Recipe | Mars Bar Cake

I’ll let you into a little secret of mine – I love chocolate.

I mean I adore it!

Even though I am trying to slim down, chocolate can never be off the menu!

It’s my true weakness!

So for someone who loves chocolate, and is absolutely shocking at baking, to have a ‘cake’ that delivers copious amount of chocolate with little to no skills needed, it’s a winner winner in my book!!

This is a recipe I had been given by a family friend and am I glad I have been given it!

What you’ll need:

Mars Bars – 8
Butter – 2 Serving Spoons
Rice Crispies
Dairy Milk Chocolate – 2 200g bars
White Chocolate for decoration


Break your mars bars into small chunks. You don’t need to be too fussy with this, just break, unwrap and pop into a bowl.

Pop your butter into the bowl and microwave in 30 second intervals.

Be sure to watch your mixture that it doesn’t burn.

Once all melted, mix and add your rice crispies.

Keep adding until they are all covered in your buttery, mars bar chocolate mess.

Grab a large, shallow dish and distribute your mixture evenly across the bottom of the dish.

Press the mixture down and create a even spread of rice crispies. Work fairly quickly as it can harden fast!

Once all the mixture is in your dish, stick in the fridge to harden.

Grab your chocolate and break into chunks. Again, don’t be too fussy, just into manageable chunks.

Once all broken into pieces in a bowl, melt your chocolate.

Melt how you like, whether in the microwave or over hot water. I tend to use the microwave as I find it easier to manage.

Once melted, grab your crispy mixture from the fridge, and pour your chocolate on top.

You should have plenty to spread over for a thick chocolate top.

Melt some white chocolate too to flick over the top to create a cool effect!

Pop back in the fridge to harden.
* Tip – When wanting to cut into portions, take out of the fridge and leave to soften for 20 mins or so. It can be hard to cut into lovely portions when its hard!

Whilst it seems like there is a lot of steps, this one of the easiest and tastiest bakes ever. So when you need a pick up during the cold season, or fancy a good treat on a Sunday tea break, make sure these grace your coffee table!

Fancy giving these a try?

Would you add anything?

Let me know and be sure to comment below!!

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