Life Update – Being Busy

Confession : I kinda LOVE being busy. This little life update is going to be rather short and sweet. For the last couple of weeks I have been taking things pretty easy. For several reasons really including the fact that one, I really don’t want to be spending money. And two, we are coming to a really busy time for me and Ali partly because we have many birthdays, including our own, and Christmas shopping is looming. Oh and Three, I am snuggling down to winter weather and rather enjoy doing f-all!

But this week, is fairly different. I have endless activities after work this week and whilst I thought this would overturn my usually chilled weekdays I am lavinggg having something to focus on after work!

Being an adult, I have come to learnt, means your weekdays get as exciting as the following : Food shopping (Monday), cancelling that service, and watching bake off (Tuesday), getting new insurance quotes, ali watching footie (Wednesday)……you get the idea.

So what’s happening this week?

As Halloween is creeping up fairly quickly, there a couple of Halloween activities looming this week, including a Brighton experience which I am soooo excited to share with you! – Keep an eye on my instagram Wednesday evening get in with the action.

We are also getting started on picking our Wedding pictures. It’s been a long old wait, but I am determined to get ours before Christmas is on our doorstep. We then have good old food shopping – fun, and dinner being cooked for us later in the week too.

And then there’s the birthday celebrations which begin Saturday and diminish early next week.

Birthday celebrations?

Yup, it’s my dear husbands birthday and for the first time, his birthday hasn’t landed in the half term week. Alas, we are celebrating over 3 days with cake, presents and good food. Before long it will be more birthday celebrations ( mine ) and then onto NYC.

I thought you got loads of parcels?

Yes, lots and lots of parcels have been landing this week and I am forever grateful. I am getting wayyyy ahead of the game this season and already have sooo many goodies ready to photograph for my Christmas gift guides. Many of us get into Christmas shopping for November and this year I will help you. Be sure to keep eyes peeled on my Instagram and of course my blog for many competitions, giveaways and of course gift guides coming early November.

So, like I said, its a pretty short and sweet life update from me.

Not much to report, just a load of mundane life stuff that we are trudging through before the festive period strikes.

Is there anything you want from me and my blog this season?

As always, I love reading your thoughts and ideas.

Happy Monday.