Handmade Mysteries : Brighton*

Okay, it’s defiantly getting spooky up in here. With Halloween just around the corner, literally, I have been getting in the mood by watching movies, purchasing pumpkins and trying to escape from an escape room. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me right I promise!

This year, unlike any other, I actually engaged in a Halloween activity in the way of a Escape Room, in Brighton with Handmade Mysteries. Me and my best pal, who usually engage in Horror films and those alike thoroughly enjoyed being scared shitless and trying to get out of a room.

p.s I totally had the ambition to post a little whilst in there, however a- I didn’t want to give anything away, and b- I was slightly distracted because I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE CLUES!

The World’s End – Brighton

If you have ever been to one of these activities, you will know the basic idea. However, if you haven’t here’s the jist.

Go into a room, be given some clues, get out. Pretty much it.

However, this one was in the dark, engaged in some pretty spooky sound effects and riddled with tongue in cheek humour.

Disclosure : it wasn’t thatttt scary. As someone who has been involved in London Dungeons and those alike, I certainly expected some larger than life scares. Once I realised that nothing, or no one was going to jump out at me, I started to relax and fully enjoy the game. No way am I disappointed, I was actually bloody glad since I could then get on with the game and stop being so stupidly scared!

What was our Game?

Lady Chastity’s reserve. We had to try and win Lady Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine by solving various clues across the room. Naturally, things moved and pieced together. But in the dark, with limited light, it took a total of 59.00 minutes for us to discover and reveal the wine! But we did it, so lets not focus on the 1min we had remaining!

Would I do it again?

Abso-friggin-lutely! With  a group of pals, and even just a tipple of alcohol, this game certainly makes a nice change from the usual gathering in a pub. You probably will walk away slightly stressed from just wanting to win the bloody game, but it’s all in good faith. Kudos to our host, Gabriel ( pictured above ), who gave us a real taste of the game before heading in, and helped us where ever possible.

How can you book yourself a game?

So you’re interested? GREAT! Its’ pretty easy to book yourself a game. Handmade Mysteries have various locations across the UK including London and Brighton. This very Lady Chastity game can be played across various locations too. There are also various other games that can be played including Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop and Mindfall.

I would HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who feels like engaging in problem solving, with a twist a story and some spooky behaviour.

Have you ever engaged in a escape room game?

Do you fancy yourself a go?

I love hearing your thoughts so leave them below!