Honeymoon Wishlist

There is NOTHING better than shopping for holiday clothes.


Encase you didn’t know, which is fairly impossible since I rave about actually going away for the first time in 2 years all the ruddy time, we are heading off to our Honeymoon in just under 4 months! Since its been a while that I have needed shorts or any summer attire, (because let’s be honest, English weather is no short weather) I need EVERYTHING! Any by everything, I mean it. Send finacial and moral help because damn it’s going to be tricky getting everything I need for a 2 week stint in Asia.

But, I’ve started looking early. So, here’s some of the gorgeous gems from our high-street favs that I have earmarked. for my suitcase.

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If you can’t already tell, high waisted bikinis and swimming costumes are a new fan favourite of mine. Thanks to weight gain, stretch cover my love handles and honestly I really dislike them. They are purple and really obvious, so desperate to keep them covered. I have never been one for high waisted previously, but since I have curves which I don’t want to lose, I will fully embrace them in more suitable beachwear like cossies and bikinis.

Sliders, shorts and baggy slogan tees are the agenda for this honeymoon. I feel I won’t be able to fully relax unless I can completely unwind, even from restricting and prim and proper clothing.Do not get my wrong, there will be plenty of summer dresses being flung into the suitcase, but a much relaxed look will be perfect whilst exploring Koh Samui and Singapore.

I cannot wait to get purchasing for the upcoming Honeymoon and grab some gorgeous looks from some of my high street favs!

Heading off anywhere this year? 

Some gorgeous styles I should pop into my honeymoon suitcase?

Why not pop a comment in the section below! 

Charlotte x