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Hen Do! It’s a pinnacle of wedding planning and prep!!

So as you can imagine, it can be a little stressful planning something so ‘pinnacle’, which incorporates everything and everyone, as well not being too over the top or out of reach for some.

As a bride-to-be, it can be another thing to get stressed out. But don’t let it, since you have a bunch of hen’s and bridesmaids to help out.

Incase you haven’t even thought to think of what to do, or whether you are stuck on what to choose, I thought I’d take you through a little brainstorm that may help you see a little clearer and figure what is viable and what might not be.

Bridal Shower 

It’s possibly one of the easier options that can cover all basis and include everyone you wish, including your gran. You can include quirky games, cute decorations and of course pimms. In the height of summer, its the perfect do that will include all your nearest and dearest in a relaxed and personalised way.

Weekend away in the capital 

It’s fairly common for hen-do’s to run over an entire weekend, so where better than our countries capital. Embrass the madness of Leicester square, stay over in a gorgeous 5* star high rise hotel, and include activities like the ice bar, mad hatters afternoon tea or even a river cruise lunch! It will sure be a weekend neither you or your hen’s would forget.

A Sunshine stopover 

Another common hen-do location is somewhere sunny with a beach. Whether its Marbella, or Barcelona, its a good hen-do alternative for a quick getaway with small group of hens. All be it, make it a large affair, rent a villa from Airbnb and make it a internation hen do! There’s lots of ideas and locations for this one.

A classy meal with close friends 

Whether this a follow on from a pamper afternoon, or a stand alone hen activity, a classy meal with your hens can be a great celebration for those wanting to keep it simple. Follow it with a couple of cocktails in a local bar, and add some bride-to-be sashs and you’ve got a fairly low key but classy hen do!

A classic night out on the town 

Is there anything more ‘classic’ than a night out on the town, paired with a Bride to be tiara, Bridesmaid sashs and possible a blow up man? No. Let your hair down, enjoy some bars and cocktails and embrace the ‘real’ hen do night with your hens. Be sure to book a booth and Q Jump tickets to a club to feel a little more special.

Girls night in 

There is no shame in wanting to keep it low key and at home. It doesn’t mean it has to be boring or any less ‘hen do’ like. Grab some facemasks, popcorn, movies and games paired with champagne and Proseco and you have a relaxed, fun and girlie night in with your hens.

European City Tour

Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest or Barcelona. We are lucky enough to have some gorgeous cities within reach to explore and enjoy for a hen-do. The difference here between a sunbathing weekend are the tours, museums, clubs and bars you can enjoy with your hens.
Whether it’s a couple of nights, a weekend or even a night, there is plenty to do in some of these cities. Definatly a option if you want to be a little more active on your weekend.

Hag Do 

You may never of heard this before, but its a mix of stag and hen do. Grab the boys and girls and host a stand alone party with all your friends. It’s great for those couples who share friends, and you’re a bride who wants to celebrate with your man to. Have girls and guy games, decorations and snacks. A modern twist on what can be a rather split tradition.

Physical Activity

Who said men have to have all the physical demanding activies. Go-karting, paintball, mud runs and more can all get you and your hens down and dirty, in a girlie way of course. Again, a quirky, fun and demanding alternative for a hen do, perfect for any bride-to-be who likes to embrace their boyish character.

So whether you’re not sure on what to do, or confused on the best option, remember it’s what you, the bride wants to do. Embrace your favorite activities, friends, bridesmaids and family members and have a hen-do for you to remember. Whether it’s one activity or several, consider all options and go for you.

Ofcourse, get your maids involved as much as possible and be prepared to hand over the reigns, since your maids might want to organise a surprise or two.

Are you struggling on hen-do ideas? 
Been to a unique hen do recently? 
Why not share your ideas below. 

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