Universal Studios – Singapore

I have been posting ALL my shinegans in Singapore from my honeymoon and honestly, its been tough. We did SO much whilst there, it has kinda felt like I don’t really know where to start. I understand these posts have been coming in real dribs and drabs, and I am determined to get the all posted before I start hitting the 2 months since we returned – which is quickly approaching! 

On my LAST post, I shared with you our experience at Gardens by the Bay. Stunning place and a must see attraction for the city! The second most memorable activity we had earmarked shall we say, was of course Universal Studios.

It was one of the first things fellow travellers commented on, and once we had flights booked, I had sworn we would visit.

We try and choose a day that we could a) get there with our bus pass, and b) would be a day that we could recover from. We had both been to Florida before and understood completely how a whole day of acting like kids, can take out of you energy wise. We decided on the Friday and eagerly researched rides and shows.

The GREAT thing about Universal Singapore was the resort it was nestled in. Sentosa island is a whole world of fun, food and hotels. Not only was there Universal Studios, but a whole playground of aquariums, beaches and more. We were desperate to see the whole area, however we lacked real time to enjoy it.

Alas, Universal studios was an aspect we would enjoy and headed there early Friday morning.

Since it was our honeymoon, we purchased ‘express’ tickets that were valid on every ride once. Although they really weren’t, but we will get back to that bit later.

We queued for roughly an hour and a half of before finally entering the park. If you have ever been to Universal Studios, which we both had before, it felt like every other! The main street led to a lake, with different sections surrounding the lake.

It was no way the biggest Universal studios, but it did have some awesome looking rides! As many westernised parks, it had various ‘areas’ that had different themes including Jurassic Park, Far Far Away and New York. Each ‘land’ had it’s own assortment of different rides. As thrill seekers, we were eye balling the big guys, but were determined to get on every ride possible – the express ticket would work a treat! 

Being such a small park however, every bloody ride had atleast an hour queue time, which was stifling in the 34 degree heat! Oh, and that express ticket, it was only valid once on every ride, and didn’t actually cover every ride! PLUS, in this park, some rides you could not take your bags through the queue and had to leave them in designated lockers, which after a certain time, would cost you to re-open! RIDICULOUS.

Apart from that, there were no other qualms. We had an absolute ball enjoying the park and sooo glad we ventured there for the day. It’s no way the best Universal Studios park out there, and chances are in several years it will have much more to offer. For now, its a great place for thrill seekers to get their kicks!

Have you ever been to Universal Studios?

Fancy heading there?

ps. sorry there’s not many snaps from around the park, literally melting and near fainting most of the time we were there!