5 Quick Dinners to make this Valentines Day

Valentines day is TOMORROW and many of us would agree that going out, mid-week isn’t the most appealing activity. Been hard at work girl! So, many of us will be lingering in the kitchen wondering on what to cook.

You really don’t want to be spending your entire romantic evening slogging over a stove, so I’ve grabbed some real quick, easy and diet friendly dinners that you can cook this Valentines Day!

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Cod & Chorizo Stew

Fancy something on the fishy side? Well this is a perfectttt meal to cook. The combination of cod and chorizo is pretty tasty, and even someone who isn’t a huge fish lover ( like me ) will enjoy this one!

In just 27 mins, you and your valentine will be wining and dining in little to no time!

Complete your V-Day meal with a super speedy Strawberry cheesecake!


Vegetarian Chili

This is the easiest chili you will make and it has 4 of your 5 a day too1 In just 32 minutes you’ll have a Valentines Day worthy meal suiting both Vegetarians and vegans alike!

This is perfect if you really don’t want to be cooking this V-Day!

Finish off your lazy meal with a quick mug cake.


All American T-Bone

Meat lovers, rejoice at a good old steak this Valentines Day! It’s quick and tasty and is the perfect meal to surprise and wow your Valentine this year.

Whether you are a peppercorn sauce kinda gal, with chunky chips and a beef tomato or not, make a steak the staple meat piece in your Valentines Dinner.

Complete your romantic dinner with some gorgeous sticky cinnamon figs!


Vegan Ramen

Need something warming, tasty and of course vegan? Oh, and want it in just 25 minutes? I have justttt the meal. The vegan ramen is certainly packing some flavor and is a super easy meal to make this Valentines Day!

End on a high with super easy, Vegan meringues.


Thai Green Curry

Saving the pennies but want a take-away dinner tonight? Grab the cooking utensils and make this quick Thai Green Curry! This is one that will surely impress your Valentines and only takes 30minutes! Packing a punch and super creamy, this is a must try this year!

Finish off with a delicious, gluten free Chocolate ganache & salted caramel brittle desert!

What will you be creating in the kitchen this Valentines Day? Hopefully I have inspired you to get creative this year! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Date Ideas for V-Day

It’s the week before the day of LOVE, or Valentines Day if you’re a little confuzzled. Prior warning, I have LOTS of content on it’s way to surprise and dazzle your partner this Valentines Day, so stay tuned! Whilst many of us like to think Valentines day will come and go quickly, my husband included, you cannot get away or stop yourself getting swept up in the magic of declaring your love!

So what have you got planned for V-Day?

If your answer is ‘not sure yet‘ or ‘probs the same as last year‘, then stick around, I have some super cute plans that you can arrange for v-day itself or the weekend after for a cute AF V-Day weekend!


It may not be the best weather for a picnic, but who said it had to be outdoors? My now husband planned a super cute picnic in our newly bought first home a couple of valentines day’s ago. We had a blanket, lots of food and drink and we just enjoyed each others company whilst eating tasty food.

Take your significant other on a indoor or outdoor picnic for little expenditure and they will surely be overwhelmed by the thought!

Day Out

Fancy taking the day off work and spend quality time together? Explore local sights, visit the capital or just go and experience something you never have before.

There are lots of day out activities to be shared, including some cute and rather romantic ones too.

Chocolate making, wine tasting, go karting or paint balling. Whether for him or her, there are plenty of days out that would be a perfect V-Day date!

A home cooked meal

Are they the usual cook, who often moans when they have to slog it in the kitchen ?

Take the pressure off them for one night only and cook an indulgent, but simple home meal.

Whether it be a steak plate, hand crafted burger or typically romantic spag bowl, there are lots of simple and quick dinners to make this Valentines Day!

And no, you needn’t be a Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen to pull them off!

If you need some ideas on what to cook, I have you covered in this post.

Take away and Binge Night

Neither feel like cooking? Take away it is!

Order in with little hassle and binge on a series you’ve been meaning to catch, or enjoy a movie saga you haven’t in a while.

Whatever you’re watching, enjoy with no cooking and some much needed downtime, together!

Pamper night in, accompanied by a film

Run a bath bursting with bubbles. Grab a couple of face masks. And of course light a load of candles. Truly indulge and relax in the comfort of your own home, and finish off the evening with a film.

This is the perfect date night activity if you both have busy work lives and mid-week activities that mean a mid week V-Day celebration needs to be as chilled as possible.

If you really wanna slog it, order in a pizza too and no one has to do too much work!

If you need some movie or telly ideas, catch what I have been watching here.

Make a weekend of it!

Why not use V-Day as the perfect excuse to go away.

Stick to this country and enjoy the countryside, rural Britain or a bustling city.

Escape to a cottage or lush it up in a swanky hotel. Whatever escape you choose, your date will be buzzing to get away from home and enjoy some away time with you.

