Food | Homemade Iced Tea & Coffee Coolers

Pfft, hasn’t it been hot and muggy these last couple of weeks?

I don’t know what to do with myself half the time.

All I do know, is I enjoy a good old ice coffee from Starbucks or Costa far too much my purse weeps.

Since my latest ‘addiction’ has become fairly costly, I embarked on creating my own at home.

These are super easy and make refreshing beverages to offer guests or enjoy casually on a summer’s Sunday afternoon.

I’m considering having a summer party myself, just to make endless jugs of these and enjoy with friends and sunshine!

Iced Coffee 

You’ll need: 
200ml of Strong Black Coffee
50ml Milk 
Maple Syrup – optional
How to: 

1. Make a strong black coffee and allow to cool.  
2, In a blender, blitz the cool coffee, two handfuls of ice, milk and syrup. 
3. Blend to a foamy consistency. 
4. Pour into chilled, tall glasses and serve.  
Tip : Add Vanilla, Hazelnut and Praline syrup to add extra flavour.

Peach Tea 

You’ll need: 

3 peaches

7 Earl Grey teabags
Kettle of boiling water
Handful of sugar
1 lemon
Nub of fresh ginger
Handful of fresh mint leaves
Ice cubes
How To : 
1. Boil a kettle of water. 
2.Put the teabags in a heatproof jug and pour in the boiling water. Let the tea soak for a few minutes before removing the teabags.
3. Slice the lemon and ginger and add to the tea. 
4.Leave to cool.
5. Peel and stone 2 of the peaches. Pop into the blender with the sugar and blitz.
6. When the tea is cool, add the peach mixture and stir well.
7. With the remaining peach, add into the iced tea, along with the mint leaves. 
8. When you are ready to serve, add as many ice cubes as you have to your tea jug and give your peach iced tea a good stir.
So whether its a teaming hot day, or you’re after something refreshing and home-made after a long day at work, these recipes are super easy, simple and will help cutting back on the Starbucks runs!

Have you made these before? 

Have your own recipe or even tips? 

Be sure to share below! 

Happy Tuesday loves! 

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