Koh Samui – The true Paradise of Thailand

As you may well know, we recently returned from our Honeymoon in Koh Samui and Singapore. And if you happen to follow me on Instagram ( do it pronto if not ), then you would have caught the rather endless updates on our splendid time in Koh Samui.

There honestly is no holiday like a honeymoon, and upon booking or even choosing a destination, we were desperate to both experience new places, culture and people. Thailand is a place I have always wanted to visit, so it was only fitting it was one of our destinations.

** I will be doing full reviews on all aspects of our honeymoon since when looking and booking destinations, hotels, excursions and more, I always found it super useful to read real, pretty in-depth reviews! I can only rave abot every aspect of Koh Samui, but want to fully enclose every aspect of our bookings.

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What part of Koh Samui did you stay?

After much deliberation of where we should stay on the island, we settled on Cheong Mon. Thanks to a lovely gentleman on Instagram, we were directed to our gorgeous hotel Baywater Resort.  It was the perfect location close by to a stunning beach and just close enough to the main hub of the island.

There were plenty of nearby restaurants, not that we ventured since the food in our hotel was so amazing! We found staying out of the hub meant we could visit if needed, but not feel too into it considering we wanted a romantic break.

Did you do any excursions?

We managed to venture the whole island and visit a fair few places we had earmarked. We embarked on two different excursions whilst we were in Koh Samui, both of which gave us lifetime experiences includig kayaking!  The two excursions we went on were the 4×4 jungle trip and Anthong national marine park. There will be full reviews on both trips coming shortly.

Beach or pool?

I can never decide, especially when you have a private pool in your resort and the beaches in Koh Samui are sooo stunning! We ventured to as many beaches we could, including on Anthong National Marine park! Hands down, the beaches on this island are some of the best I have ever seen!

What about the weather? 

This is something I was so worried about, which is pretty bonkers considering I couldn’t do anything about it! Having said that, despite being told it wasn’t going to be the best weather, we still had gorgeous weather and minimal rain. Don’t be put off by the weather in July and August. We had the best time, weather and tan lines to prove it! Honestly, I’m not sure if I could have coped with hotter!

Is it expensive? 

Nope! It was soooo cheap and the food is amazing! The most expensive place we found was the Hard Rock Cafe which turned out to be 3 times more expensive than anywhere else! Even taxis around the island were cheap and made exploring in the evenings reasonable for us!

What was your favourite part of Koh Samui?

There are soooo many aspects of Koh Samui we enjoyed, it would be hard to pinpoint just one particular point. We would both agree the excursions we went on really made our honeymoon. Our tour guides were superb and made the whole thing fun and informative too. We recently felt that we got the true feel of the island and managed to see the key sights of the island. Both the 4 x 4 jungle safari and the Anthong national marine park trips were both stunning and well worth the money!

For more info on both of these trips watch out for upcoming review posts!

If I went, what would you advise?

Honestly, do as much as you can. Trips, excursions and experiences are well the worth the money and are a fantastic way to get a feel for the island, culture and Koh Samui as a whole. Also, experience local food! I had some Thai before heading to Koh Samui and thanks to some balls I seemed to grow on the plane, I actually tried local food and thoroughly enjoyed it! Thai food is now my fav and miss it daily.

Would you go back?

GET ME THERE NOW! I have been soooo lucky to experience many places across the world including the likes of Mauritius and Cape Verde, and honestly, Thailand and in particular Koh Samui blew me away! The people, the island, the sights and the landscapes. I have never seen somewhere like it, with such beautiful scenery and beaches. If I could, I would return countlessly.

This was meant to be a fairly brief and snippet of our time in Koh Samui, however I seemed to have got carried away. Like mentioned previously, I find reviews soooo helpful and will be reviewing both tours we enjoyed and our hotel on my blog.

Have you ever been to Koh Samui?

You eager to head there?

Anything you want me to cover in particular?

As always, leave your thoughts and comments in the section below!

Charlotte x