Perfect locations include Peak District, Lake District and Stratford Upon Avon.

Of course, there’s plenty more, but a dreamy hotel in these locations look sooo romantic!

What do you have planned for Valentines day?

Any last minute tips?

Him & Her Valentines Gift Guide 2019*

With V-Day, or the day of love, just around the corner, I have gathered some of the best, unusual, but equally lovable gifts from across the interweb for you to grab this year!

This packed gift guide includes gift bundles bursting with Artisan snacks, home accessories anyone would fall for, and bottles of bubbly for V.Day morning.

So stick around for this super V-Day gift guide that will help you purchase the perfect ‘ I Love you’ gift that will knock their socks off!

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Him & Her Phone Cases

CaseApp – £22.00 each

Say I love you by protecting their most prized posession – their phone of course!

Caseapp have a hugeeee range of stunning, personable and unique phone cases for iPhones and more.

Have your favourite couple image, or a great pre-designed case ordered for them this V-Day.

Only valid till the end of FEB so buy now!

Love Letter Cookies

Love SnowBerry – £12.50

Want to gift something superrr tasty and really pretty! Here’s the gift for you! This gorgeous box of 8 Valentines Ices Biscuits is a great gift to show the love this V-Day.

Plus, they taste just as good as they look. So, if you’re other half loves food as much as you, this the perfect, budget friendly gift!

Candy Red Headphones

Argos – £19.99

Gamers partners, rejoice! This is the perfect gift if you want to keep it in keeping to their current love – gaming!

Equipped with a mic, and volume control, these headphones are great for gaming, and yet multi-fuctional for music too. Everyone loves a useful prezzie and this is the perfect v-day one.

They are red after all.

With love – Bottle of Prosecco

Sparkling Direct – £28.50

Nothing says I love you more than a bottle of fizzy. Show the love with this gorgeous, boxed bottle of Prosecco, all perfectly packaged and arrives cold, ready to pop open on Valentines Morning.

If Prosecco isn’t their tipple, have no fear, Sparkling direct do a hugeeee range of gift boxed bottles of tipple, including wiskey, rum and wine!

The Man Box

Ross & Ross – £22.00

This little box of goodies is packed with everything your man would love, including some super indulgent, delicious snacks and beer!

This British foodie box is full of delicious British artisan snacks and includes some delicious chutney, pork crackling, salami and lager.

Hat Box Artificial Flower arrangement

Ruby Roses Flowers – £18

If you’re on the ball, you will recogonise these gorgeous blooms from my earlier post. I just had to include these into this guide because they really are the best way to get roses that will forever last this Valentines Day!

Read the full review post here.

The perfect flowers to gift this Valentines Day*

Flowers are a must on Valentines Day. Nothing says I love you quiet like a big bunch of Roses. The kind that look utterly perfect. Although, it can be tough to find the perfect bunch, and pretty pricey too!

You may not have considered it, but artificial flowers are a great alternative, and will be life lasting too! I was very kindly gifted this stunning hat box filled with artificial, Pink roses by Ruby Roses Flowers, to celebrate Valentines Day!

This stunning arrangement is just £23, and honestly I am stunned at the quality. The flowers, which are foam, look gorgeous and are finished off nicely with a little sparkle. Using glitter and diamantes, this arrangement is sure to be a centerpiece and sparkle, wherever used!

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So, why buy artificial?

Whilst real flowers are stunning and fragrant, they don’t tend to last too long. Choosing an artificial bunch this Valentines will make sure your flowers last as long as your love ( corny AF, but had to! )

Ruby Roses Flowers offers a hugeeee range of Hatbox arrangements, including vibrant and romantic Red Roses in gorgeous black boxes. Starting at just £12.00, it’s never been easier, or more budget friendly to treat your special person to some gorgeous roses!

So, whether you want to point your man to some lifelong roses, or treat yourself to some ever lasting blooms, be sure to check out the gorgeous arrangements on Ruby Roses Flowers now.

Shop Ruby Roses Flowers on Etsy, and visit her social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook too!

Do you get flowers for Valentines?

How would you like some lifelong ones this year? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

FREE Valentines Day Date Night Ideas

It was a good couple of months ago that I posted some FREE date night ideas for you and your boo, and thankfully the post and my ideas went down a storm!!

P.s you can catch that one just here if you fancy — FREE Date night alternatives 

With Valentines Day looming, and many of us scrambling with ideas on what to, I thought I’d do another post. Whether it’s a first date you’re going on, or a romantic evening you’re dedicating to your long-term partner, I have you covered on virtually free activities to consider this Valentines Day Date Night.

Date Night Picnic

My lovely fiancée did this for me a couple of years ago and involved a picnic basket, cushions, a blanket and a meal deal. Whilst it may not sound too Romeo and Juliet, he took me too our new home we had recently completed on and it was a complete surprise. It involved little to no effort granted, but it was a super thoughtful and a romantic idea! Why not take your date to somewhere rural, or even to yours for a sit down round a picnic basket. Fill it luxurious snacks, some wine and small talk. It can be a lovely change from the drone of a restaurant or your usual dining table.

