Our Bank Holiday Weekend PLUS VLOG

Bank holiday weekends really are a gem to behold aren’t they?

Just last weekend saw the first of two bank holidays for this month and wasn’t it a glorious one? Here in the UK we experienced high temperatures for 3 consecutive days, which is a miracle in itself!

As always, I snapped my way through the weekend, and ever tried my hand at some video clippets. I have every intention at starting on Youtube. It’s been something I have been umming and ahhing over forever and since really doing some homework, and thinking a little out of the box, I think I have found my very own way to Vlog.

Cutting a very long story short, my real real passion is writing. I am a journalist by degree and by nature and in no way can I see Youtube becoming my bread and butter so to speak. However,  I do love video and editing! Through my 7 years in further eduction I was creating lots of short films and pieces and loved it. Only thing I do hate is talking to or on camera.

So bear with me, and let me see how it goes, but hopefully I will create my own way to combine the vision of video and the conversation pieces of my blogs to create vlogs and content that works for me, and you.

Anyway, back to the real reason you clicked here…..My Bank Holiday weekend! What a cracking one it was, and contained a lot of driving amongst the gorgeous countryside and sunshine! Here’s what we got up to.

If you’d rather, you can catch my VLOG, or read below if you’d prefer!


Saturday included quiet a lot actually. We headed out the door rather late and hit the road to The Caterham garage in Crawley. My Fiancée has always wanted one and wanted to peak around. But me being me, sat in the car. Unless I start reproducing gold, we won’t afford one for several years. I would like to big up the staff at Caterham though, as Ali had the biggest smile on his face!

After he stopped raving about his 45 mins in heaven, we hit the local shopping centre and popped into H&M for some more honeymoon bits and pieces. I really need to stop shopping because I seem to be growing in items and not in suitcase size!

After spending wayyy to much money, we hit the road back down the coast to Brighton Marina for a Nandos. It was such a gorgeous day / evening and the weather was just stunning!


I didn’t get anyyyy footage from Sunday because it was a pretty busy one.

Sunday for us, meant heading back into our local town centre because I had received a text to say my wedding ring had arrived! We planned to nip in, but ended up heading into Primark to return some items. Once again I purchased too much for my honeymoon and so did Ali. The afternoon was a big old BBQ round my parents with the whole family. It included some bloody scrummy burgers and many cakes!


Another glorious day weather wise meant we wanted to be in the sunshine as much as possible. We had heard through the grapevine that there was a motor show along the seafront in Eastbourne. So we once again hit the road and before walking the 4 mile waterfront, we grabbed some lunch. The walk was beautiful, despite realising the cars had all gone because it wasn’t running Monday, it finished on Sunday.

All the same, we had a great time and gorgeous walk. We both suffered from a few blisters, as well as some burnt places!

We settled down for the evening on the sofa with Ben and Jerry’s and ice pops just to try and cool down.

Overall, we had the best weekend we could have had. Especially with the upcoming weekends of Hen Do’s and bridal showers!

How was your bank holiday weekend? 

Get up to anything exciting? 

As always, leave your thoughts below.

Charlotte x