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I know a lot of bloggers that are bidding to make 2018 their year! And you know what, YASSS! It is your year!!2018 is the year to up the anti and jump right into it. Make changes for the better and make your blog reflect the best version of yourself. With that in mind, and having been in the position of, where the hell do I get the blog help I need, I conjured up the perfect post!

As always, grab a cuppa, notepad and pen, it’s going to be a lengthy one!

FREE Online picture editors

There are soooo many online picture editors out there for us bloggers to use. But if like me, you want something simple, quick and easy to use, then I have collected the 3 BEST online websites that will help make those pics stand out. Blog help level: high!

Canva | This is my favourite online picture creator. It’s sooo easy to use and mostly free. As with everything, you can pay for added features, but the Free part is just as amazing and all I use. Create layouts with pre-loaded measurements for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube headers. I use Canva for all my Pinterest pics, headers and even my logo! It has completely changed my pictures for the better and I am sooo glad I stumbled upon it!!

PicmonkeyI used picmonkey back in the days of Bebo and collages for your best buds. Yet, its still standing the test of time and completely useful and relevant for bloggers alike.
Create a collage of you latest fashion finds, or edit your pic with an overlay of text. Whatever you need, picmonkey has you covered and again, completely free!!

FREE Picture editors for your phone |

If you’re anything like me, I like to edit my pictures on my phone. I find it muchhhh easier to do on my phone, and can do it on the move. So here are some of the fabulous FREE apps you can download to make those insta snaps pop!!

Snapseed | Honestly, this by farrrr is my favourite FREE app to use for my pictures. With so many options to lighten, colour correct and edit your picture to perfection, this is an app routed to my homepage! User-friendly and super quick to pick up, you’ll be editing your pics in no time. What’s even better, it remembers what you did to the last pic you edited, and you can apply the same settings to your next one too – easy insta theme sorted!

FREE stock websites |

I have been known to be megaaaa lazy in the picture department, and I am not afraid to admit, most of the images I used on my Instagram and blog in 2017 were sourced from Free stock image websites. The quality of the images and the perfect match some of them were compared to what I could have conjured up myself was above and beyond and a shame to miss the opportunity to use them.

So if you are struggling to create the perfect flatlay, or just can’t create a relevant pic yourself, it’s always worth double checking these gem of websites and searching many keywords.

UnsplashI find this the most useful and varied stock website out there. There always seems to be something either relevant or just perfect for the post I am conducting. Easy to search and download to your computer, this is my go-to place to find a pic for my content.

Pexels  This is a very close second for resources and online stock website. It’s once again sooo easy to use and download the pictures that take your fancy. They have such a range of pics, you are guaranteed to find one that will fit your post!

New Old Stock | Looking for more vintage looking pics? Look no further!! FREE stock images straight from the archives and ready to use on your blog. Whether it’s old technology, landscapes or skylines your after, it’s all there. Unfortunately, there’s not a search tab, but if you have an afternoon spare to source some stock pictures, head there!

Gratisography | If you’re looking for super quirky pictures than this is the place to visit. Search via keywords, or by category to find pictures like no others!

Others to check out: Pixabay | Stocksnap | Picjumbo |

FREE spellcheck / grammar checks |

Grammerly | Honestly, my spelling and grammar is questionable at the best of times, and yet most of the time you wouldn’t have guessed it, thanks to this amazing in internet kinda thing that shouts at me every time I make a awful mistake in grammar or spelling! Honestly a life saver when quickly typing up my blog posts!

FREE plugins for WordPress bloggers |

It’s been a matter of days since I have migrated over self-hosted as a blogger on WordPress and my god, it was the best decision I seem to have made. Yes, it has certainly been a messy process for myself, no other reason than domain authority ( I will delve into this in a latter post I am sure), but now I am confident in my migration and domain change, I couldn’t be happier! So here is some blog help on the Plugins you need to apply to your wordpress blog!

Yoast | Because there is NO better way to learn and apply key SEO factors to your blog. You will only know of the catastrophic mistakes you have been making once you delve into the world of yoast and SEO. It has made a dramatic change to my approach to my blog, content and stats, despite only being present for a matter of days!

FREE social media schedulers | 

I think a social media scheduler is the most valuable resource for a blogger. No one has the time of day to sit on social media to schedule at the perfect time for optimal reach social media posts. So a big blog help tool would be the social media scheduler. There are sooo many out there, but what ones do you go for? Here’s the two I have used and would totally recommend!

Buffer | I have used this programme and the other I have featured in this post, and I by far find buffer the best yet. It automatically shrinks your links and gathers pictures you’ve used in your post all on its own! You can even tweet and facebook the same thing and schedule in one swift movement. You can even see the stats from your tweet and ‘re-buffer’ back into your schedule. It has never been easier to create and publish engaging and promoting social media posts!

If you’re not too keen on scheduling the FREE profile will be perfect. Schedule up to 10 posts across 3 social media platforms without parting with any cash. If you want to be a little more organised, pay £6 a month for 100 slots over 8 social media platforms.

Give it a go and I promise you, you won’t use anything else!

Tweetdeck | 

It was the first scheduler I used and its not half bad. With a panel for each your current twitter timeline, mentions and activity and your schedule, its one easy window to see everything you need from the twitter sphere. Even better, you can add other social media accounts like facebook too! Definatly a good place to start if you want to see everything in one window!

Hopefully, this ‘lil’ post has shed some real light on Free resources that are out there for bloggers. You do not need an endless pot of cash to create outstanding quality content to set you up for a year of blogging.

If you fancy checking out any more of my blog help posts, you can do by clicking here.

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