A home cooked meal

This is nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal by candle light. And what’s better, you can make whatever you fancy. Whether you opt for a nice Mexican, classic Italian or fancy a home-made curry, the possibilities are endless. And what’s better, you don’t have to make it too complicated!

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Board Game competition

If like me and my fiancée you like a bit of competition, why not bring it to light on Valentines. Grab a bottle of wine, stick on some music and play your favourite board game together. Not only is it something for just the two of you, but it gives you time away from screens, social media and others.

Why not raise the stakes with the loser giving a massage?

At home pamper

It may not seem soooo masculine, but I’m pretty sure after some pampering and feeling super soft skin of his own, he will be ruddy glad you suggested this one. Grab some much needed relaxation after a hard day at work on Valentines day. Make sure you have some face masks, candles and soothing music to hand, and truly unwind after dinner.

Not only will you have looked after, pampered skin. But it gives you both the chance to relax and natter together. Without any Fifa, movie or work to distract you!

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Movie night

If all else fails, and you don’t fancy going out and experiencing any one else this valentines, grab some movies and snuggle down. This can be the perfect occupant to the home-cooked meal or even date night picnic. If you don’t fancy a movie, why not binge on a series or two neither have watched. I would personally recommend ‘End of the f**king world ‘ as a series which is both hilarious yet gripping.

Late night walk

In this fresh, rather crisp weather we all seem to be enduring, it may seem pretty crazy to venture on a walk. But needs must when you neither want to spend too much cash, but need to get off the sofa and out the house. Walk off that home-made cooked dinner and venture out. Even if it is round the block. I promise you, you both will open up and will be the much needed stretch your legs needed!

What are your plans this V-Day? 

Any ideas that should be on my list? 

Let me know in the comment section below! 

Charlotte x

Valentines Day Gifts for her*

Can we believe Valentines day is just around the corner? And as I can imagine, many of us probably haven’t even grabbed any gifts as of yet! Whether you have someone to share it with, or you plan to not celebrate over a glass of bubbly and your nearest girl pals, treat yourself to some of these gorgeous gifts perfect for her.

So this one’s for you. Those late buyers who are getting ahead of the game. Whether you’re looking to buy your partner something nice, or actually fancy a treat this Valentines day, I have gathered some of the best ideas into one stonking Gift guide for you, for her.

Don’t wait for your boyf to nab one of these, grab it for yourself!

Skincare |

Nothing says I love you like a good skincare bundle! With plenty of gorgeous skincare ranges to choose from, it can be a little tricky to pick the perfect one. So finding a skincare range that no only offers diversity, but quality too is a needle in the haystack that should not be ignored! I present L’Occatane. It’s one of my favourite brands of skincare, haircare and beauty since they offer such a range of products that are simply stunning. Their gifts for women is a perfect pamper yourself package or your other half this Valentines day, and nab some of their products for sure!

A nice meal out |

There is nothing nicer than treating your girl, or yourself to a meal out. Whether it be Nandos, or a high end restaurant on your local high street, consider eating out this Valentines day. If you don’t fancy actually going out on Valentines day, since granted it can be a little expensive, why not purchase a gift card to use another time throughout the year! Win win situation and will give her something to look forward to later in the year!

Perfume |

There is nothing more romantic or pampering than a new scent picked for valentines day. With sooo many gorgeous scents to choose from, you’d be right in thinking it can be hard to find a good one. But with plenty of on-line guides and subscription boxes offering multiple scents, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy!

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Teddies |

You may feel a little cheesy this valentines day, orrrr fancy a new teddy to grace your bed. Perfect time is Valentines Day to grab a soppy yet cute oversized teddy! I’m sure she will appreciate it, or at least think it’s corny as hell!

A night away |

If you really feel like pushing the boat out with your misses, or you need a getaway for the night, consider jumping in the car and visiting one of our gorgeous UK cities for a pitt stop. Whether you’re looking for romance or somewhere for peace and tranquillity, you’ll be sure to find a great and quick getaway that will blow her socks off this Valentines Day!

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Roses |

Is it even Valentines day without Roses or some flower type? Exactly! Grab some blooms at your local flower shop, supermarket or get them delivered to her place of work or home. You can even find online companies that will cover the card and teddy department too! Even if you’re treating yourself, flowers are a must and will certainly brighten your home. Don’t worry if Roses aren’t your thing, lilies are just as pretty!!

So whether you have a special someone to buy for this year, or simply fancy spoiling yourself because you are sassy as hell, I hope this lil gift guide has given you a splurge of imagination. There are certainly plenty of ideas out there for everyone. Even if you’re hopeless in the romance department!!

What are your valentines day plans? 

Anything that takes your fancy on my list? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Charlotte x