Kitchen Storage to optimise your space

Kitchen storage is a rather tricky area. Whilst you may think, thanks to the amount of cupboards, a kitchen has plenty of storage. But once you’ve packed it with your food and essentials, you can suddenly wonder where all your space went.

There is nothing worse than a kitchen lacking in space for all your accessories and necessities. But have no fear, you do not need to buy a new kitchen, or have more cupboards installed. There’s plenty of alternatives!

Containers and Jars

There is nothing more simple, and space saving than containers and jars. I find it not only easier to store, but ascetically pleasing as well as easier to use. Glass Jars with chalk stickers can look super pretty in your kitchen, as well as feel mega organised!

Plastic storage can be super handy for the likes or cereal as it makes it easier to use, as well as easier to keep from going soft.

Open Shelves

You certainly have to keep them a little tidier, but open shelving within your kitchen can transform the appearance and give you ample storage options.

We decided in floating shelves in our kitchen to fill in a rather open space. Pretty inexpensive and has transformed the appearance of our space. Use your shelves to store jars and containers like us, or use for plates, mugs and glasses.

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I love storage rails in a kitchen. They can be used to hang kitchen utensils, storage buckets or even plants. Like us, you can use them in all those ways. I find they keep our kitchen open, add some foliage and makes it much cleaner, and easier to grab, use and store our vital kitchen utensils.

In cupboard racks

If you would rather keep your storage hidden, then in cupboard racks and shelves are a must. Multi-level storage is really handy for storing cans, mugs, glasses and even plates. These can be picked up at places like Ikea and The Range rather inexpensively. You can even pick them up in various sizes depending on your cupboard size.

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So whether you are lacking in organisation or space in your kitchen, there are lots of ways to increase the use of your kitchen space. Remember to consider the space available and the look of your kitchen. Be sure to shop around for storage solutions that will work in your personal space.

What kitchen storage do you use?

Have any other ideas that should be added into this post?

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Charlotte x