Jungle Jeep Safari – Koh Samui

When looking into Koh Samui, we knew we wanted to explore and experience as much of the island as possible. After extensive research, I found the PERFECT way to explore by a full day jungle jeep safari. We knew we HAD to do it.

After booking literally the day before, we were both anxious and excited to see what the island really had to offer. We were picked up from our hotel in a rather rickety jeep and we both wondered what we had let ourselves into.

Along the pit stops were infamous sights and gorgeous views across Koh Samui. To say we were eager was an understatement.

Before we go any further with this review, I would like to highlight we literally had the best time and couldn’t has asked for better drivers and weather!

Once we had gathered all our companions ( I think we had the best jeep of tourists ), we got underway as a convoy of jungle jeeps. It was really well organised and we never felt rushed where we were. If anything, they had the timings perfect at where we were stationed.

So here we go, our itinerary from the Jeep Jungle 4 x 4 Excursion.

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Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks

This is a bit of a weird one, and something that feels really rather odd to examine and take pictures of when visiting. The Grandfather and Grandmother rocks are basically formations of rocks that look like the nether regions of a male and female. Of course there is a theory behind the formation of them, but I wasn’t completely comfortable taking ample pictures.

I would like to note too, that I nearly dived head first into the Grandmother rock after slipping down the rock. We didn’t spend too long here, but we did manage to nab Ali some sunglasses as he left his back in the UK!

Mummified Monk

Once again, this is another one of those sights I had heard ample about, and again I wasn’t sure how I felt wandering around taking pictures. To my surprise, I was really taken aback and really rather fascinated by the mummified monk and how he became to how he is, 45 years after his death.

Of course, his surrounding temple was utterly beautiful and unsurprisingly lavished in bold colours. It’s really good to note here, women have to cover their shoulder and shoes do have to be left at the door. Thankfully, I wore a t-shirt for the day and didn’t need to further cover up.

Namuang Waterfalls 1 & 2

Koh Samui has some pretty beautiful natural sights, including the beautiful Namuang waterfalls. Again, this was another stop I was really excited to visit. We could’ve gone on the winding slides to the bottom of the falls, but decided to climb and paddle. This was the only stop on the entire tour that felt crowded. But we managed to cool in the falls and enjoy the scenery, so cannot complain!

Lunch on a Roof terrace overlooking Chaweng

We were really lacking in a good cold drink and some food at this point, so to arrive at a hidden local eatery, perched on top of a hill we were bloody glad. As someone who is a little fussy with food, I was a little anxious as to what traditional Thai food we would be served.

But, the food was delicious. I could describe what we had but I couldn’t name them. As always,  it tasted delicious and was just perfect to fill us up for our second leg of the day.

What made it even better was the perfect view over Koh Samui. Couldn’t have had a better lunch!

Secret Garden

The secret garden had been one of those places I had seen some images of and not known much about it. However, learning the true story of the secret garden really made the plus feel much more serine and magical.

A single man had built the garden to show his peers what heaven will be like and why they should continue to do good. There were beautiful statues and a waterful running throughout. Truly beautiful and a highlight on the tour.

Big Buddha

There are numerous large Buddha’s on the island ( much to my surprise ) and this wasn’t one I knew about. However, it offered us once again stunning views across the island. This was the last stop on the tour before heading down back through the jungle and onto our hotel.

Overall, the entire tour was superb and exceeded our expectations. Our group made the tour and our guide brought fun to the whole day. I really didn’t expect to have the day we did, especially considering it was only £21 each!

Charlotte x