their products or for expert advice, visit their website:

Beauty products I cannot do without – Aug’18

There has been a lot of skincare changes in recent weeks in my bathroom! Before the wedding, I went into panic mode as my skin seemed to explore with enormous and rather painful spots! And then there was the recovery effort after wearing make-up in the sweltering heat and then there was the drowning my skin in moisture effort as I was overexposed on honeymoon.

Whilst August hasn’t been the best month for my skin, there have been atleast 3 proucts that have found their way to being my fav these last couple of weeks in atleast giving me hope and confidence in my skin!

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R.E.N – Perfect Canvas

This stuff is ruddy beautiful. I apply every morning after cleansing and honestly, it works wonders. Whilst this product works wonderfully under your make-up, I have found my skin looks so full using it, I have been using it without makeup. Applies beautifully and leaves my skin looking and feeling revitalised. A real staple in my morning routine!

Skin Kissed

I started using this product before my wedding and honeymoon and honestly cannot stop using! It leaves my skin feeling plumped and even helps with the appearance of spots. Since arriving home, my skin has certainly been troublesome, but after re-applying every night, its really helped the overall appearance of my skin!

MAC – Half n Half

I have had this lippie for a few months and in love with the shade. I don’t tend to wear much makeup if any at all, but If I want to spruce myself up without using foundation, I always grab this shade. Subtle and long-wearing, it’s perfect for these in-between seasons and autumn!

Like I mentioned, I don’t tend to use much make-up and since coming home from honeymoon, I have been trying to get my skin back to it’s better state. These products have sure been a staple in my routine these last couple of weeks.

Have you been using some must buy products?

Any I should be trying in September?

As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x