Blogging inspiration – Finding yours!

As a blogger, some times it can be a ruddy hard work to grab some blogging inspiration. Whether it be for new content, blog picture ideas, or what direction to head in next, you can certainly feel at a loss with it all at one stage or another.

The thing is, we have all been there before! And if you’re like me, I have lacked blogging inspiration one more than one occasion. But it is okay. It’s okay to have a off day. It’s getting out of it that I can help you with!

If you want to know where you can grab some blogging inspo quickly, grab a cuppa and carry on reading!

Read read read |

And by reading I mean everything. Other blogs, magazines, books, newspapers, whatever you can get your hands on. Broadening your literature and general reading material can not only spark content ideas and creativity, but it can shape and alter your writing style. Understand what you do and don’t like to read yourself, and that will help you in the direction you’re heading with your blog.

I like to grab some inspo at these spots : career girl daily | glamour uk |

Jot down ideas when you have them |

One thing I do do, wherever possible, is jot down any flying ideas I have. Whether it be content ideas, post titles, picture set-ups or even brands and companies I would like to approach, I enter them into my phone notepad, or even open up a draft blog post. Whilst at the time of thought you may be rolling in ideas, later on down the line you may be having a dry spell and boy will those ideas come in handy. Hold on to every smidgen of idea you conjure and sure enough it will become content somewhere down the line!

Read back on some of your archives |

A real great way to grab some blogging inspiration is to look back on past posts. They may need updating, or even better, you could create a sister post that could support that initial content. Whether you update, follow on from, or completely overhaul the content, it can really spur on your juices to follow on from content ideas you’ve already explored! Do not be scared to re-post a idea. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the original post neither. Just be sure to link to the old and new post in both posts!

Share your opinion |

You should never be too scared on sharing your own opinion. Especially within your own space and in turn your blog. Share your thoughts and feelings on recent goings on within the industry, fashion, style or beauty. You could even consider to strentchyour legs and explore topic avenues you haven’t already.

Pinterest |

It’s not only the place to share, but hunt for new and inspiring posts and content ideas. Use keywords, hashtags and categories to hunt your niche, or even find a new one!

Grab your camera and go for a walk |

Sometimes it really just pays off to grab your camera and go for a stroll. Whether it be round the block, in the nearest nature reserve, or around the park, it can really get your juices flowing and give you some brilliant content ideas!

Social Media |

It’s always worth looking on social media for inspiration when it comes to blogging. Search under hashtags and you’re bound to find inspo for pictures, content and blog design. Instagram and twitter are the perfect hotspots!

So whether you are having a down day, not feeling the creativity, or need a new direction, there are plenty of avenues to explore when searching for your next wave of inspiration.

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Where do you find your blogging inspiration?

Any advice for bloggers struggling?

Let me know and comment below!

Charlotte x