Home-made Fruit Ice lollies!

Yanno, you can’t go wrong with a good fruit lolly on a steaming hot afternoon. There is literally NOTHING more refreshing.

That’s why, despite chocolate based ice cream and lollies usually being my go to desert of choice, I choose fruit every damn time I am in dire need to cool the heck down.

Whether you prefer a good berry, citrus or zesty flavour, fresh fruit ice lollies are easy peasy to make, and will turn your BBQ into the sultry summer chill out you oh so desire.

Here’s some of the best combinations I find gives me the refreshing boost on a summers day.

For any of these, you will need a Jug and a Ice Lolly Mould. I find the plastic ones the best!

Just Juice – Fresh Orange Juice 

There is nothing better than a good old lolly of FRESH orange juice. Grab your supermarket carton and simply pour into the mould. Let it settle and freeze in the freezer for a little over 3 hours to make sure its super solid.
If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can eve make your own orange juice. 

Berry Blast – Smoothie

Who says a ice lolly has to be just juice. Blast your favourite berries into a smoothie and pour into your mould. Nothing says summer more than a rich, fresh berry lolly!

Mango Mush 

Whether it’s a mango juice lolly or a mango smoothie lolly, either are both refreshing and tasty for a summer BBQ. Instead of chopping your own mango, grab some frozen mango, blitz and add a little milk for a creamy, smooth mango smoothie. Freeze a little longer than juice to make sure its frozen!


A mix of all my fav tropical fruits, in one juicy lolly!! This is one super lazy, since I buy my favourite tropical juice, pour into the mould and freeze for 3 hours. Another easy peasy lolly flavour perfect for summer.

So whatever flavour takes your fancy, or whether you feel adventurous to make your own flavour combination,   don’t be scared to try your own home-made before lunging to you local supermarket to buy!

Do you make your own lollies? 

Flavours I need to try? 

Let me know and comment below!! 

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