Things I’m looking forward to AFTER the wedding

Anyone would think I am a spoilt little brat who’s truly ungrateful. Or that I’m a miserable cow. Perhaps I’m a Bridezilla?  Worse yet, I’m truly not in love hence why looking forward to post wedding life.

Truth is, I am none of the above. And trust me, I have asked myself amongst others to confirm this. If you’ve been a fan of my blog for a while (hay pals, thanks again), then you would know this wedding has been nearly two years in the planning.


That’s not even long for some couples. But it’s a pretty lengthy ride to save as much as possible, because hello, wedding’s cost a ruddy fortune!!!

We have just 23 weeks to get our butt in shape (literally) and pull off a wedding for over 150 guests. And whilst I am terribly excited to marry and commit to the love of my life, I have shat my pants once or twice about the reality of it all.

Whilst the process of planning a wedding is every emotion under the sun, as you can imagine there is one or two things I cannot wait to do shortly after the wedding, and the planning is longggg gone.


Yes yes yes. I have pretty much drummed it into everyone I meet that WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE. Granted, it’s as expensive as you make it. But when you have a family that could fill a church hall, it’s a little tricky to get catering bills below £5,000. All hail the day that money isn’t being shipped off to caterers, florists, venue or registrars.

Give me the days me and my hubby will be able to book some time away, myself into the nail salon and the hubby off on a away game match!

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Well, any take away for that matter. I cannot wait for the time where I can gauge on a Burger, Kebab or more, without a ounce of guilt. Because there will no longer be a rather expensive dress hanging in my parents spare room that I have to fit into by the end of July.


I am sooo excited to get my weekends back to some degree. Whilst even now, not all my weekends are taken up with wedding duties, there is always something to be discussed, arranged or made. For now, it seems to be every other weekend, but soon enough, every weekend will be used for wedding. Whilst I am pretty excited to be making everything since I never get to be creative, I am already excited for the weekends of coffee shops and antique shopping.

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Human contact without the ‘W’ word

This is something that happens all the time. And do not get me wrong, I love that people are interested and like to know how everything is going. But damn can it be tiring when you know it’s going to get mentioned in conversation. For christ sake Barbara, I just stopped crying at how many guests haven’t RSVP’d!

Have you had your wedding? 

Any advice for me as soon to be bride? 

Am I being a spoilt brat? 

Leave your comments below! 

Charlotte x