Ten things I want to do in America

Is there really anywhere better to explore and experience than the USA? Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway or a city break, the US has everything to offer!

You really can experience many places, seasons and exhilarating attractions in just one country. 
Whilst I have been to a couple of the USA hot spots, there is still so much I want to do and see. 
Whether it’s Route 66 or the Grand Canyon, there is lots that can be found on my USA bucket list.
Here’s my top 10: 
Watch a NBA Game 
Since me and my fiancée are mega Basketball fans (him more so than me), I am sooo eager for us to experience a NBA game for ourselves. Basketball games are so lively, and quick, I find it so exciting and entertaining to watch.

Being fans of the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors, we could even visit two gorgeous cities too. A stop over for a game in NYC and LA is a historic must too! 

Go to Vegas
The bright lights and frills of Las Vegas doesn’t appeal to everyone, granted, but I really want to experience it for myself! The multiple hotels, malls and experiences you can do in Vegas alone does seem like the ultimate adult ‘Disneyland’. Ideally, me and A would visit before sprogs come along so we can really let our hair down! 

Drive Route 66
The infamous route 66 is something I really want to do! Whether it’s in a shabby chic soft top or flashy sports car, driving down route 66, exploring cities and towns along the way sounds like the right way to experience the real America.
Some times, whilst going to the big cities and tourism driving areas of America, I don’t feel like I get the real american vibe. 

Spend Christmas Day in NYC 
I honestly don’t think there is anything more magical nor festive than a city like New York, under snow over Christmas. The twinkle lights and many department stores full of festive favourites and stunning decorations. I would literally love to spend the Christmas period, including Christmas Day in the city. Take in the sights, wander central park and ice skate on the pond – perfect! 

Visit Niagara Falls 
And of course jump on the maiden mist because I wanna get soaked underneath the falls. Unfortunately, I haven’t been that far North of America, and what better reason than to visit Niagara falls! A true spectacular I really want to experience. 

Explore Yellowstone Park 
Nothing looks more beautiful than Yellowstone. With so many waterfalls, pools and other gorgeous scenery to explore, I am so eager to get to Yellowstone in a classic RV and experience it in a true american fashion. Hopefully we get to go sooner rather than later, I really feel like a natural adventure!

Visit the original Disneyland
I am so lucky to have been to both Paris and Florida Disneyland. However, I will not be content until I venture to the original park in California. There’s just something that the California Disneyland seems to offer that all the others don’t and I want to find that!

Revisit San Francisco 
I love San Francisco and the history it holds. Despite haven’t been there before, it on top if my revisit list since it’s so beautiful and vibrant. And whilst I am there, I can see my Golden State Warriors play at home!!

Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon 
Once again, it’s another natural aspect of America I haven’t experienced as of yet. Neither have I experiences a Helicopter, so this would cover both aspects. A helicopter ride over and in the grand canyon looks truly spectacular, and a perfect way to see the canyon is it’s full glory. For sure on must do list!

Sequoia National Park 
The park looks truly amazing and so breathtaking. I love the national parks America has to offer and this is one in California. Once again, there’s falls, rocks and even tree tunnels to explore on road less trials.  Some of the area is off limits, but the majority of the park is open to explore. Once again, I really fancy a real wilderness venture, so it looks perfect!

I really hope some of these top trips can be planned for next year. I love looking forward to experiencing new things, and hopefully me and A can experience these as newlyweds!!

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