Lifestyle | The things I do to kick Anxieties butt!

You know, It took me some time to realise I have anxiety. But it took no time at all for me to take a stance and not let it rule my life.

There was a time where it affected a lot in my life, including my relationships. But I had enough, I was starting to piss myself off, and that’s not good! So I learned what started to kick its butt, and well I made it regular.

Here’s how I’ve been getting on.
FiancĂ©e & Family
I feel sooo much better once I’ve let someone into my little world of madness. Most of the time I am aware I’m probably annoying others too, but the right people know how to handle it, and they help me through it. Mostly they tell me what I already know and believe, but sometimes you just need to hear from someone else.

Disney, bae, you are my hero. I never feel better than after watching, singing and possibly crying to a good ‘ol Disney movie. Lion King or The Little Mermaid are personal favs!

Bubbles and plenty of them. A long soak in a warm bubbly bath always turns me away from anxiety and onto positivity. Nothing a bubble bath can’t solve.

Clear your mind. Breathe in some fresh air. Grab your headphones and even blast some music. Breathe easy and remember you’re not alone, you are strong. It always gets me positive, busy and determined. 

Diet out the window. Dairy Milk chocolate bar required on tap because this kicks anxieties butt when teamed with Disney, fav pjs and a cuddle. I need no more to beat its arse. 

I really immerse myself into a good book and all of a sudden my worries and anxiety are at bay. A good romance or thriller really gets my mind occupied, and really helps my anxiety pass.

This was the turning point. The breathing, exercise, and poses have really helped with suppressing my anxiety. I’ve learned more than I thought I could just from yoga alone.

Stay away from social media
There is nothing better than taking yourself out of the stressful world of social media. Whilst some of you are lovely, some aren’t and it’s much easier in time of stress and anxiety, to withdraw yourself completely,

Believe in yourself
Easier said than done I understand completely, but I try and remind myself how strong I really am, and how much I can over come this. You are strong, you are! Don’t ever doubt yourself!!!!!

It’s incredible the effect a good playlist and song can have on you, your mood and your attitude overall. I have collected a playlist of the most relaxing music possible. It gives me time to breathe, evaluate and move forward in time of anxiety!

These are just a few of the things I have started to adapt into my new routine when I’m feeling low, anxious and sad.  Lots of different things work for different people, so it’s important to establish what gets you through the tough patch and makes you feel at ease.

What do you find works for you?

Any tips you would like to share? 

Start some natter and comment below! 

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