Easy recipes for your Slow Cooker

Without fail, I use my slow cooker monthly. Whatever the weather, the slow cooker helps me make week night meals with little to no effort required. Bubbling away all day, finishing work and eating a hearty meal is achievable thanks to this kitchen essential. Yes, every kitchen needs a slow cooker!

Sausage Casserole

My husband often comments that a slow cooked sausage casserole can’t be beaten. And what can some times be a lengthy meal, is super easy in your slow cooker.

Pop in your raw sausages, diced onions, baby potatoes, leeks and red peppers into your slow cooker. Be sure to season before pouring on your packet mix of sausage casserole sauce.

I like to keep this one on a low heat for roughly 6 hours which is just perfect to cook throughout the working day. Serve in a large Yorkshire pudding for the ultimate comfort food dinner!!

Fajita Mix

If like me you love fajitas, you will love this recipe!! Whilst fajitas is one of the easiest and rather quick foods going, if you can make anything easier you will right? Again, this is another really helpful recipe if you just want to come home after dinner and serve.

Bung in your diced chicken, sliced peppers, onions and whatever else you like in your wraps. Season with salt and pepper and scatter your fajita spices over the top. Be sure to pour in a small amount of water to keep moist.

Again I like to keep this on a low heat throughout the working day, and usually is served within a matter of minutes of being home!!

Roast Chicken in Gravy 

I only just discovered this one after being super lazy and wanting to make having a roast dinner that lil bit stressful.

After cooking the chicken in the oven for well over an hour, I strip the meat, pop into the slow cooker and cover in Chicken Gravy. The following morning, I put the chicken on a low heat and cook throughout the day. Bubbling away for over 7 hours, you can imagine the smell and taste of the gorgeous chicken!

Serve with your usual roast dinner veg, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings for the ultimate mid-week roast!!

Baked Potato

I’m not one for a microwave baked potato. It just doesn’t taste the same. Albeit, after work, you really don’t want to be putting in a potato for 45 mins before being able to serve!! Baking your potato in a slow cooker not only eliminates having to wait when you get home, but gives you the taste of a oven cooked potato, if not better.

Be sure to prick your potatoes a couple of times, before covering in olive oil and salt and wrapping lightly in foil. Place in your slow cooker, and again on a low heat for 6-8 hours.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

I just love chicken in a slow cooker. Keeps it moist and succulent, This is another one of those bung in and leave kinda recipes.
Just chuck in some raw chicken, red peppers and pineapple. Of course, you can make your own sauce, but I tend to grab a jar of good old uncle bens of sweet and sour sauce. Leave to simmer for 5 hours on low and bobs your uncle, a truly scrummy slow cooked sweet and sour chicken sauce!!

So whether you have a slow cooker lurking at the back of the cupboard, or have never even considered one, dig it out, or add it to your Christmas wishlist. You can find them rather inexpensively in your local supermarket or in the Argos Catalogue.

They really are a life saver and super cosy to walk into bubbling away after a long day of hard work.

Do you have a slowcooker? Will you be investing in one? Do you want me to share some more of my slowcooker recipes? Leave your comments in the section below.